Being a Fan-Too Expensive?

I’m a fangirl. I think we’ve discussed this before but I am definitely a fangirl. I’m a nerd. I love fandoms.

And something that comes along with that is a desire to buy everything in sight from that fandom. I want all the Blu-rays, I want a kick ass cosplay outfit. I want phone covers, and posters, prop replicas and books, shirts and bags and stickers and toothbrushes and EVERYTHING.

But as years have gone by, as I’ve tried to collect everything in sight, I’ve realized something:

Being a fangirl is really expensive.

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The Tuesday Three

Hello, everyone! Hope that your week is going okay so far. For you U.S. nerds out there, the week is just starting as we just had a three day weekend. I hope everyone had a good weekend and was SAFE! I’m big on the safety :D

I had myself a pretty good weekend, spent some time with the boyfriend and the family, watched some Doctor Who (check out the last blog post for my review of the season premiere!), went to the beach, etc.

But now it’s that time of week again! Time for the Tuesday Three…the three things on my mind in the nerd world tomorrow.

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The Tuesday Three

I feel like its been forever since I wrote…in reality it was probably only a couple days. But I love this blog and I love YOU guys so I came up with this little thing called the Tuesday Three. I did this for a couple reasons. One, it guarantees that I wrote a post at least once a week. And two, it will be a nice way to pick things up from that dreary start-of-the-week-my-goodness-isn’t-it-Friday yet feeling.

So what is the Tuesday Three, you ask?


Every Tuesday, I’ll talk about three things that are rocking my week in the nerd world or even making me crazy. It could be nerd news, nerd reviews, it could be me complaining about an episode of my favorite show, whatever. It’ll be a way to share allll my nerd with you without having to write an individual blog post for every single thing.

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Eleven Hottest Fictional Characters…Because I Couldn’t Narrow It Down to Ten

The Ten…Excuse Me, Eleven Hottest Fictional Characters

This of course is according to me. I’m a fangirl and let’s face it, as much as I love magic and blades and action and battles and just straight up kicking ass, I love it even more when the characters are hot. I love to pine away for those characters that kick ass and win their way into the main character’s hearts…and mine too.

So judge me if you will. This may not be a post to change the world, but if you’re a fan girl like me, you totally are on the same page as me. Don’t deny it. I know it.

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Best Nerd of 2012…So Far…and What I Can’t Wait For!

Now that we have reached early July, I’ve realized that half the year is over and damn, it went by fast. The beginning of 2012 has brought me many awesome things and there is still so much to look forward to these next six months. So now that I am smack dab in the middle of the year, I figured a nice countdown of some of the fantastic things that the year has already brought me and what I am most looking forward to.

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