Dear Cassandra Clare


I have been so lucky today to share two amazing things with you guys!

The first was my interview with Cassandra Clare, medical which is SUPER awesome, here and I am extremely happy and proud of, and you can watch it here.

Now my second big news of the day is this:

My dear friends, Megan, Tatiana, Sylvia and I, from our combined blog, iFandoms Collide, were talking and we realized how super lucky we are to live where we live. Being in such close proximity to Los Angeles gives us a ton of opportunities that other people just may not have.

For instance, in the last month, we’ve had the opportunities to meet super cool authors like Veronica Roth and Lauren Oliver, Maureen Johnson and Melissa de la Cruz, Sarah Dessen, Morgan Matson, Gayle Forman, Robin Benway, and on and on. We’ve meet Harald Zwart, the director of City of Bones, and three cast members: Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, and Kevin Zegers.

And we’ve all met Cassandra Clare. Megan met her twice, Sylvia met her twice, and Tatiana and I both met her three times. In the last month.

We are very very fortunate.

We are also going to be very fortunate this summer. We are all planning on going to the premiere of City of Bones. Which could mean VERY close proximity to a lot of stars from the movie, crew, and of course, Ms Cassandra Clare, herself.

So we had this idea: let’s reach out to all of you, all of you who aren’t as fortunate as us. You guys are just as dedicated, just as strong, just as crazy as the four of us. You guys laugh and cry when you read the books, and worship the characters, and count down the days until the next book, and swoon over Jamie, Kevin, Godfrey and Robbie. You guys are just like. So why shouldn’t you have a chance?

So here’s what we are doing: we are creating a book, a book full of letters and drawings or a letter within a drawing or a drawing within a letter, whatever you so desire, that are all addressed to our beloved author. They can be funny or deep or silly or serious or whatever. What you have to say to Cassandra Clare, you can say it now!

We’re going to bind it together, wrap it up and give it to Cassie at the premiere. This way we can bring all of you with us. We’ll have a piece of each and every one of you guys with it. 

How does that sound? You like it? I hope so! Here is the information/rules for how to get your letter/drawing/letter-drawing into this book!

(and yeah there’s rules, there’s always rules! But, hey, Sed lex dura lex ;) )

The Rules!

1. Please share this with all the TMI/TID fans you know! Share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, whatever! We want to get as many contributions as possible. But be discrete! Don’t tell Cassandra! I’m sure she may find out anyway but we’d like to try as hard as possible to surprise her with this book at the premiere!

2. All letters and pictures have to be standard letter size or smaller, meaning 8.5 in by 11 in. I’m not sure what that is in cm but its a standard notebook paper size. If they are not the correct size, I cannot guarantee they’ll make it in :(

3. Letters/drawings cannot be more than 3 pages. Remember, we’re trying to get letters and drawings from people all over the world.

4. Letters must be sent to the address provided by August 1st, 2013. Any letters or drawings received after this date are not guaranteed to be part of the book. You can start sending them now, of course :)

We are working on getting a P.O. box set up but in the meantime, letters and drawings will be sent to my personal address. Because I do not wish to broadcast my personal address on here, please contact me HERE, and I will send you my personal address until we get a P.O. box.

5. Please keep in mind, these NEED to be appropriate. We are giving them to Cassandra Clare and I don’t want to give her anything offensive, crude, rude, or anything like that. We will be reviewing whatever it is you send us before putting it in the book so know that we will not put your contribution in if it is inappropriate.

6. If you are unable to send it via mail, you are more than welcome to send it via email, as a scan. Keep in mind that it will be a print out of whatever you send and it may not be 100% clear. But you are more than welcome to email submissions to us as well at

*      *      *      *      *      *

We are SO very excited about this book and we absolutely canNOT wait until we start getting submissions from all of you!

Don’t forget to share with all your TMI/TID friends and to get those submissions in! And try to keep it a secret from Cassie as much as possible :)

Happy Shadowhunting!

Sara, Tatiana, Sylvia, and Megan

iFandoms Collide

My Exclusive Interview with Cassandra Clare

I am so very excited to share this with you guys today. As you all know, cheapest I am a huge Cassandra Clare fan. I have consumed both of series, pharmacy the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, link and am anxiously awaiting the film adaptation of City of Bones. I would say it is my favorite fandom, after only my super obsessions Harry Potter and Star Wars.

In the last month, I have had the chance to meet Cassandra Clare three times.

Once at an event at the Mission Viejo Library….


Once at WonderCon with Lily, Jamie and Kevin.

tmi 140

And once at the Los Angeles Festival of Books.


Now, WonderCon was to promote the City of Bones movie and FoB was a little bit about both the books and the movie. The Mission Viejo event was more personal and easily my favorite.

The library held a contest for Cassandra Clare’s biggest fan. To enter the contest you had to submit why you thought you were Cassandra Clare’s biggest fan in written, picture or video form. I submitted a picture of Fearless rune tattoo and a short summary on how she changed my life. A few weeks later, I got an email from the lovely teen librarian at the Mission Viejo library, Allison Tran, saying that I was the winner.

The winner got a personalized signed copy of Clockwork Princess (in addition to one I bought to gain entry to the event, I had both signed and gave one away to a lucky reader!) and a video interview with Cassie herself.

I would just like to note that the day I got the news about the contest, I had found out I had earned a perfect score on my first art history exam, which I was so proud of. Then today, I received my second art history exam back and saw that I earned another perfect score…and got the email that my interview is ready. Coincidence? Perhaps :)

Moving on though, can I just say that this was such an amazing experience? I was so incredibly nervous and I couldn’t stop fidgeting and I had butterflies the size of Alaska in my stomach. And it didn’t help that Sarah Rees Brennan was like “oh you’re so cute!”

But Cassie was such a doll. She made me feel such at ease and gave me a Clockwork Angel necklace that I totally wear with pride and took a picture of my tattoo-which I love. I get a kick out of the fact that my tattoo is on Cassie’s phone. I especially loved talking Harry Potter with her. We all know how I am about Harry Potter.

It was just such a great experience, a one of a kind experience.

So without further ado, here is my exclusive interview with Cassandra Clare.

Hope you guys enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Much thanks to Cassandra Clare for doing this. The amount of time and effort and love that you give to your fans is remarkable!

Also huge thanks to Allison from the Mission Viejo library and Alex from A Whale of a Tale Bookstore for putting this on! You ladies are rock stars!

One last thanks to the guys who edited the video. I have no idea who you are but thanks!

Don’t forget to check out the Mission Viejo Library’s upcoming events! I have met Meg Cabot, Lauren Oliver and Cassandra Clare twice at this awesome place!

They will host Eoin Colfer, the author of the Artemis Fowl series, on May 12th. They will also be hosting the Summer Lovin’ Tour on May 18th, featuring Morgan Matson, Jenny Han and Jessi Kirby! Super excited :)

Thanks for watching my super awesome interview with Cassie guys :) hope you liked it!