Tuesday Top Ten-Favorite Fandom Labels

Hey guys, treat how is it going everyone? I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.

I want to warn you! Its five days into NaNoWriMo, order and both myself and Christina Marie are participating, this web in our different ways. Well, because of this, there may be less posts. We are going to do our best this month to keep up as best as possible, and that you’re incredibly patient with us.

This week’s Tuesday Top Ten is the top Ten Fandom Identifiers that I love. You know, when you meet Harry Potter fan and they immediately ask what house you are in? Or a Percy Jackson fan will ask you what god you’re a child of? You know what I’m talking about!

So here are ten groups that I am proudly a part of and why! Share with me what yours are!

10. Mage from the Tortall Series

Image 10

Here’s the thing about the Tortall series: its like a YA version of Game of Thrones, except that Tortall came out first. But who is keeping track? Anyway, the point is that there are knights and soldiers and noble ladies and merchants and all of that fun stuff. And all I can think of is, do you really want to put ME of all people near a sword? I tripped and twisted my foot when walking down Main Street in Disneyland. I’d probably chop my own head off, no lie. But the one thing that always stood out to me was the mages. I loved that they were born with this magic and it was deep within them and they had to learn to wield it and control. I also love that your Gift would be a certain color. I’d like to think mine would be pink. Because that would be SERIOUSLY awesome. But yeah, I would be a mage if I lived in Tortall. I would make it so that I was born that way. Somehow.

9. Elf from Lord of the Rings

Image 9

I’m not going to lie, a huge reason why I want to be an elf is not even about the immortality or the beauty or even the sexy sexy Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Those are all great reasons as well but my main reason is…do you see where they live? Its like a beautiful Impressionist painting. I remember seeing it the first time in The Fellowship of the Ring and dying of happiness at how incredibly beautiful it is. If I lived forever, Rivendell is definitely on the list of places to spend that forever. Plus, like I said before, they are incredibly beautiful and full of a ton of wisdom, which, you know, totally describes me. And hair…its like a damn shampoo commercial up in there!

8. Pokemon Trainer from Pokemon

Image 8

Okay, is there anything else to be in that world? Seriously? Like, the people who work in the Poke Mart or who are working in the casino or Safari Zone and that…why would you do that! Why would you not be a Pokemon master? Or trainer? Or something? I just want to own all the Pokemon and have a Pokemon party, and dress them up in a little costumes and name them all after book characters…and…okay I’m slightly obsessed with Pokemon. Its fun. I first got into it when I was a kid and I’ve continued to love it. I think it was just kind of a fun concept as a kid, going out into the world, on an adventure, and catching these amazing creatures.

7. Amity from Divergent

Image 7

It was really hard for me to pick a faction in Divergent because I want to be Divergent! I think, legitimately, everyone is divergent and embodies multiple characteristics. But in the spirit of the book, I eventually thought Amity fit kind of well, and I took a test and I was mostly Amity with a splash of Erudite. The Erudite value wisdom and knowledge, which seems to go hand in hand with some of the other ones you’ll see on this list. But Amity really fits me too. Amity is the peaceful and the friendly. They created the peace serum. They grow food and love to eat awesome foods, and they were bright colors and they just kind of sound like hippies. I am a very peaceful person, really, I hate drama and fights and confrontation, and I love food. Plus do you see their symbol? Its absolutely beautiful!

6. District 4 from The Hunger Games

district 42

I realize that no matter what district you live in, it pretty much sucks because everyone is hungry and poor and could possibly compete-and die-in the Hunger Games. But even so, I choose District 4. I wanted to pick whatever district that was California since this is future-USA but when I saw a map of Panem, it was under water…you know, like most dystopian novels. So the next best thing was district 4 because its the fishing district, which equals ocean! Gotta have my ocean. And I only eat fish when it comes to meat so that works out too! Plus is Finnick Odair is my favorite character of the entire series so I’ll hang out with him in that district.

5. Huntress of Artemis from Percy Jackson

image 5

Yeah, I wouldn’t be a child of god or goddess. Mostly because since I was a kid, I was obsessed with Artemis. I got really involved with feminism and women’s rights when I was young and Artemis was like a badass Greek feminist, and she had her cool pack of hounds, and her silver bow, and denounced men. Its all just awesome. I do realize that if I actually became a Huntress, I would have to give up my boyfriend and that really sucks, and that part is kind of lame. Boys are awesome, at times. At least to look at, if nothing else. But I like the idea of having a bow, and working with Artemis. She has the best stories and she’s the goddess of hunting (which makes no sense as a vegetarian but whatever) and the moon, and I love her. I would follow her for sure.

4. Companion of the Doctor from Doctor Who

Image 4

Come on! I could be MYSELF! I could literally be myself! I want the Doctor to show up on my doorstep, and open the door and say “Allons-y” or “Fantastic!” or “Geronimo!” and I would shout back “YES!” and run right down into the TARDIS, in pajamas, most likely. I would be so excited. I wouldn’t even know where to go first, but I would let the Doctor get us lost through time and space, and do amazing things. The best part of Doctor Who is the beauty of the impossible and the encouragement of imagination and creativity, and it would be amazing to be a part of that. Being with the Doctor is like having your wildest dreams come true, and so much more. Plus I could spend lots of time exploring the TARDIS, which would be super fun, and maybe visit the ginormous library, or take a dip in the swimming pool. Sigh.

3. Shadowhunter from The Mortal Instruments

image 3

I would KILL to be a Shadowhunter. Its such a cool thing to be. I mean, sure, werewolves, and vampires and warlocks and faeries are all really cool. There are a lot of really cool things in The Mortal Instruments but being a Shadowhunter is top dog. They are badass, they get to wear black all the time and no one says they’re stupid or a mall goth or anything. They have the Runes, which are beautiful and make them fast or agile or help with their precision, and things like that. They get use all kinds of cool weapons like daggers and knives and long seraph blades and bows and whips, and they keep the world safe from demons. They live in beautiful churches, and travel around the world, and the homeland, Idris, is beautiful and perfect. Plus they have cool names like Herondale and Lightwood, Fairchild, Morgenstern, Penhallow, and such. Its so beautiful. I also think I could be myself if I was a Shadowhunter. Sara Shadowhunter.

2. Jedi Knight from Star Wars

image dos

What I really want to be is Princess Leia but that’s not really a category in Star Wars to be so….a Jedi Knight is really awesome. Plus, Leia eventually gets Jedi training, and can use a lightsaber and such so THAT is awesome. I’ve been watching Star Wars since I was a child, and I always thought Jedis were so great. They were warriors but peaceful warriors. Warriors that are in control, and wield these awesome weapons, made of LIGHT, like lightsabers. They have the power of the Force. They get to navigate the coolest vehicles, like X-Wing fighters and such. And their costumes are pretty awesome too. I would also like to think that I’d be part of the Rebel Alliance, a hidden Jedi come to save the Galaxy from the evil Galactic empire.

1. Ravenclaw from Harry Potter


My ultimate identifier. I have a Doctor Who tattoo and a Star Wars tattoo but I have a Ravenclaw tattoo. This is one that I embrace all the time. I represent it all the time. I try to put blue and silver into my every day outfits. I tend to pick out blue when it comes to choosing colors. When I get married, my colors are going to be blue and silver. I feel like I represent Ravenclaw in so many ways. Smart, always reading, wanting to learn, keeping to themselves, because they’re wrapped in learning and books. Its so me. They live in the highest tower, facing the mountains and little professor Flitwick is the head of House. I have so many amazing friends, from different walks of life and with different talents and careers, that are all Ravenclaw. We are unique and awesome. Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.

*      *      *      *      *

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Top Ten!

Share with me your own houses and such!

Happy Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten-Favorite Fandom Labels

  1. Chloe says:

    Oooh funsies I love these games! Okay, I’d be
    1) One of the Queen’s Ladies in the Tortall books. They still get to be ladies and wear pretty dresses, but they also get to be all kick-ass and saving people when they need to be. I would love to be a mage too though, I love the way they have to know and connect with their inner selves (make sense) and their unique connection to their gods. Maybe I could be a mage Queen’s Lady? I’d want to use it for healing though, not battle magics.
    2) Defs an elf. But what kind? I guess a Sindar, I like the idea that they are ‘noble and wise.’ I would also like to be one of Legolas’ band who help to restore the forests of Ithilien. Is this getting too specific? Clearly I think about this too much!
    3)Not at all familiar with Pokemon :(
    4) Or divergent
    5) And I don’t know enough about the Hunger Games to choose. What’s a rich, cushy district? ;)
    6)Or Percy Jackson, really. But I have a fascination with the story of Persephone and Hades. Just Death as a character really – Discworld, Tortall and other mythologies. But I wouldn’t want to be it.
    7)Yes! Isn’t it great that one can so easily imagine themselves into Doctor Who?! Ha I know where I’d go – London 1986 to see Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman perform in Phantom of the Opera. And then there’s a few other mysteries of history I would like to clear up, for example, what happened to the Mary Celeste? Was Atlantis really part of Santorini or Crete?
    8) What you say about Shadowhunters is true, they are kick-ass and awesome and graceful and live in beautiful places and have a worldwide network…but I think I’d find it depressing. I think I’d like to be a fairy. They can be nasty and manipulative, but I like they way they know what’s going on all the time, and watch from afar and influence events for their own amusement. I like their dancing and singing culture, and I like the way they love words. So yep, a fairy. But a nice one :)\
    9) Don’t know much about starwars either :(
    10) Ravenclaw house, because I like the way they encourage intellectual discussion and analytical thinking.

    Wow I clearly spend too much time thinking about this stuff!

  2. Eric Morgan (@boggarthunter) says:

    Hi Sara, I’ve not read the Tortall books and I never did Pokeman but I’ll give it a go.
    1)LOTR- Good Wizard
    2)Divergant- I grew up on a farm and my family was very service oriented, so I would guess I would tend toward Amity or Abnegation. However, I have spent my adult life finding ways to live on the edge while still helping others. I’d have to admit I would choose Dauntless!
    3)Hunger Games- I’m pretty tech savvy, but I couldn’t live without nature. That being said I’d probably be district 3 because of the tech.
    4)Percy Jackson- I’d be a demigod! Son of Apollo according to the nifty online tests!
    5)Doctor Who- Now this is really fun! I’ve been watching this show since it was wobbly sets and foam monster masks. I would have to say of all of the companions I would wan’t to be ME as well! What we didn’t get to find out in the season the show was cancelled back in 1989 was that then companion Ace was being admitted to the Prydonian Acadamy on Gallifrey where she was to become a Timelord!!! Which in turn means that any human can become a Timelord!!! Okay, toning down my geek.
    6)The Shadowhunter Chronicles- OMG! I would so loooooooove to be a Shadowhunter! I have never been as in love with a series of books as this one! The fact that it will continue for years to come makes me happy beyond words…
    7)Harry Potter- Cliché though I know it seems, I’m Gryffindor through and through! The sorting hat told me so in every test I have ever taken. Harry Potter Spells for iOS, Mugglespace, Pottermore, etc. Oh yeah, and my patronus is a wolf…
    8)Strange Angels- Werewolf because they are loyal to a fault. Vamps and other species are cool but each has a really annoying superiority complex that is soooo annoying!
    9)District 19- Descendant of a founder! In other words, one of the original team that destroyed Count Dracula. A member of a secret organization that takes on the supernatural so that the natural doesn’t have to!
    10)DC Comics- The Phantom Stranger – a godlike being that roams the earth and ethereal plains conferring with other cosmic rulers and bringing the earth back into balance!

    That was fun!

  3. Kayla Sanchez says:

    I identify primarily as a Ravenclaw too! At first I thought I’d be Slytherin, but there were enough distinctions to pull me to Ravenclaw.

    As for my faction, I’m the opposite of you – Erudite with a splash of Amity.

    Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what district I feel more drawn to. I’d have to do my research :)

    • Sara says:

      Oh no! That’s awful! I know what you mean though haha, that place can be a death trap. You’re too busy, rushing to get places or looking at other things.

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