Friday Funny

I SO need to get better at doing the Friday Funny. I have all these pictures and videos for you guys, symptoms just stored away for easy access for the Friday Funny…and I don’t do it. I apologize. I’ll get better, pharm I swear!

This week’s funny is brought to you by youtube user egoraptor. My brother showed me a couple videos of his last night, and basically, I couldn’t stop laughing. This stuff is super funny.

I do warn you though, its completely vulgar. Like…the “F” bomb is dropped pretty often and there’s no censoring. Proceed with caution, in fact, YouTube might not even let you watch it if you are under 17, or something. Its THAT vulgar. But awesome.

This one is a vulgar, but hilarious Pokemon battle between Pikachu and Venusaur. Its freakin awesome.

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