Tuesday Top Ten – My Favorite TV Shows

10. Gossip Girl

I don’t care how insanely cheesy or ridiculous or completely unrealistic this show is. I love every single moment of it. A bunch of bratty rich kids and their drama going down in the glitz and glam of the Upper East Side of New York…I was sold so fast. And I swear it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Leighton Meester is absolutely adorable.

9. Supernatural

Two guys traveling around the country, information pills chasing down demons and all sorts of fun stuff? Sign me up. And while it did take me a bit to get into the show, sickness it didn’t take me long to get hooked on it. Especially once angels entered the scene. I loved a good angels and demons story, and Misha Collins is fabulous. I do think they’ve overstayed their welcome but I don’t totally complain when I see these three beautiful faces on my television screen ;)

8. Shadowhunters 

Okay, this is totally cheating because its not even a show yet. They’re still filming and it has a very tentative release date for 2016. But you guys know this is one of my favorite book series PERIOD so I’m really excited that it got a second chance in TV form. I really have high hopes for it, I love the cast so far and and I’m super looking forward to its release next year. I am hoping so so much that it’ll quickly become my favorite.

7. Firefly 

I LOVE THIS SHOW. Is anyone else as depressed as me that it only got one season and a movie? Wait, I know the answer to the question…if you aren’t depressed, you’re absolutely insane. This show is so good, a great mix of science fiction and romance and western and its just perfect. I love everything about this show. Sigh. I would do anything to bring this back.

6. Agent Carter

I was so excited to hear that this was going to be a TV show. Marvel isn’t totally the best when it comes to keeping up with the ladies. So to hear that there was going to be a show focusing on a badass lady, back when ladies weren’t supposed to be badass…I was so excited. And I loved every single moment of this show. I literally squealed with excitement when I heard there was going to be a season two. Everyone just rocks in this show and I can’t wait to see more, especially of Hayley Atwell!

5. The Flash

Its funny because I don’t watch Arrow, and The Flash is the spinoff of that show. But for some reason, there was something incredibly fun and exciting about this show. Plus I had heard Robbie Amell was going to be in the show and after the disappointment of The Tomorrow People being canceled after one season, I needed more of him lol. I’m glad that I decided to watch it though because its absolutely fabulous and I’m counting down the days until season 2.

4. Sherlock

I mean…Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, updated versions of the old Arthur Conan Doyle stories? WIN. Just…win. Everything about this show is just fabulous. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, its just so good. Its written well, and they do such a great job with updating Sherlock Holmes while also keeping a good honor in the old stories. I love it. I don’t love that we only get a few episodes every three years or so…

3. Arrested Development 

I have to give credit where credit is due. My ex boyfriend made me watch this show. I remember at the time I was so head over heels that I was pretty much willing to do anything for him so I was like, whatever, fine, we can watch it. Now I’m like, well we broke up but thank you for introducing me to one of the FUNNIEST shows I’ve ever watched. This show is amazing and I can watch it over and over again, and it still is funny. In fact, I really would like to watch it again…

2. Game of Thrones

I tried to read the books. I did. I read the first two and don’t get me wrong, I definitely liked them. But they aren’t my style. They’re heavy and just not my type of thing. But I fell in love with the TV show right away. Its hard not to love. Its dramatic and bloody and addicting. And you kind of want to keep watching because you never know who is going to die next and that’s pretty exciting.

1. Doctor Who

Of course. Its the only TV show that I have a tattoo from. Well, Shadowhunters but I don’t think that counts haha. I fell in love with this show and I’ve gobbled down each and every episode I could get my hands on. I love that each Doctor and each companion brings something different and unique to the show. I love that because of that, the show gets to continue. Its the longest running science fiction show. Its science-y and dramatic and emotional and romantic and hilarious and I love every minute of it, even the minutes that aren’t as good as the others ;)


Fictional Crush of the Week-Stephen Jameson from The Tomorrow People

Have you watched The Tomorrow People? If you haven’t, side effects you seriously need to. They just had their midseason finale (which BLEW MY MIND) and that gives you PLENTY of time to catch up. Don’t believe me? Check out my five reasons to watch it here.

Here is one of my reasons ;)

Character Name:

Stephen Jameson

Girl Interrupted

Book or Series They Appear In:

The Tomorrow People


Originally Roger Price, purchase in the 1970s in Britain.

Played By: 

Robbie Amell

Who They Are:

Stephen Jameson is the main character of The Tomorrow People. He’s in high school, plagued with a sleep walking disorder and hearing voices. That is, until he meets Cara, John, Russell and the rest of The Tomorrow People and realizes that there is nothing wrong with them…not in the way he thinks. He has special powers, the three Ts: telekinesis, teleportation and telepathy. He learns his father, who ran out on his family when he was young, was part of this, and is crucial to the survival of the Tomorrow People, as they are hunted down by a secret organization called Ultra. Stephen is recruited to help the Tomorrow People track down his father, and to help do so, he works undercover for Ultra, under the constant gaze of his uncle, Jedikah. He’s an optimistic member of the team, brave and wanting to help everyone that he can, even when it seems impossible. He keeps his powers and his life a secret from his mom and brother in order to protect them, and is a fiercely loyal and loving person.

Why I Am Crushing On Them: 

Um, have you seen Robbie Amell? That’s the first thing that would grab anyone off the bat. Robbie Amell caught my eye because I was watching Arrow at the time, and everyone kept talking about Stephen’s cousin, who was coming to The CW on his own show. When I saw commercials for The Tomorrow People, I thought it looked interesting and I have been watching it ever since, completely addicted, and having a ton of fun with the cast live tweeting during the episodes. Seriously that makes the episodes even better.

But like I said, Robbie Amell. A very fine example of male beauty ;) The dark hair, the blue eyes, and the frequency in which Stephen is without a shirt…what is not to like?

But there’s more than that too. I love Stephen as a character. I think we tend to like the bad boys the most, and I definitely do. Jace Wayland, Adrian Ivashkov, Han Solo, Jared Lynburn, etc. By that pattern, I would probably like the character John on the show but that’s not what happened. I think the good guy, the one determined to save everyone, to always do the right thing, is always overlooked and I found that in Stephen’s character. He’s the good guy, the one who literally always wants to do the right thing. And what makes that even better is that he is always stumbling around and making mistakes. He’s getting used to having powers, and using them. he’s not perfect. I can’t stand a perfect character; its so unrealistic and boring. Stephen is figuring things out and making mistakes but he always tries to do the right thing, and tries to take care of the people he loves.

Plus he always has witty and sarcastic lines all the time, and that’s enough to send my heart palpitating.

Notable Quotes: 

“If I’m not human, what the hell am I?”
(When I heard this, I was like Clary! Clary says almost that exact line in City of Bones)

 “No offense, but any second I’m gonna wake up someplace awful. Maybe another three-way at the neighbors’ place.”

 “I’m gonna do what he asked me to do. I’m gonna take care of my family. I’m going to be a better brother, a better son, and a better friend, to both of our species. Because what I’ve realized, is that I can’t turn my back on either of them. The only way I can do all this, is by pretending to be a good soldier, by working for my uncle, staying one step ahead of him. And that is what I’m going to do.”

“Wow, what happened to the whole ‘Welcome Stephen, you’re one of us, we’re the lost boys’ speech?”

Let’s be real. I just wanted an excuse to this gif.

*      *       *       *       *       *

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Fictional Crush. Stay tuned next week for more!

Five Reasons to Watch The CW’s The Tomorrow People

We’re weeks deep into the fall television season and so far, here I’ve been pretty happy. I’ve been watching shows I already loved and watched like Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, and watching new shows like The Originals, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Reign, and the subject of this blog post, The Tomorrow People!

I saw a commercial for The Tomorrow People during an episode of The Vampire Diaries, I think, and I decided to watch it, because I just try everything and cull out those shows that just don’t grab my attention.

There’s been three episodes so far, and I’m completely addicted.

The show was originally broadcast in good ‘ol Britain in the late ’70s and was rebooted in the 1990s, and also for audio as well. Now we have our 2013, US version. The story follows Stephen Jameson, played by the delicious Robbie Amell, who thinks there is something wrong with him, because he hears voices and falls asleep, and wakes up in different places. He’s tried medication, therapy and nothing seems to be working until he meets Cara, and her friends, who call themselves The Tomorrow People (and they didn’t think of the name). They are a group of people that have a little extra oomph as a result of genetic evolution, an oomph that gives them the three “T”s: telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis. Cara brings Stephen aboard because he is one of the Tomorrow People, like his dad before him, who disappeared out of his life when he was a child. Now, he’s been enlisted by them to help them find his dad, and trying to fight Ultra, an organization run by his uncle, determined to take down the Tomorrow People and neutralize their powers.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Not convinced yet? Okay, well then I guess I’ll just have to convince you guys with these five reasons!

5. Diversity! 


This is something that I bring up a lot on this blog, and its something that I remind everyone always over and over again that shouldn’t be a problem. Diversity should just BE there. But its something that I start to notice, because I’m just so aware of it. I love seeing people of various different walks of life, religions, races, sexual orientations, and all that in a story, especially on television, when its right there in front of your face and its so obvious. Every episode seems to make me think that diversity is not going to be a problem at all in this show and I love that. There’s a character for everyone in this show, and it makes me smile. You want to be able to relate to someone in a show and I think that’s definitely possible in this show.

4. Live Tweets During the Show 

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.24.11 PM

Seriously, this part is what makes the show even better than what it already is. I was on Twitter last week, while watching the show and noticed that Robbie was tweeting during the show, as well as Luke Mitchell and Aaron Yoo and others. It was hilarious and I found myself glued to the television and my Twitter feed, watching as they interacted with each other and the fans as the episode’s story unfolded. It is SUPER fun, and some of the tweets seriously crack me up, AND the actors really interact with the fans. I’ve had Robbie and Luke answer me several times during the live tweets. Its like an interactive way to enjoy the episode and its seriously fantastic.

A nice plus: the actors all take a shot (in twitter-verse, of course) whenever someone is shirtless in the episode. Which, happily, happens quite often.

3. Great Stories, with Real Issues, Romance and LOTS of Action


I LOVE the story so far. I love that there’s so many layers to it. There’s a ton of action, there’s humor, a bit of romance, some drama, and there are real issues there too. The Tomorrow People brings up an issue that can be applied in so many different situations: The Tomorrow People are different, and because of that, they’re hunted and they have to hide and they’re scared and there’s a whole division of people who are determined to neutralize them and make them like everyone else. It sounds like every other story when it comes to issue of race or gender or religion or sexual identity. This isn’t anything new, its just represented in a way that is fun and relatable and action filled. Its a way to open up different issues and make the accessible to people in the form of entertainment and I love that. I hope that people can apply the sort of things we learn in this show to real life. But I swear, I’m not just being serious too. Its SO much fun! There’s so much action, and that can be so much fun when you involve teleportation (teleport fights!),  and telekinesis. There’s also some dramatic moments, and some steamy moments, and there’s plenty of drama to keep you addicted for each and every episode.

2. Young People with Badass Powers


You guys know I’m more of a reader and less of a TV watcher, but when you involve young people, I am usually immediately on board. I feel like, if this was a book, it would DEFINITELY be YA. ANd you all know how I feel about YA. I think there’s something powerful about telling a story when you tell it in the point of view of a teenager or a twenty-something. This is a time where there’s a lot of change, a lot of self-doubt and overwhelming emotions. This is the time when you’re figuring yourself out, when you’re learning who you are. Throw in some crazy superpowers with that, and it makes for some SERIOUS drama. Superheroes are great and all, but teens with superpowers? That’s even better, and that’s enough to make me watch every week. This show makes you care about each character, as you learn more of their stories, and as we continue to learn more of them, and I’m eager to see how this makes them, and how they evolve as characters as the story continues. Its exactly what makes me enjoy a good young adult book, and I’m going to enjoy it about this show.

1. Robbie Amell


Yeah, I got a little superficial there, but if all the AWESOME reasons I already listed above don’t convince you, then this face totally has to. I watched the show Arrow for a few months, and while it didn’t quite grab me, Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, totally did. But I think I discovered the Amell boy that I like…and that is definitely Robbie. He’s a wonderful piece of eye candy and come on, he takes off his shirt quite a bit during this show (take a shot!). Plus, I just like him as an actor. He’s genuine, and he plays the part of Stephen really well. He’s so believable as this kid who is so good, and wants to help people, and who is confused on his own place in the world. I really like him, and he’s a huge reason why I love the show so far, both as eye candy and as an actor. There’s also the fact that he’s very involved with the show, with his live tweets, and tweeting fans back. I love that. Maybe as the show gets more popular, that’ll change but for now, I’ll enjoy it, and I’ll enjoy this show.

*      *      *      *

So what are you waiting for? Get on board with this show now! We’re only three episodes in, and you have a few days to get those under your belt before the fourth episode premieres on Thursday.

You can check out the show on Hulu and on The CW website.

Happy Viewing!

Okay, one more picture of Robbie Amell ;)


*      *      *      *