Blogger Spotlight: Victoria from Novel Reality

One of the best parts about running this blog is having the ability to meet some really cool people, price and some of the coolest people that I have met have led me to really cool blogs. I’ve said it before, symptoms no one’s blog is 100% original but everyone’s voices are different so there are blogs that I love to read because I love the writer, and I love the passion that they show for what they are writing. They are fun and interesting to read and they inspire me to get better and better in my blog.

So I decided to do a feature (inspired by Megan at the Nerdy Girlie’s Geek Girls Gab), where I profile the bloggers that I love. Not only do I get to find out more about them, but I also get to share them with you guys! Most of the bloggers that I follow are like me, nerd girls, fan girls and they enjoy the same things as me, and you! Every blogger that I profile is one that is super important to me and I urge you to check them out!

If you are interested in being featured on the Blogger Spotlight, feel free to contact me, please! I would love to hear from you!

Today’s Blogger Spotlight is Victoria from Novel Reality

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Sara: Tell me a little bit about yourself

Victoria: I’m a Southern FanGirl & Cosplayer that loves going to conventions, traveling, reading, writing, sketching, playing with my toy poodle Lily Kimber, & obsessing over all my favorite fandoms! I worked as an extra on the movie Beautiful Creatures & had my car used in it too.

Sara: Tell me about your blog

Victoria: On my blog I post reviews of Books, Movies, & TV Shows. I also talk about Novel to Film adaptations & what I think about them. I post my vlogs from YouTube on my blog as well about mostly the same things!

Sara: What inspired you to start your blog?


Victoria: I was inspired to start my blog & vlog from my love of sharing the things I enjoy with others.
Sara: What is your favorite nerd memory?
Victoria: I have 3 favorite nerd memories. One was back in 2010 when I met Jamie Campbell Bower. There were already whispers that he’d be playing Jace from The Mortal Instruments, so I was having an inner FanGirl attack the whole time! Next was when I met Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Cullen from The Twilight Saga because I’m Team Emmett and a huge fan of Kellan Lutz. My heart was racing from excitement and I got weak in the knees. Another favorite nerd memory of mine was when I saw Stan Lee in person at Dragon*Con 2012!
Sara: What are you most looking forward to as far as books, movies, etc?
Victoria: What I’m most looking forward to as far as new books & movies this year is reading the monthly installments of The Bane Chronicles, seeing The Wolverine, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Thor: The Dark World, & The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!



Sara: As my blog is mostly about books and reading, what are some of your favorite books or authors to read?

Victoria: Some of my favorite authors to read stuff from are; Cassandra Clare, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Melissa Marr, Stephenie Meyer, & J.K. Rowling. Also Rick Riordan and Suzanne Collins.

Sara: What some of your favorite blogs to follow?

Victoria: There are so many blogs I love to follow. Yours is one of course. Some others are: TMI Source, Shadowhunters: Better in Black, Movies Shows and Books, City of Shadowhunters, The Mortal Minute, Novel Novice and ELizzie Books.

Sara: Who is your fictional crush (what, we’re nerd girls, we all have one!)

Victoria: My biggest fictional character crushes consist of Emmett from The Twilight Saga, Damon from The Vampire Diaries Series, Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse Series, Percy from the Percy Jackson Series, Ethan from the Caster Chronicles, Will & Jem from The Infernal Devices, Jace, Simon, & Magnus from The Mortal Instruments Series.


* * * * *

Hope you enjoyed this Spotlight on Victoria and come back soon for more Blogger Spotlights!

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Up-to-Date Divergent Casting :)

So a book that has caught my attention in the last year has been Divergent by Veronica Roth. I read it last year, buy a few days before the sequel Insurgent came out. I always get lucky with that haha. But anyway, medications its a REALLY good book and I chose it right away for my book club and my friends enjoyed it a lot. I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when it was announced as a movie.


I’ve been trying to keep up with Divergent casting as it comes in, case and I’ve found that the best way to do that is through Veronica Roth’s own blog, because she’s going to have the most legit information.

So to help you all out, I’ve made this post with the most updated list of actors and actresses playing characters in the movie.


Shailene Woodley is also known for playing Amy on The Secret Life of an American Teenager. She’s also been cast as Hazel Grace in John Green’s best selling novel, The Fault in Our Stars, and as Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spiderman 2.

NOT what I pictured at all but…I think she can pull it off.


Theo has been on shows like Downton Abbey and Bedlam and is the title character in the CBS show, Golden Boy.

I find it seriously amusing that a 28 year old actor is playing 17/18 year old Four. I think he’ll do a good job but its just funny. He’s very good looking though, so you can’t go wrong with that.


Mekhi has been in several movies and TV shows, most notably ER. Ray has been in movies like King Arthur, both G.I. Joe movies and both Thor movies.

I REALLY like these two. Ray Stevenson is just perfect for Marcus.


Jai was in movies like Jack Reacher and A Good Day to Die Hard, and was on the television show, Spartacus.

I really like this casting as well. As long as they kind of “rough” him up a bit. He looks like he could play a bully pretty well and that’s what Eric totally is.


Kate Winslet is most notably from movies like Titanic and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, among many many many others.

I didn’t see this one coming at all. There were rumors like crazy for it but I was like, no way. And now its for sure? Well, I think she can pull it off


Maggie Q can also be seen in the title role on the CW show, Nikita. Ansel can be seen later in the reboot of the classic horror film, Carrie. Zoe Kravitz takes the plunge into YA dystopian world like her dad Lenny Kravitz (Cinna in Hunger Games) and can also be seen as Angel in XMen: First Class.

Its funny, because these three aren’t even HUGE characters (though I would say maybe Christina is), these are the perfect castings for me. Seriously, they announced all three of these at the same time and I was like OHMYGOD perfect. These three are just…wonderful.


All of these guys are kind of newbies. They’ve all been in small roles, and various shorts so these roles are pretty big for them, especially Lloyd-Hughes and Christian.

Not sure about these guys yet, kind of have to see how they act haha. I always pictured Al a lot bigger but that could just be me.


Amy Newbold as Molly. Amy has also had roles on Chicago Fire and Boss, and is more known for being a casting associate for a TON of movies. She’s super pretty, and not what I pictured as Molly, but maybe you picture the characters you dislike as ugly haha.


Miles Teller as Peter. He was most recently in the Footloose reboot and also in 21 and Over. Not what I pictured as Peter in the slightest but I’m an optimistic person haha.

And it was just announced that:


Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior, Tris’s mom. I love Ashley Judd, though she’s kind of disappeared off the planet lately, except for Lifetime movies haha.

*       *       *      *      *

So thats the most updated list of the cast as of right now :) Filming as already begun, just last week, and I am so insanely excited for this movie next year, just as I’m excited for the third and final installment in the actual trilogy. It doesn’t even have a name yet! But its going to be exciting!

Also, next week is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC (University of Southern California) and Veronica Roth will be there and I am so hoping to be able to meet her, before she gets TOO famous after this movie comes out haha. Other authors include Orson Scott Card, Cassandra Clare (oh you bet I’m there again), Sarah Dessen, Morgan Matson, Kami Garcia, Gayle Forman, Lauren Oliver, Margaret Stohl, Jaclyn Moriarty, and so so so so many more. Check it out here.

What do you guys think of the cast so far? As always, let me know in the comments! 

City of Bones Full Length Trailer is Released!

NOTE: There are some people on Twitter, tadalafil taking credit for writing this blog post, information pills and sharing it with Cassie on twitter. Honestly, I’m trying not to be upset about it, but it does upset me. I work very hard on this blog and everything on here is written by me, unless otherwise specified.

This blog post is by @anerdgirlsays, and if you see anyone else on Twitter taking credit for, please let them know that this is NOT okay. Its not okay to take credit for other people’s work!

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Okay, I totally got to see this, in all its glory, on the gigantic screen at WonderCon, the volume so loud, your chair was vibrating, but I was still so very excited for the trailer to come out today. One, so I finally can talk to you all of YOU about it and two, so I can watch it over and over and over again :)

This is the first full length trailer that we’ve gotten for the movie. We’ve gotten the teaser trailer, which I loved, but this trailer…it just blows it out of the water.

The panel for Sony included City of Bones, Evil Dead and This is the End. Those that were there for the other panels seemed pretty annoyed at the City of Bones part. You could just tell that they thought we were Twilight fan girls, part two. After the trailer, however, a lot of those annoyed faces turn to ones that seemed pretty impressed.

So even if you aren’t a TMI fan, or a YA fan, or just don’t seem like you would like it, I urge you to watch the trailer below because they did some serious work with this trailer. It looks BADASS.

Here’s the trailer:

Seriously? How can you NOT be super excited about this? In the book, its told from Clary‘s point of view, in third person so you get a lot of her attraction and interaction with Jace Wayland. However, in the movie, you can see more of the other characters, which seems like it’ll be attractive to guys as well as girls.

I love that we finally see more of Aidan Turner as Luke, and especially Lena Headey as Jocelyn, Clary’s mother. We haven’t seen much, if anything, and it was awesome to finally see that.

I love that Alec is SO Alec. He has that dislike for Clary that he has in the books, and he expresses that to Jace and straight to Clary’s face.

I LOVE the demon, the Ravener demon that comes flying into the room after Clary. I was honestly worried about how the demons were going to look. Were they going to look cheesy or stupid or I don’t know. Those are the biggest CGI elements of the movie and honestly, that demon was scary as hell. Very SLIGHTLY bummed about Jace killing it instead of Clary but honestly, I was more stoked at how damn scary that demon was to care that much.

I like that we’ve seen more of the vampires and werewolves, SUPER awesome.

I LOVED the way that the demon blew the door off its hinges and flung Jocelyn across the room.

I love Eric‘s reaction to Clary, looking all hot in all that black leather.

Valentine! More Valentine, which was great. I’m glad we got to see more of him. I kind of wish he was all clean cut, and in his suit, not all…I don’t know, raggedy? But he still looks great.

Spoiler For those who haven’t read the book and don’t want it ruined: I also liked that they were setting up the Jace and Clary love story in the trailer, and obviously the movie. They show that cute little scene of them on the motorcycle, and the moment that they have in the greenhouse, and even just the way Alec reacts to Clary, and how he tells her off. And especially when he says “We need you. I need you.” It really sets it up well, or so I hope, for the huge shocker that they are brother and sister at the end of City of Bones.

My favorite part though had to be Simon, toward the end of the trailer, saying “The werewolves are here to save us. Never thought I’d say that.” One, it just made me crack up, and it was the first thing Cassie talked about after we watched it at WonderCon. And two, that line was so classicly SIMON. It was such a thing that Simon would say. I mean, after he finds out about Shadowhunters and demons, werewolves and vampires and all that, he says “That is SO cool”. So that part…it was just awesome.

So, I’m really, really super happy with the trailer. EXTREMELY happy. Any time a book that I love is made into a movie, I get extremely nervous, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out (cough cough Percy Jackson cough cough), so I’m really excited because this looks like its going to be a GREAT movie, and that’ll mean sequels which means CITY OF GLASS, which is my favorite TMI book.

I also see a lot of things from the book. I do see changes, but in the grand scheme of things, I see mostly things that make me feel like its going to be great. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so great after a trailer before, and I have confidence in this movie.

Now, we only 144 days until the movie release…

What did YOU guys think of the trailer? Share in the comments!

And be sure to tell everyone about WhatANerdGirlSays!

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