15 Day Book Blogger Challenge-Day 4


Day Four: What’s the last book you flung across the room?

I really hope Lauren Oliver doesn’t read my blog because I’m about to throw down on her books right now.

Look, I like Lauren Oliver. The first book I ever read by her was Before I Fall, which remains one of my favorite books. Its completely beat up (which is how you know I love a book). Its so beautifully written and such a compelling and addicting story. She is able to create a character that you hate so quickly, but slowly begin to love as the novel goes on. Its truly a great example of quality YA literature.

I think she lost that A LOT in the Delirium series. I liked Delirium well enough. After I read Matched, I felt Delirium was kind of a rip off of Matched, but that happens, similar ideas or plot lines and I was okay with that. I didn’t love Delirium but I liked it well enough. I purchased Pandemonium, the sequel, and I just hated it. I was okay with it for about half the book and then suddenly, I just hated it so much. I can’t go into it more than that because I’d rather not ruin it for those of you who have  never seen it!

I was hoping SO much that Requiem, the third and final book of the series, would make me feel better about such a mediocre middle book. I was okay with it for a good part of the book, and then the book just got…it got bad. I felt like everything was resolved too easily: Lena’s relationship with her mom, her relationship status, period, the whole war thing. It was all wrapped too nicely in a bow at the end and I have made it clear: I am not big on these pretty happy endings. Those are for Disney movies. In my books, I want more realistic endings. I want happy endings with a bit of heartbreak and necessary recovery and that kind of thing.

And that’s not how this book ended at all. I literally threw this book, and I was at my boyfriend’s house and he kind of just looked up at me and rolled my eyes, because sometimes I throw books for GOOD reasons, when they are SO good but they end on a cliffhanger that leaves you screaming “WHY???? WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT!!!!” Yeah, not really true with this book. I was pissed off.

The worst was, I met Lauren Oliver a few days later. And she was SO nice, and sweet and she made me laugh, and gave me good advice as a writer, and told me some cool stuff about the Before I Fall movie and all of that. Requiem had only been out for a few days, and so not many of the people there had read it yet, and I already had, of course. So she asks me how I liked it, and I said “Oh I liked it, it was good!” while inside my head, I was like, “Oh god, Lauren, WHYYYY, Why was it so BAD?”

But then I gushed like crazy about Before I Fall. So its all good.

And that’s the last book that I threw haha.

*     *     *

What’s the last book that you threw (or wanted to throw)? Was it for good reasons or bad reasons? Let me know in the comments!

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