Nerd Girl Interview with Author Bridget Morrissey!

Guys! I am so beyond excited for todays post because it’s an interview with an awesome person and an equally awesome author! It’s been a long time since I’ve had an interview on the blog and I’m so stoked that Bridget is the one to be bringing them back.

I read Bridget’s most recent release, A Thousand Miles, and fell absolutely in love. It has everything that I love – best friends who fall in love, road trips, weird food and even baseball. When I discovered how cool Bridget is during my constant praise of this book, I just knew I HAD to have her here on the blog.

And unsurprisingly, the interview just made me adore her more, especially once we bonded over our love for early 2000s pop punk and emo music, like Something Corporate. Anyone who shows love for SoCo is my kind of person!

So let’s do this guys!

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Fictional Girl Crushes I Had Growing Up (AKA How Did I Not Realize I Was Queer AF)

I came out nearly ten years ago, on this blog, as bisexual. I’m so comfortable in my sexuality and my ability to love and be attracted to any person, regardless of their gender. I was scrolling through social media a few days ago and there was a post about the anniversary of one of my favorite movies growing up, A League of their Own, and I remembered my absolute obsession with the character of Kit and it was another lightbulb out of many lightbulbs that I’ve had over the years where I realize, oh…you had a crush on that character! I often will bring it up to my husband and we both have a laugh, always saying, “how did I not know that I was into girls too?!”

So I wanted to share a few of my fictional crushes from my childhood that really should have convinced me, should have been obvious to me that I was SO queer. This list doesn’t even begin to touch on everyone I had a crush on because, partly, I’m old and can’t remember and partly because I remember more and more as time goes on!

Let’s do this!

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Short N’Sweet Book Review: A Thousand Miles by Bridget Morrissey

Welcome to the Short N’ Sweet Book Review! For the ten years that I’ve been reviewing books on this blog, I’ve written long, wordy reviews that, let’s be honest, not a lot of people are probably reading. I’ve recently  decided to shorten those reviews and get straight to the point – what is this book about, who wrote it, where you can find and a short review on what I loved, liked and maybe thought could be better.

Today’s review is a best friends to lovers romance, told over a fun road trip that includes baseball and cats, which is basically my bread and butter – A Thousand Miles by Bridget Morrissey!


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Overturning Roe Vs Wade – Nerd Girl Is Ready to Rage

This blog has always been about nerd things, mostly books, but this blog has been around for ten years and I’ve never hesitated to share my feelings about the things going on in our world. As much as I love to escape real life and disappear into fictional and fantasy worlds, I still always have my feet firmly planted in reality and I am always here to fight for justice and to fight against injustice.

The Supreme Court overturning Roe V Wade was not a surprise. Since the moment that Trump won the election in 2016, since the moment he pushed through Supreme Court justices, we knew that this was on the table. We knew this would happen. However, knowing and seeing it is two different things and finding this out a couple days ago was one of the most devastating days of my life. I spent the day pushing my way through my shift, drinking my sorrows and crying myself to sleep.

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Love, Victor Season Three – Thoughts and Reactions

If you didn’t know this, I’m a HUGE Becky Albertalli fan and have loved the Creekwood universe pretty much since the moment that it existed and I devoured Simon Vs the Homo Sapien Agenda. While I’m still sad that we never got an adaptation of Leah on the Offbeat with Leah and Abby because that book is my jam and absolutely perfection, I’ve still been super happy that the world of Creekwood has continued with the show Love, Victor. Season 3 was just recently released and apparently I’ve been super out of the loop because I had no idea until my sister informed me! I’ve spent an entire day binging the new season and I have a lot of thoughts about it! Let’s dive in!

As a reminder, for all my reviews featuring movies or TV shows, there WILL be spoilers involved!! If you would like to avoid spoilers, please do not read any further! You have been warned!

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Ms Marvel Episode Three – Thoughts and Reactions

We have reached the halfway point of Ms. Marvel season one and a lot has happened in episode three to really open up the story and tell us what to expect, what could happen next and where exactly we are going with Kamala’s story and I know I keep saying it, but I’m super enjoying it, guys. I’ve already been a huge Ms. Marvel fan for ages. I finally got a new shirt this week – took forever to get here – and I managed to track down Ms. Marvel in Avengers Campus at work and I was totally stoked.

Let’s jump into episode 3!


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