The Awakened


The Awakened was originally published through a small press publisher from 2015-2018. After that relationship ended, The Awakened was put on the shelf and kept there for quite some time. It was republished in June of 2020 and is now completely self-published, newly edited and with  brand new cover.

For Zoey Valentine, the roughest parts of her life are having to go to one of the many self defense classes her dad makes her take and dealing with Ash Matthews.

That is, until the Z virus hits.

It wipes out a third of the population in a matter of weeks. If that weren’t frightening enough, the bodies of the victims disappear and suddenly reappear, awakened from their dead state. They’re faster, smarter, and they work together to get the one thing they crave – human flesh.

The United States is in a panic and the government decides to do the unthinkable: bomb every major city across the country overrun with the Awakened.

Now Zoey is on the run, with her dad and Ash, desperate to find a place of safety amongst the ruined remains of the country. They have two choices – become one of these hungry and bloodthirsty Awakened or survive…

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