Book of the Week: The Looking Glass Wars

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a great and nerdy week. We’ve had some good news this week in that Doctor Who finally got a return date! (March 30th for those of you who missed yesterday’s post). Lots of really awesome things are coming soon. Wonder Con is the same weekend as the return of Doctor Who. Tickets went on sale this week so I’m pretty excited about all that.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping myself busy with my 200 books this year goal. Currently I’m at about 13 1/2 books but I hit a slow patch in reading as I picked up my pen (or my keyboard…) and started writing again. I was hit with some writing inspiration and I’ve been writing. Its all just one big fat sloppy mess right now but its fun to be writing while promoting the publishing of A Little Less than Famous.

However, troche I HAVE been reading a lot so I do have a Book of the Week for you this week, which means I’m getting a WHOLE lot better at my schedule, which is GOOD. That means I’m getting more responsible and that you can trust me now! Hopefully…

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Doctor Who Gets a Return Date!

It’s official! It was announced today that Doctor Who will be returning for the rest of series 7 on March 30th to BBC America.

I, for one, am very very excited.

This is also the weekend of Wonder Con in Anaheim, which I will be attending that weekend. Now that I know Doctor Who is coming back, I’m looking forward to a super nerdy weekend.

Who else is as excited as me????

Tuesday Top Ten-Favorite TV Shows

Hello, all. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Mine started off on a sour note but turned out to be okay :) I kept myself busy spending time with my boyfriend, my friends and a few books!

But now its that time again, time for the Tuesday Top Ten.

I’ve always told myself that I’m not a big TV watcher, that I’d rather read books. And while that is definitely true; I would rather pick up a novel and read it than turn on the TV and watch, that doesn’t change the fact that there are some seriously awesome TV shows out there. So today’s Tuesday Top Ten is

My Ten Favorite TV Shows

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I’m a GoodReads Author!

Its official! I’m a GoodReads author on the GoodReads website.

I’m really, really very excited about this. I had tried pretty hard to become a GoodReads author, when I published Another Chance for Summer. And its actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I applied to be a GoodReads librarian to just add my book and that didn’t work.

And then the other day, I was browsing through my GoodReads account (remember, how I told you how obsessed I am?) and I noticed someone on my friends list had “A Little Less than Famous” on the “currently reading” list.

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