Book Review: The Power by Jennifer L Armentrout


New Adult, order Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance


344 pages

Part of a Series?:

Second in the Titans series, companion to the Covenant series

Release Date: 

February 23rd, 2016

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Barnes and Noble

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Author Website

GoodReads Summary: 

With any great change, there is always strife, and the Covenant University has become the frontline between pure-bloods who want the Breed Order reinstated and the half-bloods who want the right to control their own destinies.

Fate has other plans.

 The violence is escalating and war between the races seems inevitable, and it couldn’t come at a worse time. Hyperion may be out of commission, but Josie and Seth know they have only earned a reprieve.  Seth must get Josie fully prepared, which means controlling her newfound abilities, and they need to find the other demigods before the Titans do.

 But the gods are sensing a greater threat. 

 Only one thing is more dangerous than a bunch of starved Titans, and that’s an out-of-control Apollyon. The aether in Josie is drawing Seth in deeper, and when lust mixes with love and gives way to power, he knows being close to her is not only dangerous to her, but to everyone around them, but letting her go requires a level of selflessness that just isn’t Seth’s style.

 The paths taken in the past are becoming the roads of the future.

 Just as chaos breaks out, familiar faces from the past return, complicating the already strained bond between Josie and Seth, and when the danger from the Titans erupts with devastating consequences, the dark allure of power calls to Seth again, but this time Josie might not be able to pull him back.

 And when the struggle between power and love becomes the deadliest battleground, there may be no salvation.


My Review:

I was so afraid that when I went to read this book, I wouldn’t remember a thing about the first book and I was mostly right about that. I read the ARC of the first book nearly two years ago, so I had forgotten a little bit about what was going on. Luckily, the story picks up quickly and I was caught up fast. I immediately fell back in with Seth and Josie, both of whom I love to death.

What I really loved about this book was the struggle that both of the characters were going through. Seth really is trying so hard to be different than literally what he was born to me. And its a physical struggle for him and there are times when I want to throttle him and there are times when I just want to wrap him in my arms and cuddle him like a little baby. Oh, Seth, he does things to a reader’s emotions, especially since we had gotten to know him so well, as the bad guy, in the Covenant series. But I adore him, and I feel so much sympathy for his struggle, especially since he cares for Josie so insanely much.

Oh, and Josie! This is a girl after my own heart! I love her stubbornness and I love her flaws and I love how she is trying so hard to be a demigod and learn and harness her powers to get ready to fight the Titans but she’s also in love with French fries and she struggles with her feelings for Seth. I love that she’s SO incredibly human, because despite the fact that she’s this great power and she’s intended for great purpose, she’s so relatable. She reminds me of Alex that way.

Which brings me to my FAVORITE part of the whole book, the fact that we get to have Alex and Aidan back! I love the Covenant series so much, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love that series and Alex is one of my favorite characters ever, period, and that series has been so incredibly influential to me. So having them back, both evolved characters from when we knew them in their own series, but also so so…them, was amazing. Any time they were on the page, I did a little happy dance in my chair. I hope to see more of them in the next book!

And the next book! I need it now. Its called The Struggle, which is a fitting title since it doesn’t come out til NEXT YEAR. I don’t like waiting, especially after that incredible ending. I knew something big was coming but what happened was so unexpected and I am dying to find out what happens next!

All in all…another fantastic book by JLA!



5 out of 5 stars

That Time I Baked Blue Cupcakes for Percy Jackson’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of my absolute favorite characters pretty much ever, sale Mr. Percy Jackson himself! He is turning 22 today (whoa, adiposity when did I get so old…) and what’s even better is that a brand new book, remedy Greek Heroes, hits bookstores today! Learn all the stories about the Greek heroes of the past from your favorite demigod himself, Percy. To learn more about that book, check out my spotlight on the book!

But yes! It is Percy’s birthday!

I was trying to decide how to celebrate his birthday and it hit me! Percy Jackson loves the color blue. He loves blue Coke, and blue chocolate chip cookies and all the blue candy in the world. It would stand to reason that he loves blue cupcakes as well right.

So I decided that in celebration, I would bake blue cupcakes for Percy’s birthday!

that time it looked like I killed a blue Smurf…
Ready to go into the oven. I'm super messy when I bake but they always turn out yummy anyway
Ready to go into the oven. I’m super messy when I bake but they always turn out yummy anyway
I'm so terrible at waiting...
I’m so terrible at waiting…
The supplies are all ready and waiting for the cupcakes to come out of the oven!
The supplies are all ready and waiting for the cupcakes to come out of the oven!
All frosted!
All frosted!





SO BLUE! Like I said, not the prettiest cupcakes in the world, but they are some good cupcakes!
SO BLUE! Like I said, not the prettiest cupcakes in the world, but they are some good cupcakes!


I swear, I'm much much happier than my face suggests! Oh! And this new hoodie of mine is so comfy!
I swear, I’m much much happier than my face suggests! Oh! And this new hoodie of mine is so comfy!

It took ALL night but it was so worth it! I’m glad that I made the cupcakes, they were SO yummy and I’m sure Percy would love them too! I’m sure my family loved them ;)

So Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!

Make sure you guys read the Percy series, and the spin off, The Heroes of Olympus. And head to bookstores today to pick up YOUR copy of Greek Heroes.

And eat some blue food just for Percy today ;)

Percy Pack: Celebrating the Release of Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes and a Giveaway!


Hello everyone! Today I am excited to bring you some awesome things. In less than a week, this a brand new book hits the stands, Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes. Here all the stories about your favorite Greek heroes straight from my favorite demigod, Percy Jackson :) Greek Heroes is a companion to Greek Gods, both of which are written by the awesome Rick Riordan and illustrated by the equally awesome, John Rocco.

What is even MORE awesome is that the same day Greek Heroes hits the shelves…is the same day we’ll be celebrating Percy Jackson’s birthday! Yes, that’s right folks, Percy turns 22 years old on Tuesday. Wow, Percy, when did you get so old?! Its okay, have a blue cupcake!

Now for those of you unfamiliar with Mr Rick Riordan, here’s a little more info!


Rick is the #1 New York Times bestseller author of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, the Kane Chronicles, the Heroes of Olympus, and Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard. You can find out more about himand all his fantastic books on his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About Greek Heroes

Who cut off Medusa’s head? Who was raised by a she-bear? Who tamed Pegasus? It takes a demigod to know, and Percy Jackson can fill you in on the all the daring deeds of Perseus, Atalanta, Bellerophon, and the rest of the major Greek heroes. Told in the funny, irreverent style readers have come to expect from Percy, ( I’ve had some bad experiences in my time, but the heroes I’m going to tell you about were the original old school hard luck cases. They boldly screwed up where no one had screwed up before. . .) and enhanced with vibrant artwork by Caldecott Honoree John Rocco, this story collection will become the new must-have classic for Rick Riordan’s legions of devoted fans–and for anyone who needs a hero. So get your flaming spear. Put on your lion skin cape. Polish your shield and make sure you’ve got arrows in your quiver. We’re going back about four thousand years to decapitate monsters, save some kingdoms, shoot a few gods in the butt, raid the Underworld, and steal loot from evil people. Then, for dessert, we’ll die painful tragic deaths. Ready? Sweet. Let’s do this.

You can pre-order Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes at your local bookstore or the following links:

Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Books-A-Million / IndieBound / Indigo / iBooks / Book Depository

My Favorite Greek Story

Because we are celebrating the release of Greek Heroes, which is the companion to Greek Gods, I thought I would share my favorite story from Greek mythology! I absolutely LOVE Greek mythology and gobble up as many stories as I possibly can!

Artemis and Actaeon

I have always adored the myth of Artemis. I loved that she was a twin (I had a weird obsession with twins when I was a child), and I loved that she was all silver, and she was the goddess of the moon and she was lethal with her bow and arrow. I loved everything about her, and she remains my favorite Greek myth, period. There’s just something about her stories that I just love. When she became part of the Percy Jackson series in The Titan’s Curse, I was even more sold. I loved her, her Hunters, her sacrifice for Annabeth and more. She’s a great goddess.

My favorite story is a small one. One thing I like about Artemis is that she has a bit of a temper, kind of like her father, Zeus. She’s bathing one day, when Actaeon comes across her. He’s staring at her, mesmerized by her beauty when he gets caught. Now Artemis is not a fan of men, in general, and has vowed a life of being chaste and unmarried. She is angry with Actaeon and turns him into stag, where he is eventually chased down and killed by his own hunting dogs. Its not the happiest of stories but I just love it.

The Giveaway!

One lucky winner will win an exclusive, limited edition Percy Jackson backpack, and a copy of Greek Heroes!

How to enter: 

Head to my instagram and find this picture! To enter, you must:

Follow me on IG
Repost the photo with the hashtag #NerdGirlB2SGiveaway
Tag three friends so they know about the awesome giveaway!

The giveaway runs until August 16th! You can enter once per day. All prizes are provided by Disney Hyperion and are only available to US addresses only. 

Good luck!


Book Review: Inspire by Cora Carmack


New Adult, ampoule Romance, sick Fantasy



Part of a Series?:

First Novel in a Trilogy (?)

Release Date: 

December 15th, more about 2014

You Can Find the Book At:



Barnes and Noble

Book Depository

Author’s Website

GoodReads Summary: 

Kalliope lives with one purpose.

To inspire.

As an immortal muse, she doesn’t have any other choice. It’s part of how she was made. Musicians, artists, actors—they use her to advance their art, and she uses them to survive. She moves from one artist to the next, never staying long enough to get attached. But all she wants is a different life— a normal one. She’s spent thousands of years living lie after lie, and now she’s ready for something real.

Sweet, sexy, and steady, Wilder Bell feels more real than anything else in her long existence. And most importantly… he’s not an artist. He doesn’t want her for her ability. But she can’t turn off the way she influences people, not even to save a man she might love. Because in small doses, she can help make something beautiful, but her ability has just as much capacity to destroy as it does to create. The longer she stays, the more obsessed Wilder will become. It’s happened before, and it never turns out well for the mortal.

Her presence may inspire genius.

But it breeds madness, too.

My Review:

Seriously. Cora. How can you do this to me? First, you made me fall in love with Carson. And then Silas. Then, let’s face it, I’ll probably fall madly in love with Torres. But in the meantime, I just fell madly in love with Kalli and Wilder.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. It wasn’t that I didn’t think it was going to be good because the Rusk University series has seriously made me fall madly in love with Cora as a writer. I read Inspire because it was on sale for 99 cents and I couldn’t really turn down a deal like that, especially when I was feeling a little slumpy (despite the hundred books sitting in a pile, waiting to be read), so I decided to buy it.

And I just love it. It was such a beautiful and addicting book. I didn’t think it was possible for Cora to make me love her more as a writer but it was. I immediately absolutely love Kalli. You’re in her head, and you feel her struggle. She’s a goddess, a muse, weighed down by this power that she has to use…but also is dangerous to use as well. You feel her struggle and you just want her to have a normal life. She immediately felt like someone I would want to be best friends with, and not just because she would help my writing flourish haha.

Then we enter Wilder. And they immediately have a connection, from their brief encounter at the grocery store, to their first encounter…in…the…shower, I was sold on them. Their romance was quick, thrilling, sexy, hot. There is a thread of fate between them and I knew that I wanted them together so badly. They had an incredibly chemistry, and there are some seriously steamy scenes between them that made me blush in all the best ways possible. You really want to root for them. You really want Kalli to have a normal life even though she really can never possibly be normal.

And that’s where things get complicated. The book is in split point of views, so that we get both sides of the story, Kalli and Wilder. And when we learn things about Wilder that Kalli doesn’t know (which I can’t say, because, you know, spoiler free), your hands are clutched tightly to the pages, frantically flipping, waiting for the moment when things are going to implode, because inevitably shit is going to hit the fan. And when it does, I was in near tears, hoping that things were going to work out. This book is an emotional roller coaster. It made me laugh and blush, and it made me pant and it made me tear up more than once.

What really gets me about this book though is that its so different from anything we’ve seen from Cora yet. She says that fantasy is actually her forte, what she had spent many years writing and that she went with the contemporary of Losing It, to try and get published. Now, having read Inspire, you can see how that was something she felt so comfortable writing for so long. It seems effortless, the world and characters that she has created and I bought into almost immediately. And its a story of Greek mythology that I definitely don’t think is out there. Kalliope and her sisters, the muses, you don’t see versions of that at all.

All in all, Cora completely scores with this fantasy romance, with her characters, her steamy scenes and the mythology she weaves into the novel. Its beautiful and she leaves me with such an epic cliffhanger that I was super disappointed when the book ended. Luckily, hopefully, I won’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next!


4.5 out of 5 Stars

Favorite Greek Gods (Inspired by Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

So, purchase if you haven’t been paying attention to my Twitter updates or my Goodreads statuses, page then you probably do not know — that I have deemed Percy Jackson and the Olympians the BEST children’s series that I have ever read! Up until last week, cialis 40mg I hadn’t read any of the books and I kept wondering why people were giving me weird looks. What was the big deal about this series? Was it really worth all of the hype? And who the heck was Rick Riordan?! Clearly, I hadn’t lived, people. Clearly, I hadn’t lived.


Well, I am proud to say — I have read ALL 5 books in less than 2 weeks. And I am changed. I have seen the light and it is beautiful! I have no idea how I could have slept on these books for so long. But NO MORE!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians has changed how I view children’s literature forever. I wish that I had something like this when I was a child. The Harry Potter series didn’t debut for me until I was almost 13 years old, I was on my way out of children’s lit, so it’s not the same…

Greek mythology has always been one of my favorite subjects to study when I was in school. The Iliad and The Odyssey were normal pieces of literature that I constantly surrounded myself by. I fell in love with the world of myth and the lessons that they taught. I thought (and still do think) that they were brilliant!

So it’s safe to say that Percy Jackson has become my new obsession — and I want to share some of that obsession with you. What better way to do that, then to give you my all-time favorite Greek gods & goddesses!

** I’m going to use a mixture of photos from the Percy Jackson films and the Disney film Hercules because I appreciate humor, so enjoy!**

1. Apollo


Apollo is the Greek god of light, music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague and darkness, prophecy, poetry, purity, athleticism, manly beauty, and enlightenment. His twin sister, Artemis, is goddess over the hunt, wilderness, animals, young girls, childbirth and plague. Apollo is automatically my favorite because he’s god of my favorite parts of life — the creative arts. He is portrayed by Dimitri Lekkos, the photo above, in the Percy Jackson films.

I’ve always been really closely connected to the arts, so to know that Apollo (one of the most hilarious characters in the PJ books) is god of it all, makes me very happy.

2. Poseidon


Poseidon, played by Kevin McKidd (from Grey’s Anatomy), is the god of the sea. Of the rivers, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and the creator of horses. This is why Percy is able to control waters and communicate with horses. He is Poseidon’s son.

Now, the reason that Poseidon is my favorite god mainly has to do with how he was portrayed in the books. I really enjoyed his relationship with Percy. He was, in my opinion, one of the better fathers to the demigod children. Bonus that the hunky Scotsman, Kevin McKidd, plays him in the films!

3. Aphrodite


Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, desire, and pleasure. She is portrayed by Serinda Swan in the films, but I prefer the Disney portrayal. She’s quite the promiscuous goddess, I guess you can say that’s appropriate. But she is married to Hephaestus, which really means nothing because has affairs with other gods (i.e. Ares and Adonis).

But the reason I enjoy Aphrodite is because she is goddess over two of my favorite elements of life — love and beauty. I don’t necessarily enjoy how she uses those things to her benefit, but I do admire her tenacity and unapologetic nature. She wants what she wants and if you get in her way, she’ll make you suffer. So, lesson here — stay out of Aphrodite’s way. Unless you want to be killed. Or be one of her affairs. Your choice, I guess.

4. Athena


Athena, portrayed by Melina Kanakaredes (who is Greek), is definitely a favorite for what she represents. She is the goddess of intelligence and skill, warfare, battle strategy, handicrafts, and wisdom. She is also the mother of Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson’s best friend & love interest. She was a child of Zeus’ mind, meaning that she was not created through sexual means. Annabeth was born through the same process.

In the books, Athena can be a bit harsh in her appropriate to things, but only because she sees through the lens of common sense and wisdom – not necessarily compassion. But I enjoy that about her. For Annabeth, because she is part-mortal, she’s able to practice a bit more compassion than Athena. Which benefits her in the long run.

5. Hades

Hades PJ


Hades is my ALL-TIME favorite god. And no, not because he’s the god of the underworld and the dead. I just think that someone who is surrounded by morbidity every single day forever has to have the best sense of humor possible. And I am right. Especially, if you’ve seen Disney’s Hercules. Hades, pictured above with the blue hair, is constantly sarcastic and I love it. That’s the Hades that I pictured while reading the books.

In the films, Hades is played by Steve Coogan.

6. Hermes


Nathan Fillion hermes

What to say about good ol’ Hermes, which portrayed by Nathan Fillion in Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters film. He is the god of  boundaries, travel, communication, trade, thievery, trickery, language, writing, diplomacy, athletics, and animal husbandry.

Why do I like him? Because he’s the god of travel, language, and writing — which I love to do! But also because of his characterization in the Percy Jackson books. He was humanized so well, that I was able to connect with him in a way I couldn’t really connect to the other gods. By the end of the book series, he became one of my favorite book characters. He was emotional, yet very godly. And it was done greatly. Sometimes I think it’s easy to underestimate Hermes, but Rick Riordan made sure that you didn’t.

7. Hera

Hera Disney

Finally, the lovely Hera. She is the goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires. She is also Zeus’ wife, which makes her Queen of the heavens. (She’s also Zeus’ sister, but we won’t go there…)

Hera is an elegant goddess. Hera is my favorite for personal reasons. Her story is quite Because she is the goddess of marriage, that is obviously something she holds very sacred, but Zeus (like many other gods) had many affairs, which causes her to become quite the vengeful and jealous goddess. In the books, Hera is not the friendliest to Thalia, Zeus’ demigod child.

In Greek mythology, she becomes so jealous and vengeful due to Zeus’ affairs, that she gives birth to Hephaestus without Zeus being present, which apparently wasn’t the cool thing to do. But Hera deems baby Hephaestus too unsightly and tosses him from Mount Olympus. Hephaestus later returns to seek revenge against his mother. What a horrible thing to do, Hera!

Hey, I said I like what she represents… not who she is! ;)

Well, those are my favorite Greek gods/goddesses! Percy Jackson has gotten me super pumped to re-read some of the great myths and teachings. They’re really fun and quite insightful!

Until next time (which will be for The Heroes of Olympus series),

Christina Marie

Book of the Week-The Abandon Trilogy

Today’s Book of the Week post is a little more unique than the others. Instead of reviewing just ONE book, shop I’ll be reviewing three, approved an entire trilogy.

I’ve done that once before with the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie because I was determined to get people past the slower second book to reach the really good third book.

But I wanted to do the entire Abandon trilogy because the third book, order Awaken, came out this past Tuesday, the 2nd, and I sat down and devoured the entire thing in a matter of hours. So, instead of doing a review of just Awaken, I decided to do a post about the entire trilogy.

This is also a special post because it is part of the Meg-A-Readers blog hop. Mandy from The Romance Bookie and Diana from Little Miss Drama Queen came up with this idea of having a couple of months of all things Meg Cabot. They would get a bunch of blogs involved and people would just write all about different things for Meg Cabot: reviews, how they met her, how they found her books, ANYTHING.

And I definitely had to be a part of it because she’s one of my absolute favorite authors since I first picked up The Princess Diaries when I was 12 years old, 13 years ago.

You can find out more about Meg-A-Readers here.

But let’s move on now, to the actual review!

The Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot

Picture 5

Abandon, Underworld, Awaken


young adult, paranormal, romance, fantasy

Part of a Series:

In the charming words of Severus Snape, “Obviously”

You May Like if You Liked:

Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle trilogy

Plot Summary:

All summaries are taken word for word from Amazon. 

Abandon: Though she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident, Pierce can’t help but feel at once a part of this world, and apart from it. Yet she’s never alone . . . because someone is always watching her. Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you back. But now she’s moved to a new town. Maybe at her new school, she can start fresh. Maybe she can stop feeling so afraid. Only she can’t. Because even here, he finds her. That’s how desperately he wants her back. She knows he’s no guardian angel, and his dark world isn’t exactly heaven, yet she can’t stay away . . . especially since he always appears when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most. But if she lets herself fall any further, she may just find herself back in the one place she most fears: the Underworld.

Underworld: Seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera isn’t dead. Not this time. But she is being held against her will in the dim, twilit world between heaven and hell, where the spirits of the deceased wait before embarking upon their final journey. Her captor, John Hayden, claims it’s for her own safety. Because not all the departed are dear. Some are so unhappy with where they ended up after leaving the Underworld, they’ve come back as Furies, intent on vengeance . . . on the one who sent them there and on the one whom he loves. But while Pierce might be safe from the Furies in the Underworld, far worse dangers could be lurking for her there . . . and they might have more to do with its ruler than with his enemies. And unless Pierce is careful, this time there’ll be no escape.

Awaken: Death has her in his clutches. She doesn’t want him to let go. Seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera knew by accepting the love of John Hayden, she’d be forced to live forever in the one place she’s always dreaded most: the Underworld. The sacrifice seemed worth it, though, because it meant she could be with the boy she loves. But now her happiness — and safety — are threatened, all because the Furies have discovered that John has broken one of their strictest rules: He revived a human soul.If the balance between life and death isn’t fixed, both the Underworld and Pierce’s home back on earth will be wiped away. But there’s only one way to restore order. Someone has to die.

The Bad:

The only beef I have with the entire series is that Abandon takes some time to get into. I remember reading and going, okay, Meg, you’ve never let me down before. Don’t let me down now. I think because I am unfamiliar with the tale of Hades and Persephone and Fates and Furies and THAT aspect of Greek mythology. I love Greek myths but I have always been fascinated by Artemis (I wanted to name my cat Artemis when I was like 13 but my mom wouldn’t let me…). I’m wondering if that’s why I wasn’t able to get into this series as quickly as I was able to get into her others. This series is also very different (in a good way, of course) from her other series, so it also could have been that it was not what I was expecting out of a Meg Cabot book. However…I continued to read the series and I love it. Its one of my favorites. I probably say that about all of her series but she’s just so great.

I won’t go on and on about her, because that’s not the point of this blog, but I did write about how her Heather Wells series changed my life and you can read that here.

The Good:

Now on to alllllll the good stuff that is here. I love these books because of the unique storyline that they present. I’ve seen books about Greek myths, about Hades, Persephone and the Underworld but this is the first series that I read and really liked of it. I loved diving into myths that I wasn’t so familiar with. I think Hades gets a bad rep sometimes and this story, with John Hayden as the lord of the Underworld, as someone who once lived and breathed like any other human, and was shouldered the responsiblity of running the Underworld, as a person who cares and loves, really gives you an entirely different perspective.

I also like Pierce as Persephone. I don’t know much about Persephone and whether she was a badass or not, but Pierce? Definitely a badass. She’s in love with the LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD, who has all these intense powers and has one of those super fun death glares and she still does what she wants, when she wants it, being brave and risking herself and doing all sorts of things that John thinks is completely detrimental to his goal of protecting her. I love that. I piss off my own boyfriend probably a lot, but I don’t stand down. I’m not going to be one of those girls that agrees with their boyfriend 100% of the time, just because they don’t want to start fights. I like that Pierce is strong and has her own opinion and does what she feels she needs to do.

That being said, I do like the build up and the relationship of Pierce and John. Its very realistic (as much as a relationship between a regular person and the Lord of the Underworld can be), in that they fight and bicker and disagree but they have fun together and make each other laugh. I love that when they do fight, its not the end of the entire universe like it is in other books. Its realistic. I love it.

Plus, these books make me laugh. No matter what she writes about: princesses, girls who can talk to ghosts, girls who get struck by lightning and are psychic, girls who date the reincarnation of King Arthur, whatever, she always, always, always makes me laugh. Her humor no matter what the situation is makes her such a great novelist. Her way of writing like a teenager, of writing the book in that sort of conversational manner, is fantastic and I think is why she is so popular and remains so. I find myself shaking my head, smirking or full out laughing out loud because she just makes me laugh so hard. She’s so funny, and she brings a realism and a humor to all her novels, including this series.


Abandon: 4 out of 5 stars

Underworld: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Awaken: 5 out of 5 stars

Recommended or Not:

Definitely. Easily. I recommend anything by Meg Cabot. I think a lot of people are wrapped up into the fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi/paranormal worlds of YA right, and Meg Cabot’s Abandon trilogy is up there with all those other books. She’s written other paranormal/sci-fi stuff like The Mediator and Vanishes series.

But yeah, definitely read these books. They’re going to make you laugh, and clutch the pages with anticipation, as you power through those pages, wondering what is going to happen to next with Pierce and John and the fate of the Underworld. Anyone who is NOT reading these books are seriously missing out on the wonderful charm that is Meg Cabot.

*     *     *     *

I hope you enjoyed this special edition of the Book of the Week.

Don’t forget to stop by The Romance Bookie and check out other Meg-A-Reader posts!

And you can see past book reviews for the Book of the Week here!

Happy Reading!