Nerdy Childhood – Alice in Wonderland

A nerdy childhood? You all had one! Don’t lie.
Lets indulge in nostalgic feelings and bring back childhood memories which were in fact nerdy, more about even though at the time you probably just thought these things were TOTALLY AWESOME (or rad, help or off the hook! Oh please someone stop me! Those sayings were never cool).
I was the KING (Or queen?) of Nerdy childhoods, stuff you name a childhood fad or tv show I loved it! I knew EVERYTHING about it and I probably had everything I could get my hands on. This week is the first installment of bringing back the nerdy childhood, it will be a weekly blog entry so more nostalgia to come!

Alice in wonderland – The foundation of all nerd to come.


This photo was taken by me, feel free to download or use it but please give me credit (T’is the polite thing to do).

This was the book which made me think outside the box. I was absolutely fascinated by wonderland and was convinced that if I was just as odd as Alice that I would somehow find my way there and thus I became myself and released the inner nerd. I always admired Alice because was always tying to be polite but there came a point where enough was enough and she voiced her opinion. I could never do that… the staying quiet until that point, my opinion always came out first. Well I guess I wasn’t very much like Alice at all.

Now as we all know there were different versions of Alice in wonderland. But which is the one we remember the most?
Why of course it is the Disney version!


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Yes nostalgia all around because this movie was created in 1951! And Disney have ‘remastered’ it and re-released it so many times. This version is so popular even though it is not true to the book! Not even close in fact! Most of the movie is in fact the storyline from through the looking glass and yet we still almost always class it as the best version. Some may say Tim Burton’s version is better but again, most of the story is from through the looking glass. Never the less they are both amazing versions of an amazing story. I do beg of you though, if you have not read Alice in wonderland, or through the looking glass please do, because they are spectacular.


This photo was taken by me, feel free to download or use it but please give me credit (T’is the polite thing to do).

One of my favourite parts of the 1951 movie as well as through the looking glass book is the tale of the carpenter and the walrus. I cannot tell you why but I do ever so love this part. Whenever I read it I can hear the music from the film and poem is worded so perfectly. I’m sure that as you read this you are singing in your head ‘cabbages and kings’.

´Mr.Walrus!´ Said the carpenter, ´My brain begins to perk!´´We will sweep this clear in half a yeahr, if you do not mind the work!´´Work!? The time has come, ´ The Walrus said, ´To talk of other things!´´Of shoes, & ships, & ceiling wax, & cabbages & kings,´´And why the sea is BOILING hot, & weather pigs have wings!´´CULOO, CULAAY, no work today,´´We are cabbages & kings!´

Could you imagine being in a caucus race? I have, far to often I wonder why or how I could start one in real life. Bring some nonsense and joy into someone else’s day, prizes for all at the end of course. I implore you do something a bit out of the ordinary, after all “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would.” Truth be told this would be an amazingly, curious world, well that, and also confusing and almost certainly annoying. I could imagine getting up in the morning, but it would be evening. Trying to walk to your car but you end up walking away from it. Seeing a cat grin like the Cheshire cat would freak me out no end. Meeting the hatter would become frustrating, because he talks in riddles, never quite makes sense and is somewhat quite rude. Constantly having to recite lessons everytime you meet someone would be rather tedious. Needless to say the Caterpillar would be fun to meet, with his words made of smoke and his over enunciating every word, especially those beginning with ‘w’. Sometimes I do quite catch myself speaking as if I were the caterpillar. Wouldn’t it drive you crazy when you got hungry but you had to worry about shrinking or growing with every bite you took? I should think one would never eat for fear of disappearing or losing ones feet.


This photo was taken by me, feel free to download or use it but please give me credit (T’is the polite thing to do).

I would say I try and live my life using quotes from this book… and I wouldn’t be lying. In fact I probably live by far to many of these quotes… Nah not really. “I do mean impassible. Nothing is impossible” is a quote that always comes to mind whenever things get difficult. Then there is the quote “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” But nothing is impossible, oh silly white queen, you mean impassible, or maybe even improbable.


This photo was taken by me, feel free to download or use it but please give me credit (T’is the polite thing to do).

Thank you for reading this nerdy childhood blog post, hope to see everyone back next week. I’m so glad to be part of What a Nerd Girl Says, it’s a great community and a place where we can just be ourselves. After all we are all mad here.

Nerdy love!

3 thoughts on “Nerdy Childhood – Alice in Wonderland

  1. Benjamin Wambeke says:

    I remember going out in the springtime and just pretending to fall down a rabbit hole! And then I would talk to the dandelions and run from and imaginary jabberwocky and all that. What I’m getting at is that I was kinda lonely, but it didn’t matter because this book (and the disney movie, mainly the movie) inspired me and gave me a world where I would never be alone. Oh, did you hear that “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” turns 150 years old this year? After hearing that, I had to how get a copy from the library (I don’t own one. Oh the shame!) and once again I’ve been sucked down the rabbit hole and cannot escape, nor do I want to.

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