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Welcome back to Nerdy Childhood where we take a look into our crystal ball and look into our past! Last week we looked at Alice in Wonderland, cure and this week we are looking back at Pokémon!

When I think back at my own childhood my mind goes straight to Pokemon. It was a huge part of my life and still is. To be honest this should have been the first entry Nerdy childhood but I was so hooked on Alice in wonderland because I had just reread it.

Pokemon was the first game I EVER got. I remember going to cash converters (Like a pawn shop but more socially acceptable) and buying a gameboy black and white. You heard me. Black and white. Now that’s not because I am old, it was because my family at the time was a very low income family and I had saved up ALL my pocket money for MONTHS to buy this gameboy. Just the gameboy. It seems like such a small thing, kids now a days get iphones and 3DS’s all the time from such a young age. I was soooooo happy to buy this gameboy black and white. It didn’t come with any games but I was so happy just to have it. So I waited and waited, saving up all my pocket money again and then finally could afford Pokemon blue. Yes, pokemon blue. My first ever gameboy game.



This game was THE BEST pokemon game ever created! Now children these days may challenge this with their fancy graphics and 3D technology but they truly do not know how amazing it was to go from a computer game to a game which you could take places. A handheld device instead of something you had to sit and play. You could play it outside, in your room, in a car (on a loooooong car ride), you could play it anywhere. And that is exactly what I did. I played this game everywhere! I took it in the car, to school, when we went on family beach trips, out to see my grandparents. I was attached to this game. To think, it was released so long ago and I still have my gameboy black and white, and my pokemon blue in a box in my wardrobe. It still has its internal battery (unlike most of the older generation pokemon games), it was made to last the long haul. I have since upgraded my gameboy situation, obviously… to a green gameboy colour which use to be my brothers, then to a pink DS but I really want to get a 3DS. Heaven forbid! Lord do not strike me down for wishing to cross the generation barrier!

Let’s just say I am 20 (which I am), and that when I was a kid pokemon had just come out, I mean I went to the movie release. So my first pokemon generation was gen 1. It’s just like in dr who. You first generation will always be YOUR generation. Then gen 2 came along, I was still pretty young, I was like “Oh yeah, there’s some pretty cool new pokemon to catch, after all, got to catch them all to be the pokemon master,” and that was fine. Then gen 3 came out and everyone was like “Oh hell no! There are not pokemon!” But I was still pretty young so I accepted the challenge yet again to catch all these pokemon! What had seemed like a manageable task of 151 pokemon was now a whole lot more then that and almost impossible for a 10yr old to grasp.

I, like so many other children my age got into this hopeless poke-pression. We would never be pokemon masters, not if they kept ‘finding’ these new pokemon! And as a 10yr old, I wondered, “How had they not found all these islands yet?” I mean they had pokemon which could swim, and yet every time I got CLOSE to becoming a pokemon master they would find a new region of pokemon!

Let us talk about generations of pokemon for a second. For those of you confused, who maybe were not as obsessed with pokemon as I was, or maybe not at all. Maybe you are reading this to understand why all the weird kids at your school kept fighting with these virtual things, arguing about whose team was stronger. Well generations are tricky. For people who grew up when pokemon was first released the first generation is the official generation. This included the games, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. Then the second and third gen are widely accepted. These were games like Silver, Gold and Crystal, then the third gen was Ruby, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Fire Red and Emerald.  Then it all gets down to opinion! Because this is where the second generation of children got interested in pokemon, they started watching the 4th gen, and they played the 4th gen games. Like Diamond, Platinum, Pearl, HeartGold and SoulSilver (not to be confused with silver and gold). Then the recent 5th gen which was black and white and black and white 2. After all that you would think there can not be more pokemon! SURELY they have discovered them all! But you would be wrong! Just a few days ago they released X and Y! Raising the total pokemon count to 694! What child in their right mind thinks they can become a pokemon master now? I may not be a child, but I WILL be a pokemon master… As soon as I get my hands on a 3DS.


This is apparently generations 1-5.

For those of you around my age, you may remember the Poke rap. Now I don’t know about you but I have that on my iPod… Not gonna lie. I try and rap it every time I hear it. Not gonna lie. I’m not that great. BUT I still try! As a kid I remember practicing that so much, I wrote down ALL the names in order and practiced saying them really fast. I could do it. Maybe as I got older I stopped raping and it all went down hill. I can not rap the poke rap any more. But I will keep trying! I cannot let my 10yr old self down by looking like a complete loser by not being about to do the poke rap.

I set you all a challenge. If you read this all the way to the end, comment just one pokemon which you love. From any generation at all. And most of all, do not let your 10yr old self down. Learn the Pokerap!

Nerdy love y’all,


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  1. Joe says:

    One thing I’d like to point out here is that the “discovery of a new region” explanation was really only used for Gen. II because that was originally going to be the last set of Pokémon games. Later regions and their Pokémon were treated as though they always existed but were only being introduced to the audience for the first time.

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