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One of the best parts about running this blog is having the ability to meet some really cool people, adiposity and some of the coolest people that I have met have led me to really cool blogs. I’ve said it before, no one’s blog is 100% original but everyone’s voices are different so there are blogs that I love to read because I love the writer, and I love the passion that they show for what they are writing. They are fun and interesting to read and they inspire me to get better and better in my blog.

So I decided to do a feature (inspired by Megan at the Nerdy Girlie’s Geek Girls Gab), where I profile the bloggers that I love. Not only do I get to find out more about them, but I also get to share them with you guys! Most of the bloggers that I follow are like me, nerd girls, fan girls and they enjoy the same things as me, and you! Every blogger that I profile is one that is super important to me and I urge you to check them out!

If you are interested in being featured on the Blogger Spotlight, feel free to contact me, please! I would love to hear from you, to feature you on the blog and to help spread the word about it!

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This week’s blogger is Sarina from Nerd Craft Librarian!

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Sara: Tell me a Little Bit About Yourself:

Sarina: I’m Sarina. I live on Long Island with my husband,Tim and our dog, Gypsy. I am a Children’s and Teen librarian so naturally I love to read. In my spare time I make all sorts of fun creations by means of sewing, painting or re-purposing. Many of the things I create are available in my Etsy shop. When I’m not creating I’m consuming! I love all of the wonderful things geek culture has to offer and I’m always looking for the next thing to fall in love with.

Sara: Tell me about your blog: 

Sarina: Nerd Craft Librarian is pretty much explained in its title. On the blog you can find all of the home made crafts that I have constructed over the years. As explained earlier, many of them are inspired by pop-culture and the fandoms that I love. I frequently feature tutorials of step-by-step instructions on all of the wonderful things that I make.

 I’m lucky enough to have a job where I am able to incorporate both my love of crafts and geek culture. When I do certain things at work I like to feature them on the blog in what I call, “Library Life” I’m so proud of some of the things I get to do that I want to share it with the world. Some recent posts include a Doctor Who party and Harry Potter celebration.

The blog is also a journal, a way for me to keep track of what I’m doing and how I have evolved, not just as a crafter or librarian but as a person. So these types of posts can range in topics from what I’m currently reading, opinions about nerd related things or what I did the past week.

Sara: What inspired you to start your blog?


Sarina: As I honed my crafting skills, I became confident enough to share my creations and techniques. I am also an avid blog reader. Many techniques and skills I learned from DIY blogs. I wanted to pay it forward to the next person in need of some crafty guidance. Later the blog expanded to feature ideas and inspiration for fellow librarians. We live in an age of shared intelligence and there is no reason to keep it to yourself.

Sara: What is your favorite nerd memory?

Sarina: Harry Potter has a special place in my heart. Before I discovered those books I was a struggling student that thought reading was dull. After reading the first one, it made reading magical. There wasn’t one certain moment that stuck out in particular. Its a mix of all of the HP related events, I loved the midnight book releases and movie premieres. I would dress up and meet all sorts of other wizards that loved this books as much as I do. I have been to the Wizarding World theme park twice now! I nearly cried each time we rode on the Forbidden Journey.I recently held a Harry Potter celebration for kids and teens at my library. It makes me so happy that it survives to the next generation. There is a Harry Potter quote that sums up what not only Harry Potter is like but what all fandom is like “…its real for us”

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Sara: What are you most looking forward to, as far as new books/movies/etc?

Sarina: I’m totally in love with Doctor Who right now. I’m so excited for the 50th anniversary special! I’m so excited that I’m planning on throwing a little Who themed soiree! The week before the special airs, Long Island will be hosting its first Doctor Who convention where I’m going to be cosplaying as the 11th doctor.

Sara: As my blog is mostly about books and reading, what are some of your favorite books or authors to read?

Sarina: Raina Telgemire. She writes graphic novels from a teenage girls perspective. I normally shy away from realistic fiction. There is something about her writing that makes it good and relatable. She injects a mix of humor and emotion that suck you into the story.

Brain Selznick is another great author/illustrator. His books are super duper think, but there is a mix of text and pictures. The two mediums play off each other so well that his books are cinematic.

Sara: What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?

Sarina: The Nerdy GirlieEmergency AwesomeUcreate


Sara: Who is your fictional crush (what, we’re nerd girls, we all have one!)

 Sarina: Han Solo. I also like Malcolm Reynolds, however Han is the original space cowboy, he’s a scruffy looking nerf herder with a heart of gold.

Sara: Do you have any fandom/nerd-related tattoos at all? Please share them!

Sarina: I don’t have any tattoos yet! However I really want to get ‘Expecto patronum’ on my foot. A group of friends and I (other whovians) also want to get a group tattoo. I’m leaning towards something written in Gallifrian.

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I hope you enjoyed learning about Sarina in this Blogger Spotlight. Make sure to go follow her!

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