Blogger Spotlight-Jasmine from Movies, Shows N Books

One of the best parts about running this blog is having the ability to meet some really cool people, information pills and some of the coolest people that I have met have led me to really cool blogs. I’ve said it before, ed no one’s blog is 100% original but everyone’s voices are different so there are blogs that I love to read because I love the writer, and I love the passion that they show for what they are writing. They are fun and interesting to read and they inspire me to get better and better in my blog.

So I decided to do a feature (inspired by Megan at the Nerdy Girlie’s Geek Girls Gab), where I profile the bloggers that I love. Not only do I get to find out more about them, but I also get to share them with you guys! Most of the bloggers that I follow are like me, nerd girls, fan girls and they enjoy the same things as me, and you! Every blogger that I profile is one that is super important to me and I urge you to check them out!

If you are interested in being featured on the Blogger Spotlight, feel free to contact me, please! I would love to hear from you, to feature you on the blog and to help spread the word about it!

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This week’s Blogger is Jasmine from Movies, Shows n Books

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Sara: Tell me a Little Bit About Yourself:

Jasmine: What can I say.  I’m a working Mom & wife that is still a booknerd at heart.  I have loved to read since my childhood days.  I am always a big fan of a good story, be it a movie, show and/or book.  I spend most of my time reading and going to events such as book signings, concerts and or Hollywood premieres (taking my daughter with me as much as I can) when all the responsibilities are taken care of.  I can even say that the public library was my favorite hangout  when I was in my Jr. High and High School days.  Now, bookstores are my favorite places to hangout…haha!!

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Sara: Tell me about your blog: 

Jasmine: My blog entails the sharing of my love for movies, shows and books and my love for a good story.  It’s not about posting every entertainment news tidbit that comes out.  It’s more on me sharing my thoughts and my love of what interests me about the movies, shows and books that I enjoy.  And, since I am a fan of many, my blog doesn’t focus on just one fandom and/or one form of media. And, with all the fun events that my daughter and I, even my husband, have attended, this blog is a great way to share all the fun that we had and more! I mean, geez, I have also met a great deal of awesome people/bloggers…whatanerdgirlsays among the many I’ve met, at these awesome events.

Sara: What inspired you to start your blog?

Jasmine: What inspired me to start…hmmm!!! I’m not exactly sure. First of all, I just love to share the fun and love of all of this to others. And, come to find out, there are many people out there who love to share as well.  On another note, I enjoy writing…at times, I  can be at a loss for words, but I love to write. Sometimes, once I start writing, I just keep going…as long as my thoughts keep flowing! LOL! For the most part, it’s just the sharing of the fun events to a public forum….have to “gush” somehow…right!!??!!

Sara: What is your favorite nerd memory?

Picture 3

Jasmine: My favorite nerd memory is when my daughter and I went to RT Teen Day (RT Booklovers Convention) in 2011 when it was in Los Angeles, CA!  It was the most memorable since just a couple of years prior, I got back into reading after being out of the country for several years studying for my college degree in BSPharmacy.  It was one of the most exciting days that I remember! That was the a day I met many new favorite authors! That and the first year we went to San Diego Comic Con! So, I don’t know if I can really say I have a favorite…it’s more like I have many favorite memories, because it all was amazing experiences.

Sara: What are you most looking forward to, as far as new books/movies/etc?

Jasmine: I am definitely looking forward to seeing one of my favorite author’s books, City of Bones written by Cassandra Clare, come to life on the big screen soon. I think it’s amazing to see film adaptations of books. Sometimes, it’s a bad adaptation, but sometimes, it can actually be a good adaptation.  What’s important is to capture the vision that the author had for the books! (that’s just me…haha!)  I was looking forward to reading Richlle Mead‘s new adult novel, Gameboard of the Gods, but now, I have already read it!  I was definitely not disappointed! I loved it!  In regards to movies, there are so many to choose from! The few that I most am looking forward to seeing isPacific RimThe WolverineThe Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugThor: The Dark World, THG: Catching Fire…these are just the few I’m most excited about.  But, the list can go on and on! In regards to books, there is so many (yes, I am so behind on my reading), I am looking forward to reading Khaled Hosseini‘s new book And The Mountains EchoedLeigh Bardugo‘s Grisha series, Veronica Roth‘s Divergent series…and so many more!!!

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Sara: As my blog is mostly about books and reading, what are some of your favorite books or authors to read? 

Jasmine: My favorite authors to read are Cassandra Clare, Richelle Mead (since I readGameboard of the Gods), Anne Rice, Melissa dela Cruz, Alyson Noel, Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia, Sidney Sheldon, V.C. Andrews (when she was still alive), Keri Arthur, Khaled Hosseini, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, Nancy Holder and so many more that I just can’t list them all down…haha!!

Sara: What are some of your favorite blogs to follow? 

Jasmine: Some of my favorite blogs to follow are: The Mortal Minute, Novel Reality, Jean Book Nerd, Mundie Moms, iFandoms Collide (since it includes all the other blogs that are my favorites to follow), Page to Premiere…just to name a few! Of course, WhatANerdGirlSays also…which is also a part of iFandoms Collide.

 Sara: Who is your fictional crush?

Jasmine: Let’s see…my fictional character crush(es)…hmmm! Definitely, Jace and Will from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, respectively; Ethan Wate from The Caster Chronicles; Ian and Jared from Stephenie Meyer‘s The Host; Damon Auguste from Alyson Noel‘s Immortals series; Damon from The Vampire Diaries; Justin March from Richelle Mead‘s Gameboard of the Gods…so far that I can recall…LOL!

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Hope you all enjoyed this week’s Blogger Spotlight and are able to check out Jasmine’s AWESOME blog :)

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Blogger Spotlight-Megan from LuxenArmy.Net

One of the best parts about running this blog is having the ability to meet some really cool people, generic and some of the coolest people that I have met have led me to really cool blogs. I’ve said it before, cialis 40mg no one’s blog is 100% original but everyone’s voices are different so there are blogs that I love to read because I love the writer, and I love the passion that they show for what they are writing. They are fun and interesting to read and they inspire me to get better and better in my blog.

So I decided to do a feature (inspired by Megan at the Nerdy Girlie’s Geek Girls Gab), where I profile the bloggers that I love. Not only do I get to find out more about them, but I also get to share them with you guys! Most of the bloggers that I follow are like me, nerd girls, fan girls and they enjoy the same things as me, and you! Every blogger that I profile is one that is super important to me and I urge you to check them out!

If you are interested in being featured on the Blogger Spotlight, feel free to contact me, please! I would love to hear from you and would love to feature you! Plus I just like learning about new blogs!

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This week’s blogger is Megan from Luxen Army, but also iFandoms Collide and Novel Reality.

She also writes for City of Shadowhunters, The Mortal Institute and Page to Premiere.

Her Tumblr

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You can find the social media pages for Luxen Army below!

This is how she introduces herself:

Megan Christine Herondale/Lewis/Ivashkov/Black/Ryves/Shaw/Odair/Collins/Parnell …okay so my name’s only Megan Christine Kaniasty and I tried to steal a couple of fictional last names – arrest me (and then ask me what ever I say can and will be held against me…because in that case I would say…) 


Sara: Tell me a Little Bit About Yourself:

Megan: I am a 22 year old full time student. I am going to school at a private Christian college called Biola University, and in two years I will be the proud owner of a BA in elementary education with an emphasis in special needs, a minor in Biblical studies, and a certification to teach. My earliest memory was of me wanting to become a published writer, and that is exactly what I plan on doing. I am working on a trilogy now, but I have also been keeping up other book ideas in my journals as they come along. I write everyday, whether it is for a blog, in my diary, or for my novels – I need to write, it is my forever love. My other love is this boy Sean Patrick Sugg. In my phone he is known as “Jace Herondale”. We’ve been together for almost 6 years now, and even though he isn’t an alien, a shadowhunter, or some awesome downworlder, we have one of those real life fairy tail stories. Oh yeah, I also love to read. Obsessed with it actually; books are my heroine. I know how blessed I am and I thank God every single day!


Sara: Tell me about your blog: 

Megan: Of all the blogs I am apart of, or that I write for, is my baby because it is something that I had created. I brought on three other very talented girls from different time zones to help me run the website at all hours of the day, so that this becomes the best lux fansite out there! is a fansite based on Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series novels – it even has approval of author Jennifer Armentrout! The site offers everything from news on Jennifer Armentrout’s novels (specifically focusing on the Lux series, and the Arum series) to forums for fans to live chat in with one another, and even a place to submit lux series fanfiction and fanart! The luxen army has a twitter @LUXENarmy , a tumblr, a facebook page that you should like and, ‘s origins, the facebook group.

 Sara: What inspired you to start your blog?

Megan: I started the luxen army after interviewing Jennifer Armentrout for I have called Lux fans the luxen army before, but after the interview, I really wanted to create a real life luxen army. I did it for fun, not expecting many people to see it because who am I? I am nobody really, just this nerd girl in LA. Well little did I know Jennifer Armentrout would catch wind of my facebook group and share about it over twitter. This facebook group of mine turned into a website, a facebook page, tumblr, and twitter because of the amount of unbelievable support that flooded in. I asked Tatiana, one of my best friends to help me out because I was new at this, she has a blog, and she was there when the luxen army invaded my life. Two other girls came to me asking if I would like help with the site, and thank God for them. Erin has designed the website beautifully, and Jessica has an AMAZING talent that I can’t wait to be shared with everyone in the Luxen Army!

Sara: What is your favorite nerd memory?


Megan: My FAVORITE nerd memory is Wondercon 2013. The Mortal Instruments is my favorite book series, Cassandra Clare is my favorite author, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is being made into a film, and they were having a panel at wondercon AND a meet and greet (if you happen to be lucky enough to win tickets TO the meet and greet). Lets just say I was really, REALLY lucky. Long story short, I was dressed up as one of the characters, Isabelle Lightwood (this is the nerdy part, me in cosplay. Well, I guess being at Wondercon is pretty nerdy as well…) I had an unbelievable time meeting the cast, and got kicked out for having my custom phone case signed. A security guard took my badge, and walked me out of Wondercon. We were talking the whole way out, and before I left I ended up talking my way into getting the security guard to give me my wondercon badge back so that I could still get back in. I met the cast, hugged the cast, and made a memorable exit. BEST. NERD. MEMORY. EVER…I have another amazing nerd memory meeting the director of The Mortal Instruments…I am a truly blessed nerd girl.

Sara: What are you most looking forward to, as far as new books/movies/etc?

Megan: I can’t even fathom an answer to this question. I get butterflies in my stomach and see lots of pictures flashing in my mind of new books, movies, movie trailers, interviews, and such, when I think of this question. I am looking forward to it all.


Sara: As my blog is mostly about books and reading, what are some of your favorite books or authors to read? 

Megan:  Series: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Lux series, The Shades of London, The Demon’s Lexicon, The Divergent series, The Hunger Games series, The Morganville Vampires, The Hush Hush series, The Vampire Academy series, The Mara Dyer series, The Feather Trilogy…the list can go on and on. As for Authors, well that list can go on and on as well, here are just a few (not including the authors of the series I’ve listed above): Sara Dessen, Nicholas Sparks, Morgan Matson, Andrew Smith, Leigh Bardugo, Lex Thomas… and again I say the list will go on and on (I know there are a TON more authors I absolutely LOVE but did not list, please PLEASE know you’re in my heart, but if I continue to list authors I love, well this would turn into an encyclopedia length blurb!)

Sara: What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?


Megan: I don’t really follow blogs other than those I write for, my best friends’ blogs: and, OR select authors. Cassandra Jean is the exception being neither a blog I write for, my best friend, or an author – I just think she is absolutely brilliant!

Sara: Who is your fictional crush (what, we’re nerd girls, we all have one!)

Megan: Now THIS list will be quite long, I have more than one fictional crush. I guess I will give you my top ten – narrowing it down to only 10 is quite hard by the way.

1. Will Herondale (TID)

2. Jace Herondale (TMI)

3. Daemon Black (Lux)

4. Four (yes I put Four on 4 on purpose) (Divergent)

5. Jem Carstairs (especially after reading the Clockwork Prince graphic novel!) (TID)

6. Simon Lewis (TMI)

7. Cam Hamilton (Wait for You)

8. Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy)

9. Finnick Odair (THG)

10. Nick Ryves (Demon’s Lexicon)

…OH WAIT! I have more, TONS more fictional crushes! Oh boy, I believe I am a fictional whore…


*     *     *     *

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s edition of the Blogger Spotlight.

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Happy 1st Birthday WhatANerdGirlSays and Epic Giveaway!

So today is the first birthday of this blog, search WhatANerdGirlSays!

I am so happy and proud and excited and all sorts of happy emotions about this day and this blog in general. What started out as something for me to do, visit web a place where I could come to talk about all the books and movies I love without driving my family and friends and my boyfriend, viagra buy became something that I am extremely passionate about, something that I work so very hard on. It has become something that I want to be part of my career, as I pursue a career as an author.

And I’ve had some amazing times and awesome opportunities as a blogger. I’ve met several authors. I’ve had the opportunities to interview Cassandra Clare, Eoin Colfer, Jessica Brody and I have plans to interview Cinda Williams Chima and Tammara Webber. I’ve met some amazing, fantastic, inspiration authors. I’ve had the chance to learn my ways around new conventions, expand my cosplay knowledge and get into movie premieres and meet cool celebrities. I’ve been able to meet some of the best fandom friends a girl could ask for: Megan, Sylvia, Paulina and Tatiana.

And the best part: I’ve had the chance to meet all of you!

I had three goals to meet by my one year anniversary of this blog: I wanted 200 followers on my blog, 300 followers on Twitter,  300 likes on Facebook and 10,000 views on this page.

Right now, officially, I have over 500 followers on the blog, 325 followers on Twitter, 3o3 likes on Facebook and 11, 625 views on the blog. So I surpassed my expectations :) And I’m ready to keep going and keep trucking and make this blog bigger and better than ever. I have goals to keep this blog going and to start and finish my third novel and to find an agent and sell it and make my dreams come true. I can do this, and I know I can do this because I have so many of YOU who believe in me.

I do want to say a quick thank you to some people: to my dad, to my siblings, to all the authors that I’ve met in the last year who have been so inspirational and supportive, to all the authors that I’ve read, old and new, that just continue to write books that give me the belief in myself. To the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army for showing me that I’m not the only nerds out there. To my iFandoms Collide girls, for just being awesome. And to my boyfriend, Jon, because I don’t know any other boyfriend who would put up with a crazy girl like me.

And I do want to take this opportunity to hear back from you guys! Seriously! I want to hear from you, so please comment on this post or contact me. I want to hear what you love about this blog, and maybe some of the things you dislike. I want to hear suggestions and all that. And I definitely want to hear about books that I should be reading so please let me know!

*     *      *     *     *

On to the fun part of this though, the GIVEAWAY! I’m sure this is what you’ve all been waiting for!

So in celebration of being WhatANerdGirlSays for a year now, and for loving this blog and for having all you wonderful people following me, I’m having a nice big contest for the Box O’Stuff! Check out this picture below!


This epic Box O’Stuff includes:


-Summer Lovin’ Tour postcard signed by Kimberly Derting, Jessi Kirby, Morgan Matson, Shannon Messenger, Sarah Ockler and Suzanne Young


-autographed Shannon Messenger bookmark

Picture 5

-autographed Sarah Ockler bookmark


-a movie tie-in edition of Beautiful Creatures


-sneak peek booklet of Jessica Brody’s 52 Reasons to Hate My Father


-City of Bones movie poster 11×17


-Ender’s Game pin


-Doctor Who pins


-copy of The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum


-copy of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan from World Book Night 2013


-the first two issues of Marvel Now’s Thor comic books 

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So would you like a chance to win this AWESOME Box O’Stuff! Its SUPER easy to do!

Click THIS link below to enter! It’ll take you to a Rafflecopter widget, which I’m sure you’ve seen on plenty of other websites :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This contest is international so please enter no matter what country you are in!

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Happy Birthday, Blog!

Interview with YA Author Jessica Brody!

 Before I get into the actual blog post, page I just want to say: This is my 200th blog post! Yay! The day before my blog turns one year old! I am so excited and happy about this :) What a milestone!

*      *      *      *

So many of you may have noticed that in the last few months, I’ve been really getting myself out there: as a book lover, as an author, as a book blogger and I’ve had the opportunities to meet some really cool authors.

And the best part about going out there and meeting all these authors is that I’m not just meeting authors that I already know and I love, but I’m getting to meet new authors and discover new authors.

One of the authors I’ve had the seriously pleasure in meeting is Jessica Brody.

I had heard of her book, Unremembered, mostly because she started a blog post sort of thing where authors wrote about an event in their life that they’d like to “unremember”. One of them was Meg Cabot, who is one of my favorite authors EVER and it intrigued me on Jessica’s books. Then not soon after, I went to WonderCon and there was a panel entitled, “Writing for Teens and Tweens“, which is what I’m doing! I had to go!


Jessica Brody was there, and she was super funny and super helpful in her advice and I was really excited to meet her later. She signed a bookplate for me for my own copy of “Unremembered” and I practically rushed home to finish it. Then I was lucky enough to meet her once more a couple weeks ago at the Ontario Teen Book Fest! And I must admit, when she remembered who I was and said “Oh, you’re the girl from WhatANerdGirlSays”, I was SO happy. I felt super cool :)

So, I asked her if she’d like to do an interview for WhatANerdGirlSays and she agreed! So here is the awesome interview that I was lucky enough to do with Jessica Brody.

And check out her books: Unremembered, My Life Undecided, The Karma Club, 52 Reasons to Hate My Father and more!


You can find Jessica Brody at:







Sara: What inspires you to write your stories? Where do you get the ideas for them?

Jessica: I get my ideas from everywhere, really! Mostly just observing people and the daily life around me. For instance, I got the idea for 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER when I was watching a meter maid write a parking ticket and I thought, “It would be cool to be a meter maid, but only for a week.” And then I started to brainstorm all the other jobs I’d only want to do for one week. That led me to think, “Who is the funniest person to have to take on a different job every week?” The answer was instant: A spoiled heiress. And the idea was born!

UNREMEMBERED came when I read a newspaper article back in 2009 about a teen girl who was the sole survivor of a plane crash, instantly I had a fantastical idea of why she survived. That idea turned into a trilogy.

Sara: When I was a kid, I was convinced that I was going to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World. It wasn’t until high school that I realized I wanted to be a writer. Did you always want to be a writer, or did you have other career aspirations? 

Jessica: The short answer is yes, I always wanted to be a writer. Although it took me a long time to figure that out. In second grade I turned in a four page book report (the assignment was to write one paragraph) and the teacher made such a huge deal about it. I really couldn’t understand why. Writing just came naturally to me. At that moment I remember wanting to be a writer. But somewhere along the way I convinced myself that I needed to get a “serious” job…you know, one that comes with dental insurance. So I majored in Economics in college (very serious!) and went on to be a financial analyst for MGM Studios. It wasn’t until later that I realized “serious” wasn’t for me. So I quit to pick up where I left off at age seven.

 (Side Note: I totally realized that I wanted to write when I was in 4th grade because of a similar story! Check out my story on The Urge to Write’s blog here) 

Sara: Where do you come up with names for your characters? I’ve always used a ‘baby name book’, but do you have a different method?

Jessica: Haha. I do the same! is my new favorite name website. They have these really cool name lists like, “Names for Girly Girls” or “Romantic Names.” Or “Fantasy Sounding Names.” I LOVE those lists.

I also collect cool names. I travel a lot for my books and whenever I meet someone who has a really cool name, I’ll write it down and store it for later. Then when it’s time to write a new book, I get out my list and see if any of them fit.

Sara: I know that as a writer, I get a lot of inspiration from the books that I read because I’m a BIG reader. What are some of the books you like to read? What books inspire you? 

Jessica: I’m inspired by any book that I can’t put down and that I feel like I “live” in (you know, when you think about the book even when you’re not reading it?) I read mostly YA (I just feel like all the good stories are told in the YA genre these days!) I love reading sci-fi and recently I’ve gotten into fantasy.

 Sara: What are some of your favorite things that you like to do in your spare time, besides reading and writing?  

Jessica: Spare time? What’s that!? Haha.

The spare time that I do have is usually spent catching up on my favorite TV shows and playing with my dogs.

I know, not very exciting, is it?

Sara: What are some things that we have to look forward to?  

Jessica: Oh, so much! LOL! Book 2 in the UNREMEMBERED trilogy will be out next March. It’s called UNFORGOTTEN and I’m gearing up to start writing book 3, which is currently called UNTITLED. Haha! I think I might keep that title. It has a nice ring to it.

Sara: What is the future like for Sera and Zen in the sequels to Unremembered?  

Jessica: Well, I can’t give away too much because anything I say might be a spoiler for those who haven’t read book 1 (which as you know, if you have read it, has a HUGE twist at the end!)

But I will say this:

Throughout the rest of the series, Sera will constantly be searching for answers about her past and the people who made her who she is. Also, the threats that exist in book 1 only get bigger in books 2 and 3 and with each story, Sera will have to step it up a notch and grow as a person and a human being if she wants to survive. Which, I think, is the point of any story worth telling.

Sara: When Sera wakes up from the plane crash, she has to relearn the world, as if from the very beginning. Was that difficult to write? 

Jessica: This was extremely difficult to write. Probably the hardest aspect of the book. How do you give someone a personality when they are virtually a blank slate? It was a very fine balance between staying authentic to her circumstances (severe amnesia) and creating an interesting character to read about.

Seraphina is like an alien visiting our planet for the first time. Anything an alien would find foreign about our world, she finds foreign too. That was kind of how I got into the mindset.

Sara: What is one question that you wish an interviewer would ask you? How would you answer that question? 

Jessica: TOUGH QUESTION! I love when interviewers ask questions that make me think about my motivations for writing things a certain way and make me question my own story.

Today at a school visit, I was asked a question by a student who’d read THE KARMA CLUB. She asked if a character who gets hurt in the book had purposely hurt himself? I never even considered that possibility! I was surprised and thrilled that someone had seen the story in a new way that I hadn’t yet seen. And I admit, given what happened to the character, I could see how he would have possibly hurt himself intentionally. Those kinds of questions, that make me rethink my own story, are so much fun to get!

Sara: What is your favorite part of being an author?  

Jessica: Fan mail and meeting readers! It’s so rewarding to know that people are out there reading and liking your book. And liking it enough to actually tell you about it! It really makes my day! As authors, we spend so much time by ourselves, locked in our little writing caves, we forget that there are people out there being affected by our books. It’s so nice to be reminded of that. It makes me feel like all my hard work that goes into bringing a book into the world is worth it in the end.

Sara: And I ask this question to anyone and everyone I interview so I hope you’re okay with it :) Who would you say is your fictional crush? 

Jessica: My latest crush is Augustus Waters! Oh man, he’s just too charming and ridiculously adorable.

*      *      *      *

I hope you all enjoyed my interview with the wonderful and lovely, Jessica Brody. Definitely check out her books; they’re super fun and awesome. The sequel to Unremembered will be coming soon, which I am very excited about!

Check out my review for Unremembered here.

And come back tomorrow to celebrate my blog’s one year birthday and find out about the epic giveaway!

Blogger Spotlight: Megan from The Nerdy Girlie

One of the best parts about running this blog is having the ability to meet some really cool people, this and some of the coolest people that I have met have led me to really cool blogs. I’ve said it before, about it no one’s blog is 100% original but everyone’s voices are different so there are blogs that I love to read because I love the writer, and I love the passion that they show for what they are writing. They are fun and interesting to read and they inspire me to get better and better in my blog.

So I decided to do a feature (inspired by Megan at the Nerdy Girlie’s Geek Girls Gab), where I profile the bloggers that I love. Not only do I get to find out more about them, but I also get to share them with you guys! Most of the bloggers that I follow are like me, nerd girls, fan girls and they enjoy the same things as me, and you! Every blogger that I profile is one that is super important to me and I urge you to check them out!

If you are interested in being featured on the Blogger Spotlight, feel free to contact me, please! I would love to hear from you! 

Speaking of Megan at the Nerdy Girlie…I think that’s just who might be the featured blogger this week!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 5.30.39 PM

 Megan Gotch at The Nerdy Girlie


Her Twitter

Her Facebook

Her Instagram

Sara: Tell me a little bit about yourself

Megan Gotch is the founder of The Nerdy Girlie blog site. Her nerdiness came on at a young age when she received an NES for Christmas. It then became full blown upon her first trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2009. Each year she eagerly awaits the Con and her fan girl list continues to grow. Megan enjoys TV, photography, writing and ballet. Her nerd crush is Zachary Levi and her current obsession is Doctor Who. She lives in San Diego and hopes to never leave.

 Sara: Tell me a little bit about your blog!

Megan: My blog is called The Nerdy Girlie where I nerd out about nerdy and girlie things!  Mostly nerdy though!  My favorite thing to share about is San Diego Comic Con!  I love helping new and old attendees with tips and tricks to have the best Comic Con ever!  My favorite girlie part of my blog is our Every Day Cosplay series.  In it I show you how to dress like your favorite nerd characters with your every day wardrobe.


Sara: What inspired you to start your blog/vlog/podcast

Megan: San Diego Comic Con inspired me to start The Nerdy Girlie.  I had been writing on a personal blog, but after my 4th year at SDCC I thought it was time to focus on my love of all things nerdy!  My blog has helped me grown in all of my fandoms and make some awesome new nerd friends along the way!

Sara: What is your favorite nerd memory? 

Megan: My favorite nerd memories would have to be all centered around Comic Con.  It is there where I can let my fan girl out for a week and everyone understands!  The BEST memories of Comic Con are having been able to meet Zachary Levi, Sam Witwer and Joss Whedon.  I can’t wait for this year where I can finally meet all my twitter friends and maybe have more time with Zach?! :)

Sara: What are you most looking forward to, as far as new books/movies/etc? 


Megan: Star Trek for Ben Cumberbatch, Thor 2 for Zachary Levi and of course Comic Con!

(note: interview was done prior to Star Trek release!)

Sara: As my blog is mostly about books and reading, what are some of your favorite books or authors to read?

Megan: Nicholas Sparks is my most favorite author.  I found him randomly in the book store one day while browsing and was a fan ever since.  I even got to meet him at a signing once.  The only famous author I have ever met.  Other favorite books would be Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight {yes yes…LOL}.  Dystopian would be my favorite genre to read.  I have been frequenting the library a lot lately and I love getting lost in the shelves.


Sara: What are some of your favorite blogs to follow?

Megan: Being Geek Chic, When Nerds Attack, San Diego Comic Con Unoffical Blog, Girl Gone Geek, Crazy 4 Comic Con

Sara: Who is your fictional crush? (What? I’m featuring girl bloggers and we all have them :) )

Megan: Chuck, Captain Malcolm Reynolds and of course the 10th Doctor…swooooooooon!!


One of the best cosplay outfits I’ve ever seen. So cool. :)

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Megan a little bit today! Definitely check out her blog, and other social medias. She is a cool girl, always manages to entertain me with her blog and has the 411 on San Diego Comic Con for all of you!

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Meg Cabot: This is Teen Live Chat Transcript!

I love Meg Cabot. She is easily one of my favorite authors and is definitely the author that got me so into and supportive and passionate about young adult literature. I eagerly wait each and every book that she puts out. This summer she is putting out the third installment of her YA paranormal romance Abandon trilogy, see Awaken, store and the fifth book in her Heather Wells series (adult romance contemporary), mind The Bride Wore Size 12.

She had a live chat tonight on Facebook with This is Teen and she answered a TON of questions. I know that not everyone gets to be a part of these so I wrote out the entire conversation so everyone could see the questions that she answered!

Check it out!


Live Chat:

Moderator: We had some great questions from Twitter, here’s one: “Do you ever experiene writer’s block and how do you deal with it?

Meg: Of course! I take a break and do something else, like take a walk or ride my bike. Or even watch TV. But the best thing to do is just put the project on the back burner for a while and do something else. It will come to you!

Fan: Ms. Cabot, I love your work. How did you get started in the industry?

Meg Cabot: Hi Wendy! I actually got my start writing historical romances under another name. It took many years and rejection before I got published. But I just kept trying! Don’t ever let rejection keep you from doing the things you love.

Fan: What was the inspiration for your book “Abandon”?

Meg: I love the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. I love the idea of there being a place and a person for everyone even if it’s the Underworld and the hope of spring time.

Moderator: Let’s get another Twitter question! Jennifer writes “What are you working on next. Any new upcoming YA series?”

Meg: “Awaken” will be out in July and then there will be a new Heather Wells book, “The Bride Wore Size 12” on September 10th. After that, stay tuned.

Fan: The Abandon series is based on the myth of Persephone. Is it easier or harder to write a series based on existing material?

Meg: That’s a good question! In some ways it’s easier because the characters and storyline are somewhat established. But you also want to make it your own. So in that way, its more of a challenge.

Fan: What are you reading now?

Meg: I read Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick and really enjoyed it! I’ve been reading the new John Le Carre. Good stuff!

Fan: Ms Cabot. Do you get nervous when you publish a book?

Meg: Well, I’ve been doing it for a long time but, yes, I still get nervous and I hope people like it!

Fan: Who is your favorite love interest out of all the books you’ve written?

Meg: Its hard to pick! I really like the ones I’ve just written about. So, right now, I really like John Hayden from “Awaken”. He looks so good on the cover. One of the best days was when I got to pick the model to play him!

Fan: When you come up with a new idea, how do you begin to craft it into a story? Do you outline, or just jump in?

Meg: When I get an idea for a book, I usually do write up a brief story synopsis. Then I start to write. For inspiration, I make up a music playlist.

Fan: My daughter and I love your Ally Finkle series! Any plans for another book in the series?

Meg: Thank you! Allie Finkle was inspired by my experience in 4th and 5th grade and all my real life friends. We’ll have to see if there will be more adventures. I sure hope so!

Fan: What is your favorite part about writing the Abandon Trilogy?

Meg: I love writing about Pierce and John and the growth of their relationship. I also enjoyed writing the dramatic setting of the tropical island versus the Underworld!

Fan: Do you have plans do visit Brazil one more time? We miss you!

Meg: Obrigada! I love Brazil! I look forward to my new novella, “The Model and the Monster” in the Princess anthology that will be coming out in the end of June for Brazilian readers only! And hopefully I will be visiting there soon!

Fan: Could you give advice for the teens out there since we think you’re the writer who understands girl’s hearts?

Meg: Awww, thanks Claire! I think its important to remember that you are very special and never let anyone treat you any other way. Always have pride in yourself and remember that everything is going to be all right!

Fan: How long does it usually take for you to write a book? Have some of your books been easier to write than others? 

Meg: It can take as long as a year or two or as short as a few months. It depends on the book and sometimes there are many revisions that have to be done. But revisions are very important as you want the book to be the best it can be for your readers!

Fan: If you could put one of your characters from one book into another book (like putting Em Watts in Abandon or Allie Finkle in Princess Diaries or Mia in Airheads), who would it be and why would they be there?

Meg: That’s a great question! There may be a crossover in a future book that’s coming out soon…you have to wait and see!

Fan: Hello Meg! So happy to be chatting with you! My daughter loves your books and is an aspiring writing. She is in the 6th grade. What advice would you give a young writer.

Meg: Great chatting with you, too! I think an aspiring writer should read every day; write a little something every day even if it’s just an email. Write what you love to read and don’t let rejection get you down! It took me years to get published but it was worth the wait.

Fan: It seems like you had to spend a lot of time in the Underworld writing the Abandon books, did that change how you see OUR world?

Meg: LOL! Yes! In the Underworld, the Fates serve meals magically to the permanent inhabitants and I kept wishing someone would do that for me during the writing process…although I have to say my husband is a very good chef!

Fan: How’s the new book from the Mediator series coming? Also I love your books. 

Meg: Thank you! It is coming along nicely. I definitely appreciate all of the support from the readers and having the series be optioned by FremantleMedia has helped with the inspiration as well.

(There is going to be a new Mediator book! OH my god, I didn’t know this but its my FAVORITE series by her so I am so excited!)

Fan: What is your favorite love story?

Meg: That’s a hard one! I have to say I love Lizzie Bennett and Mr. Darcy! And Ron and Hermione, of course! They are so cute. I do love them!

(Two of my favorites as well!)

Fan: What is your inspiration for The Princess Diaries?

Meg: The inspiration for The Princess Diaries came from my mom dating one of my teachers. It was so gross! But now they have been together a long time and I’m very happy for them. But I did write about it in my diary. And that story became the inspiration for The Princess Diaries. This is why I encourage everyone to keep a diary. You never know what can happen!

Fan: How many hours a day/days per week do you write?

Meg: I try to keep a regular schedule, like a 9-5 job. But it never works. It’s usually more like 11-11, right before the book is due :)

Fan: Talking about food, whats your favorite thing to eat? What are you good at cooking?

Meg: I’m good at making popcorn! My husband is a very good chef. He went to cooking school. Thank goodness! I love pizza but I have to be gluten-free because I have Celiac disease.

(Is it just me or is everyone getting this disease nowadays…I swear, everyone is gluten-free…)

Moderator: Here’s another question from Twitter, Tema asks “Which book are you the most proud of so far?” 

Meg: Like a good mom, I love all my children the same :) But I always am especially proud of the newborns, like “Awaken”!

Fan: What is the most strange gift that you have ever received?

Meg: I received a life-size papier mache Fat Louie. That was quite odd. But I loved it and still have it!

Fan: Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

Meg: I love Big Bird, of course!

Fan: Did you ever have a mentor or an idol that inspired you?

Meg: Yes! I had so many great teachers who were so encouraging of my writing, especially my 4th and 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Hunter who is featured in the Allie Finkle books. I didn’t even change her name! I also had a great school librarian who encouraged me to branch out in my reading.

Fan: Did you ever get to meet an author you admire?

Meg: Of course! I got to meet many authors that I love but I was always too shy to go up and talk to them. Even now, I get very tongue-tied around authors I admire. Don’t be like me! If you meet an author you love, tell him or her how much you like his or her books!

Sara (ME!): Meg! I ask all the authors I meet/talk to: Who is your favorite fictional crush?

Meg: Spenser, as in the detective by Robert B. Parker. I love him! I want him to be my boyfriend but he’s taken. But so am I :)

Fan: You mentioned a playlist before. What kind of music do you like? Who are your favorite bands or singers?

Meg: The problem with playlists inspired by books is that the book chooses the playlist. I like all kinds of music. When I wrote “Awaken”, I listened to the Black Keys, The New Radicals, Owl City, and much much more.

Fan: If there was ever a Princess Diaries TV show, who would be your ideal Mia?

Meg: I will never pick actors for a show or movie because if someone else gets cast later, their feelings might be hurt :( That’s actually happened. So I like to keep my opinion to myself so no one will feel that they were ever a second choice!

Fan: Love, love, love so many of your books. Thank you for becoming a writer :D What do you do when your procrastinate (instead of writing)?

Meg: Thank you so much! I love to swim, lay on the beach, read mysteries, watch TV, go to the movies, eat–all the regular stuff that a lot of people like to do :)

Fan: I love how you write some of your books in the non-traditional format of diaries/emails/etc. They’re so much fun to read! What gave you that idea? Do you feel like it fits better with certain characters/stories?

Meg: Thank you! I love epistolary novels. I especially loved the book “Up the Down Staircase” and I wanted to try writing something like that using modern technology. I would love to try to do some more but it does depend on the story. Hopefully I’ll do another one someday.

Fan: You have written a lot of stories for short story collections. Are they just as hard to write as a whole novel or are they easier because they’re shorter?

Meg: Short stories are even harder to write for me than the novels. You have to be so concise and you have such a short page count. It’s very hard for me but I love the challenge! And usually the proceeds go to charity so it’s totally worthwhile!

*      *      *      *      *

They also released the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS  of the last book in the Abandon Trilogy, Awaken, which is out July 2nd! 

You can check those out here.

Thanks Meg for chatting with all your fans, and answering our questions. I can’t wait to read Awaken and The Bride Wore Size 12 this summer!