My Very First Fan Site-The Grisha Army!

I am so so so so so excited to announce my very first FAN SITE.

I have been thinking for so long about starting a fan site for a particular fandom. There are so many fandoms out there that I love, look like Harry Potter, advice Star Wars, The Mortal Instruments, Doctor Who and so on. And I never felt like I could make a difference, or make a niche for myself by making a fansite for any of those.

And then I discovered the amazingess that is Leigh Bardugo and The Grisha Trilogy. 

I fell in love with these books, HARD, and I am now fully and completely addicted to them.

So I knew that I finally found my fansite.

I am so very pleased to announce my unofficial fansite for Leigh Bardugo and The Grisha Trilogy:

The Grisha Army

Picture 11

I hope you all are able to check it out and that you are able to go and follow it!

Now, I don’t want any of you to worry! WhatANerdGirlSays is my baby and it will remain the main focus in my life. I will not neglect this blog at all because this is the blog that I enjoy writing the most, and I cannot abandon it. And I can’t abandon all of you awesome people who have been supporting me, following me and just being plain fantastic for the past year.

But I am SO excited about this fan site and I hope you can help me to make it great, and to be a part of a great fandom!

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