Sara’s Nerd Girl Bucket List

 So, adiposity I was talking to a friend recently and we were talking about the various things on our bucket list and besides things like, this visiting all the major league baseball parks, and visiting my pen pal (who I’ve been writing to for YEARS) in Australia, most of the stuff on my list would be…well nerd related.

And I dealt with this revelation the same way I do pretty much every thing else that comes up like this.

I decided to write about it.

So here I am, making a list of things I hope to do before I die, on my nerd bucket list.

Its a post but its also going to be a page under the “About Sara” section, because I’ll be updating it, based on what I do or if I decide I want to do more!

 Check it out!

 Sara’s Bucket List! 



1. Meet J.K. Rowling

2. Meet Harry Potter People Like:
Daniel Radcliffe
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint
Evanna Lynch
Bonnie Wright
Alan Rickman
Tom Felton ?
Oliver and James Phelps

3. Go to Leavesden Studio in the UK

4. Go to King’s Cross Station

5. Play “Muggle” Quidditch ?

6. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Los Angeles

7. Attend Leaky Con or Misticon

8. Meet Tamora Pierce

9. Meet Doctor Who People Like:
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Billie Piper
Catherine Tate
John Barrowman ?
Karen Gillan
Arthur Darvill
Russell T. Davies
Jenna Louise Coleman

10. Go to New Zealand to do Lord of the Rings tours

11. Be an extra on a TV show or movie

12. Go to Gallifrey One ?

13. Meet Sarah Rees Brennan

14. Visit Skywalker Ranch

15. Meet Star Wars People Like:
George Lucas
Mark Hamill
Harrison Ford
Carrie Fisher
Warrick Davis

16. Meet Rick Riordan

17. Meet Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson ?

18. Visit The St. Louis Arch and the Empire State Building like Percy Jackson

19. Visit Greece and see the Pantheon like Annabeth

20. Go on a cross country road trip like Amy and Roger in Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

21. Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in one day

22. Meet Cassandra Clare ?

23. Meet the cast of City of Bones ?

24. Attend the City of Bones Red Carpet Premiere ?

25. Meet Meg Cabot ?

26. Meet Sarah Dessen ?

27. Meet Morgan Matson ?

28. Meet Cinda Williams Chima ?

29. Read 200 Books in One Year ?

30. Read 300 Books in One Year

31. Learn hand-to-hand combat

32. Learn archery like Katniss

33. Write a novel

34. Get the novel published legitimately

35. Have my own personal library

36. Go on a book tour

37. Attend Book Expo American in New York

38. See the original Star Wars Trilogy on the big screen

39. Ride in a Delorean

40. Meet Once Upon a Time People Like:
Jennifer Morrison
Josh Dallas
Ginnifer Goodwin
Robert Carlisle
Colin O’Donoghue

41. Receive a fan letter

42. Be asked for my autograph

43. Learn to Ride a Horse

44. Attend the Catching Fire Red Carpet Premiere ?

45. Meet The Hunger Games People Like:
Jennifer Lawrence ?
Josh Hutcherson ?
Liam Hemsworth ?
Elizabeth Banks
Sam Claflin ?
Woody Haralson
Jena Malone ?
Willow Shields ?

46. Meet Richelle Mead

47. Attend the Vampire Academy Red Carpet Premiere and Meet:
Zoey Deutch
Danila Kozlovsky
Lucy Fry
Sarah Highland
Cameron Monaghan
Dominic Sherwood

48. Attend the Divergent Red Carpet Premiere

49. Meet Divergent People Like:
Shailene Woodley
Theo James
Kate Winslet
Zoe Kravitz
Miles Teller
Ansel Elgort

50. Meet John Green

51. Meet the cast of Games of Thrones Like:
Lena Headey
Kit Harington
Sean Bean
Peter Dinklage
Emilia Clarke
Natalie Dormer
Maisie Williams
Jack Gleeson
Michelle Fairley

52. Meet George RR Martin

53. Meet the cast of Firefly Like:
Nathan Fillion
Gina Torres
Alan Tudyk
Morena Baccarin
Jewel Staite
Adam Baldwin
Mark Sheppard

54. Meet Joss Whedon

55. See Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog on the big screen

56. Meet John Williams and see him perform live

57. Visit Forks, Washington (yeah, I said it)

58. Attend E3

59. Stay at the Plaza in New York

60. Attend Free Comic Book Day

61. Participate in World Book Night

62. Attend Harry Potter Day at Disneyland ?

63. Attend Star Wars Day at Disneyland

64. Get a fandom tattoo ???????

65. Hug Nathan Fillion

66. Go to San Diego Comic Con ?

67. Go to Wonder Con ?

68. Go to Anime Expo ?

69. Learn Elvish

70. Have a nerdy/bookish wedding

71. Go to Disney World

72. Be on a convention panel

73. Own an original artwork by Mary Grandpre

74. Visit the Library of Congress

75. Go to Abbey Road and walk across like The Beatles

76. Have an epic lightsaber duel

77. Be an extra in a movie adaptation of a book I love

78. Go to Star Wars Celebration

79. Go to D23 ?

80. Do 24 hours at Disneyland

81. Visit all major league baseball parks

82. Make a bestsellers list

83. Get blurbed by one of my favorite authors

84. Go to Epic Sporting Events Like:
The World Series
Super Bowl
Daytona 500
Olympics (Summer or Winter)

85. Go to Blackfriars Bridge

86. Own an original copy of Gone with the Wind

87. Go on the Goonies Tour.

88. Meet Peter Jackson and the cast of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Like:
Sean Bean
Viggo Mortensen
Elijah Wood
Sean Astin
Dominic Monaghan
Ian McKellan
Orlando Bloom
Aidan Turner ?
Martin Freeman
Benedict Cumberbatch
John Rhys Davies
Mirando Otto
and so many more…

89. Meet Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

90. Visit 221B Baker Street

91. Visit the Globe Theater.

92. Eat at Club 33 in Disneyland

93. Watch all of the Star Trek TV series 

*      *      *      *      *

Check back often to see what I fulfilled and to see if I’ve added more to the list!

What are some of the things on your own nerd bucket list? Share them in the comments!

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