National Edge Day

Don’t worry. I’m not here to lecture you. I just wanted to share this little known holiday, information pills if you will, that celebrates what is known as the straightedge lifestyle.

To put it quickly, it stems from the hardcore movement (though it is definitely expanded since then), and it basically is the culture of abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs. At times it has expanded to abstaining from promiscuous sex, caffeine and prescription drugs and becoming vegetarian/vegan.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am straightedge. I have I abstained from drugs and cigarettes my entire life and have abstained from alcohol for the past five years.

I am not one of those pushy people who get in people’s faces about drinking or drugs. I believe it is your life and your body and it is your choice on how to act. I don’t judge anyone.

I will say, though, on this day, that straightedge is such a viable and amazing option. In high school, and right after high school, I was into partying and drinking and I thought that was the pinnacle of fun. Since becoming straightedge and dating t boyfriend, I’ve had more fun that I could have imagined.

My point is, it’s your body and your life and the beauty of life is having the choices we have, to abstain or not abstain. It’s your choice. But I will say one thing: never ever feel that you need to drink or do drugs or any of that because you feel the need to fit in. Do it because its your actual choice to do, or don’t do it because you don’t want. Know that there are plenty of people out there who will accept you no matter what choice you make.

You don’t need these substances to have fun. They can compliment your fun but never substitute them for fun. You are awesome people and I’m sure you’re fun no matter what you do :)

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