15 Day Book Blogger Challenge-Day 9

Day 9: Why do You Blog About Books?

This is SUCH a huge question. Like, I can’t even begin to answer this question because it is SO huge.

Why do I blog about books?

I could do a whole individual post about why I talk about books so much on this blog. But I’ll try to keep it a bit more simple than that.

The biggest reason that I write about books is that I just love books. I absolutely positively love books. I have loved books all my life. Books have kind of …come into style recently. They’re the popular thing to do. And I admit, as far as trends go, reading is a good trend, at least (hopefully) people are expanding their knowledge and getting smarter. But it wasn’t always really like that, but it has ALWAYS been that way for me. I can’t even remember when I fell in love with books because I was probably fairly young when I did.

So its easy. Its easy to write about the things that you love so much. I love reading books, and then rereading them over and over and over again to the point that the binding is beat up, the pages are yellow and falling out and I can quote the novel without really thinking about it. I love authors, and I adore meeting authors. I love seeing my favorite books be adapted to the movie screen and tearing apart the movie when it doesn’t live up to my expectations ;) I love discovering new books and finding authors that are fairly unknown and shoving them into peoples faces. I love recommending books to people and having them LOVE it when I do. Books are such a HUGE part of my life.

So now, I write about them almost every day and I do book reviews, and I meet all kinds of people who like the same books as I do and its just a wonderful thing. I write about books because…what else in the world do I love enough (besides maybe baseball) to write about it all the time? I’m passionate about books so I write about books.

*     *     *

Are you a book blogger? Why do you write about books?

If you’re another type of blogger, why do you do that? Share in the comments!

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