WhatANerdGirlSays Comic Con Wrap Up!

This past weekend was the San Diego Comic Con extravaganza in San Diego, recipe California. Comic Con has been going on for over forty years. I have gone before, cialis 40mg of course, and this year, I was unable to attend. I was really bummed at this for a very long time, but I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding, and honestly, it was an amazing time. I caught the bouquet and it was amazing, and I’m incredibly happy for her.


But I know so many of you guys were unable to attend as well! So I wanted to gather as much news as I possibly could to share with you guys, who couldn’t go or may have been too busy to keep up, or just couldn’t keep up with the crazy amount of news that was coming our way this weekend.

Just a note: all articles linked will be from Hypable, which is one of my favorite sites to follow, and kept me SO updated during Comic Con.

So here we go:

Catching Fire Full Length Trailer is Released

We finally got our first full length trailer for the next installment of the Hunger Games movie! This movie will be hitting theaters in November. Cast members like Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Lenny Kravitz, Jena Malone and more were available during the panel and also for signings as well. They talked about different scenes they filmed and the various development of their characters.

Supernatural and Supernatural Spin-Off Series in the Works


I don’t know much about this show to be completely honest, because I’ve only watched the first couple seasons. From what I can tell, they talk a lot about the return of some characters, the idea of fallen angels, and the relationship between Dean and Sam. If you click the links above, you can find out way more information than I am able to share!

Details are in the bare minimum for the newly announced spin off show but apparently a new character will be introduced toward the end of the season that premieres on October 15th and the spin-off series will be based on this character.

The Marvel Panel Blows Everyone Away!


So Tom Hiddleston LITERALLY comes out, in FULL Loki costume, and milks it up, acting in his character for the entire couple minutes that he is up on stage. This was literally the only appearance he made so what an amazing rare treat that was. Of course, after, new footage of the Thor sequel was shown, the movie slated for a November release.

There was also cast appearances made for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and a full trailer shown. Hopefully we get the trailer VERY soon, because this is a movie I am definitely looking forward to.

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy also made a SURPRISE appearance, where Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame debuted her new hairstyle, and there was also a trailer.

Joss Whedon also came out and revealed the title of The Avengers sequel: The Avengers: Age of Ultron. He came out, showed an extremely short trailer that basically showed the Avengers reflected in the helmet of the villain, Ultron, and the title, and that was it. The film is set to release in May of 2015.

Surprise! Cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past Make an Appearance!


This is so exciting. I absolutely LOVED the first movie (its the only X-Men movie I own) and I haven’t heard much of what is going on for the second movie. A huge number of cast members made a surprise appearance at Comic Con, as well as director Bryan Singer. Appearances included: Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Peter Dinklage, Sean Ashmore, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, and Ellen Page.

Peter Dinklage, of Game of Thrones fame, has confirmed that he will be paying Bolivar Trask in the movie.

You can watch the entire surprise panel, which I believe, includes the full length trailer. It is low res but its better than nothing!

Doctor Who and Matt Smith’s Last Appearance


So Matt Smith basically is emotional feels the entire Comic Con weekend as he says good bye to everyone, as he just announced recently that he is leaving the show. The main focus of Doctor Who at Comic Con was the seriously anticipated 50th Anniversary special, which will be featuring Matt as the 11th Doctor and Jenna Louise Coleman as the current companion, but also David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and Billie Piper returning as former companion, Rose Tyler. Steven Moffat was on board to tease like crazy, telling us that he’s been lying his ass off for months about the special and that we could all be presuming wrong. They showed a trailer for the special, which hasn’t been released to the public yet, that includes banter between the two doctors, comparisons between their sonic screwdrivers, Daleks and more.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 5


Nothing overly new was announced at this, but they talked about the stuff that happened in season four, and talked a little bit about season four, what they liked about what happened, how they are going to explain some of the stuff, how other things are going to work out. I know this is super vague but I glanced through it quickly because I haven’t finished season 4 yet! Paul Wesley says he’s enjoying being a little evil, they have a plan for Jeremy’s story and more.

The Originals: A Vampire Diaries Spin Off


I don’t want to say too much because this article has a TON of spoilers if you haven’t finished watching the previous season of The Vampire Diaries but they obviously talked a lot about how this show came about and what to expect from it. The show was really built from the love that Daniel, Joseph and Claire have garnered in their characters on TVD. There is going to be a lot going in this spin off show, including episodes of flashbacks in previous TVD episodes, but told from different points of views. Read more above for full details!

Once Upon a Time-Season 3


Several videos were shown during the Once Upon a Time panel, including a preview for Season 3 and a parody of Good Morning, America but instead, Good Morning, Storybrooke. The teaser trailer shows an interaction between Leroy (Grumpy) and what is presumed to be Ariel (SO exciting). I am SO excited about this show, especially with so many of the characters traveling to Neverland, and a spinoff show premiering as well. You can watch all the different videos at the link above!

Ginnifer Goodwin says that Snow is focusing on herself this season, finding a balance to the good and bad in her. Lana Parilla says Regina makes her favorite kill this season. A love triangle between Emma, Hook and Neil is HEAVILY hinted and we will see Peter, the Darlings, Neverland and Tinker Bell. They also discuss including a LGBT relationship, but doing it in a very real and genuine way!

Good news as well: there won’t be so much mish-mash episodes like last season. There will be 11 episodes, a midseason break and then 11 episodes. Thank goodness.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland


We learn more about the Once Upon a Time spin off show. We focus more on Alice, but in the adult version of the character that we have grown to know in the adaptations that have already been made. The show is more of a cousin to Once Upon a Time, and less of a spinoff show. They say for now, there won’t be crossovers, but they haven’t completely ruled it out. An announcement that was made was Naveen Andrews, of Lost fame, is going to play Jafar.

Divergent: Movie News and Book News!

"Divergent" Panel - Comic-Con International 2013

The cast and author, Veronica Roth, gathered to talk about the movie and the last book coming out in November. The film has just finished up, and will be releasing in March of 2014. They talked about favorite moments during filming and who has been signed on for part two, Insurgent, though they couldn’t say too much, due to spoilers. Veronica Roth also confirmed that Allegiant, the last book, will be told in due point of views, Tris and Four. They also showed the very first footage of the film to be shown, though this has NOT been posted online.

Straight from Hypable, a description of the footage shown: The extended clip began with Tris’ jump onto and from the train as a new Dauntless with her friend Christina, and then continuing to volunteer and jump off the roof into Dauntless headquarters. The clip also introduced Four helping Tris off of the net, and Tris’s selection of her new identity. The clip continued into a sizzle reel of Dauntless training, complete with impressive flips, gunfighting, and crowdsurfing. Other snippets included a shot of Tris taking the Faction test and receiving her tattoos, and a shot of Kate Winslet as Erudite leader, Jeanine. The reel ended with Four hurling his knives at Tris, the final knife leaving her with blood on her ear.

Superman and Batman Movie Crossover!


It was announced by director, Zack Snyder, this weekend that a Batman and Superman crossover movie, entitled World’s Finest, was in the making. It is being said as a sequel to the recently released Man of Steel, and Henry Cavill will be back as Superman. No word on who would play Batman, but Christian Bale has already he will not play the Caped Crusader again. Not much else is known, though this is the official logo, but they are aiming for a 2015 release.

Joss Whedon and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


One of the most highly anticipated shows, Agents of SHIELD made a surprise premiere of the pilot episode of the show, which will premiere on September 24th. Joss Whedon and the other guests were a bit reluctant to reveal details but Hypable did have a chance to sit down with them, and you can read all about it, if you click the link above.

The Amazing Spiderman 2


The directors, and a few members of the cast including Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx, hit Comic Con and discussed some of the questions that have been lingering in fan’s minds about the sequel. Jamie discusses what he wanted to accomplish with his character, Electro, and they talked about the need for both Gwen, played by Emma Stone, and Mary Jane Watson, played by Shailene Woodley. Woodley says she won’t return for part 3, but the producers say “time will tell.” Andrew Garfield also talked about Peter’s relationship with Gwen, and the possibility of Spiderman being gay, and exploring his sexuality. Read more above, for some really amazing insights to the new movie. The movie comes out May 2nd, 2014.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Panel


Not much was revealed as far as the movie goes, with the release date only weeks away, but the cast discusses filming and playing their different characters and things like that. Jamie talked about the vulnerability of Jace and how Clary brings that out in him. Kevin mentions how they all sort embody their characters and Godfrey Gao confirmed this weekend that the Magnus and Alec kiss that occurs during the time of City of Bones, but was written as an outside story, will be in the film. Very exciting. Check out the entire panel.

Game of Thrones


The cast and author George R.R. Martin gathered to talk about the previous season, the nominations that were handed out to them for the Emmys and what we can expect in the future. They mostly talked about all the drama and tragedy that occurs at the end of the previous season, entitled the Red Wedding,w here basically all the characters die. Martin says killing all these characters really gives actors more opportunities to explore their characters more, and break boundaries. Emilia was surprised to find out she had garnered a nomination and the actor who played her on-screen husband came up on stage to congratulate her. They talked a little about Sam and Jon, and how their characters are, and their motivations. George also talked about the two remaining books in the series and the possibility of a prequel. If he makes it that far ;)

The Legend of Korra Season Two


Now, I just saw Michael DiMartino a few weeks ago, and he was so tight lipped about The Legend of Korra, season two, but now I realized they were waiting to reveal all of this at Comic Con. They showed the entire first episode of season two, and announced that the show would return in September and will be called “Book 2: Spirits”.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Cover Reveal!


I wrote a couple weeks ago about the anniversary covers of Harry Potter, with new artwork done by Kazu Kabuishi. I showed you all the covers that had already been revealed and now we finally have book six! The books are being released on August 27th, in a paperback box set. The last cover, for Deathly Hallows, will be shown at a party in New York City, celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday (and Jo’s!) on July 31st. It is open to the public, so if you are a Potterhead, and in the area, head on over!

Ender’s Game

"Enders Game" And "Divergent" Panels - Comic-Con International 2013

New footage of Ender’s Game, a Comic Con exclusive, was shown at the convention, with appearances by the director, producer, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, and Asa Butterfield. The trailer is mostly about Ender, of course, and his training, but apparently there are glimpses of other characters as well. The audience asked a lot of questions about the film, especially of Orson Scott Card, but those were deflected easily. There were also a lot of questions aimed at Harrison Ford about Star Wars and Indiana Jones but those were deflected as well, but that makes a lot of sense. The guy is SO ready to move on.

Sherlock Season Three!


Neither Benedict Cumberbatch nor Martin Freeman were able to attend Comic Con but they had recorded a video message for the fans in attendance. However, Steven Moffat and the other guests, like Mark Gatiss who plays Mycroft Holmes, made up for it. Moffat says that Sherlock’s “death” has already been hinted at in season two and that the John and Sherlock reunion was his favorite part to make. However John is NOT going to be happy with Sherlock, of course, but his anger will be resolved by the end of episode one; they don’t want to drag it out. Moriarty is actually dead, and we will see more of Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship as well as the relationship (not romantic) between Molly and Sherlock. The stars have also signed on for season 4, but of course, no word on that.

Firefly Video Game!


Oh yes, you heard that right, Browncoats. There is officially going to be a Firefly video game, releasing in the Summer of 2014. It is called Firefly Online and will be available on Android and iOS devices. There is not much more information besides that, but if you click the link, you can watch the trailer and you can find out how to register on the website for official updates!

*     *     *

There was SO much more on Comic Con, and I’m sure I only covered a drop in the bucket of what I’m sure was an amazing weekend. I hope that this was still helpful for everyone who was unable to make it to the convention or able to keep up with the constant updates.

I just wanted to shout out to my friend Becky for trying to get me Divergent and Hunger Games swag, what a rock star you are for even trying! I want to do a HUGE shout out to my girl, Erin, from That One Geek Girl, for thinking of me this weekend and doing the most amazing thing in the world by getting me a personalized autograph by the flippin gorgeous Godfrey Gao himself. Yes, the sexy man playing Magnus Bane in City of Bones. You are amazing, Erin, and I love you! You are such an amazing friend.


Hope you all enjoyed this recap and stay tuned for more awesome coming this week!

Please remember that most of this information was researched at Hypable and to visit their website for more information and articles all about Comic Con. They are one of my absolute favorite sites, so definitely check them out!

Fandom Friday-Star Trek

Hey guys, pilule Happy Friday!

Welcome to the Fandom Friday!

The Fandom Friday is a weekly feature, nurse with each blog post written by a new contributor.

This is the weekly post where either myself, capsule or a guest blogger, talks about a new fandom. See, I’ve had the experience in my life where I’ve been made fun or put down about my particular fandoms. And that has made me feel pretty crappy. But I’ve also put down other fandoms as well.

So I’ve decided to change that. I’m opening my world up to new fandoms, and the best way to do that is to bring people in to write about various fandoms. I’m very excited about this segment.

If you guys are interested in becoming a guest blogger for the Fandom Friday, feel free to email me at whatanerdgirlsays at gmail.com or contact me HERE

This week’s Fandom Friday, is by Shaina over at The Urge to Write, all about Star Trek.

Shaina started blogging last year to get back to writing fiction, something that has always been her passion. She’s found that blogging is also another great way to network with other writers and nerds and to sound off on all of her obsessions. Some of these include Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, anything written by Karen Marie Moning, YA paranormal romances, Star Trek (duh), and David Bowie. By day she’s a PhD student.

*      *      *      *

Over at my blog The Urge to Write, I have a weekly post I like to call The Sunday Showdown. Well, as you are well aware, it’s not Sunday, but this format is a fun way for me to pit my two favorite Star Trek series against each other: The Next Generation (TNG) versus Voyager. Now, my fellow Trekkies would probably agree with me that TNG is the clear winner; however, Voyager holds a special place in my heart, and it gets a lot of slack -some of which I don’t think it deserves. Read on to find out more about why I love both of these shows, and be sure to share your thoughts at the end!

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Seriously, it’s hard to beat TNG. In my opinion, it’s possibly the best show (or at least among the best shows) to ever grace television. Much of this probably has to do with the awesomeness that is Patrick Stewart. He has such a commanding presence in everything he does, but especially in TNG. He has a distinct, easily recognizable, beautiful voice. (I might be crushing, just a little.) And -even though it probably annoys actors slightly to hear this, because they want to do other work -he is Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I know that The Original Series is special for a lot of people -and it is for me, too. But when I see Captain James T. Kirk, my first thought is: Oh, it’s William Shatner, as Captain Kirk. When I see Patrick Stewart, I’m all It’s Captain Picard!!!!!!

OK, Patrick Stewart isn’t the only good thing about TNG, although his mere existence does quite a lot. Along with some new missions and new foes, the Enterprise crew also tackles thought-provoking ethical issues that compose much of the core of the Star Trek franchise. (Something that was lost in J. J. Abram’s adaptation, although it was highly entertaining and adventurous.) Lovers of more traditional, hard-core sci-fi, so to speak, will love that the show focuses on the interactions between civilizations and the related conflicts, ethical dilemmas and alliances that may result. Sure, there are stand-alone episodes that feature potential romantic relationships, but romance is not a persistent theme. (I’m fine either way, as you will see in my discussion of Voyager below, but I know that many lovers of sci-fi hate when romantic relationships are brought into the mix.) Many of the more philosophical episodes also revolve around Data, the Enterprise’s resident artificial intelligence. Next to Captain Picard, Data is definitely the next best character. Not only does he provide some comic relief, but I love his constant search to understand what it means to be human, and there’s always the question of how human Data really is himself.

TNG also has one of the best alien nemeses, The Borg. (Does anyone not know where the phrase “Resistance is futile” is from?) Instead of an individual villainous character or an alien species composed of individuals, The Borg are really a collection of species that have been  joined to the hive mind (the Borg collective) and are driven by efficiency and perfection. The hive mind isn’t a totally original concept, but The Borg made for an excellent enemy on TNG and other Star Trek series since they are really unlike anything else you would encounter in the Star Trek universe. You’re not dealing with a complex individual that has personal motivations, hopes, fears, grudges, etc. -instead, you have this massive group of cybernetic organisms that function as one mind. (The introduction of the Borg Queen sort of disrupts this idea and seems to serve to “humanize” them, which always annoyed me.) The Borg are also the main enemy in Star Trek: First Contact, my favorite movie featuring the TNG crew and tied for first with Star Trek: The Voyage Home as my favorite Star Trek movies of all time.

2. Star Trek: Voyager

As I mentioned, Voyager gets a lot of slack, much of which I am going to attempt to counteract. Actually, I love Voyager. Not as much as TNG, but I love it. Yes, Threshold is an infamous episode, for good reasons. But the seven seasons of Voyager do have other delightful things to offer.

For those of you who don’t know, the basic premise of the show is that the starship Voyager gets lost in the Delta Quadrant, and its crew spends seven seasons trying to get back home. Well, we don’t really have one crew, we have two, at least in the beginning: the Voyager crew, captained by the strong, formidable and female captain, Captain Kathryn Janeway, and a rebel crew lead by Chakotay. At least in the first two seasons, there is a lot of tension between the straight-laced Voyager crew and the rebels. In addition to Captain Janeway, the other ladies of Voyager -B’Elanna Torres, Kes and later Seven of Nine -are also strong characters. On one hand, Seven is Voyager’s stereotypically sexy leading lady, but on the other, she’s an ex-Borg, so she has all of the knowledge of the Borg Collective. Which means she’s also incredibly intelligent. I think she’s kind of a bad ass.

Voyager also has, hands down, the best doctor on any of the Star Trek series: the stubborn and arrogant Emergency Medical Hologram, a. k. a. “The Doctor.” (LOL, Doctor Who fans.) First off, actor Robert Picardo is just amazing and has such flawless comedic timing. His character is sort of like Dr. House in that he is insanely smart (he is an artificial intelligence, after all) and therefore kind of stuck up and hard to get along with. But he and Seven together serve as Voyager’s Data. Some of Voyager’s more philosophical episodes revolve around The Doctor’s personal growth as he interacts with the human crew. He may be a computer program, but in many ways he seems startlingly human. And as far as this showdown goes, he definitely beats TNG’s Dr. Beverly Crusher, who for some reason I never really liked. She was always the weakest link on TNG to me…

OK, now I’m kinda going to go into rant mode. These certainly aren’t the only reasons that some people dislike Voyager, but at least in part it annoys people because we have a bit more focus on romantic relationships and seemingly more episodes with relational themes. One prominent example is the love-hate relationship between B’Elanna and Tom Paris, which is a pretty constant theme in the show. Are they going to get together or not? Not a typical question we usually ask ourselves on this kind of show. But this does not make it a bad show. I am so sick of people putting down themes that women may tend to like (romantic relationships as one example). It’s annoying if romance and related themes are the only things women are expected to like, but there’s nothing wrong with being a woman (or a man) and liking these things. As a sci-fi-loving gal, I loved the adventure in Voyager, I loved the ethical dilemmas, I loved the more philosophical questions it brought up -but you know what? I loved the B’Elanna and Paris dynamic, too. I couldn’t wait to see whether those two would get together or not. (I won’t spoil it for you.)


As you can tell, I love me some Star Trek. ;) I’m also super excited for the next J. J. Abram’s movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness. I try to keep his re-envisioning of the Star Trek universe separate from the classic shows we hold dear. They are action-packed and have much better special effects (lol) and are entertaining in their own right. Maybe he’s no Leonard Nimoy, but I’m especially loving Zachary Quinto’s Spock. I love Quinto’s work in general. He was also magnificent as Sylar on Heroes. (I may be slightly biased because he went to my alma mater.)

Thanks for bearing with me through this Star Trek-infused tangent. Live long and prosper. ;)

*      *      *      *      *

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this little battle between two different Star Treks, and you learned a little something that you didn’t know before!

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