Sara’s Goals for 2023

It’s that time of year again – the time to make brand new goals. I know that people are often sort of pessimistic about New Years resolutions or goals but I like them. I like the idea of a brand new year. I like the idea of a clean slate. I know that there’s no difference really between December 31st 2022 and January 1st 2023 but I like the IDEA of it and I love making goals and I love making lists and I love checking things off. So here I am, again, making new goals for 2023!

Here are my goals for the year!

1. Finish and Publish Struck Out 

This has been on every goal list since 2020 when I published Benched and it’s still not done. I’m getting closer and closer and I want to finish this year. Sydney and Drew deserve to have their story told and I’m dying to tell Lucy’s. And you guys, the readers, deserve it too. You’ve all been waiting so patiently!

2. Read 80 Books

I only managed 51 in 2022, which is incredibly low for me. I really want to get back to reading, and back to reading new things. I am not hip on what’s the best and what’s hyped or any of that. I would like to read MORE.

3. Blog More

I always start off the new year with good intentions and lots of blog posts. What A Nerd Girl Says turned ten years old in 2022 and is inching closer to eleven years and I love it and am so grateful for it and writing for it makes me happy. Seeing as I aim to be a happier person, I aim to do what makes me happy and this little blog is definitely one of those things

4. Take Better Care of My Overall Health, Including My Diabetes, My Anxiety/Depression and My Plantar Fasciitis 

2018 and 2019 were years that I took serious care of myself. I was diagnosed with diabetes and I took on that challenge and mastered it. The pandemic really threw things for a loop and I’ve been struggling to get back to that. I want to take care of myself. I’m going to be 35 this year and I want to be healthy, in every way I can be.

5. Drink More Water/Less Alcohol

This seems pretty self explanatory and goes hand in hand with number four. I want to be healthier. Water is better for me and alcohol messes with my diabetes and my mental health. It’s time I regulate that again.

6. Get Back to Running and Races

I did two 5Ks in 2022, both of them special cast member ones that went through Disneyland and California Adventure and they were so much fun. I missed running and I missed all the endorphins that come with it. I feel held back a bit right now, dealing with plantar fasciitis but I’m determined to get back out there.

7. Actually Use My Gym Membership

Pretty self explanatory honestly haha. I pay for a gym membership at a truly great gym and I barely use it. I need to use it and a big reason is that using it definitely helps with number four…

8. Continue to Move and Grow at Disney 

I’m not sure what that means exactly. All I know is that I love my job and I want to learn and grow and become better and be stronger and be more relied upon. Whether that’s becoming a lead somewhere or whether that’s also becoming a trainer at WEB, maybe trying out to be a Traditions facilitator, I’m not sure but I want to continue to grow at my job.

9. Get Out of the House More – Movies, Games, Shows, Concerts, Trips, Hangs with Friends 

I spend a lot of time at home. I drive to work, work all day and then drive home and by then time I’m home, I just want to do nothing. I turn down invites or change my mind about tickets bought and I’m tired of always doing that. I want to see my friends more and go out more. I want to DO more this year!

10. support My Sisters as One Gets Married and The Other Has a Baby

My sister Dink is getting married this year, in October, and I am her matron of honor and I want to be there for her as best as I can because she was absolutely amazing to me during my own wedding. Weddings are so crazy stressful and she was a huge support to me when I wanted to rip my hair out. My other sister, Jessica, is pregnant, the first of my siblings to have a baby and it’s so exciting. I’m going to be an auntie! I just want to be as supportive as I can be to her and to her boyfriend and to their little one. I want to be the best aunt that I can be!


What are some of your goals for 2023? Share them in the comments!

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