Tuesday Top Ten-Favorite Romance Movies

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all are having great weeks so far. I know that there are many of you gearing up for San Diego Comic Con this weekend (so jealous!) and I am so excited for you guys. My best friend is getting MARRIED this Friday, sale which is just too crazy to even believe, doctor and I am so excited! I am in the wedding too, doctor along with my boyfriend, so it should be a seriously fun time!

And since there is so much romance in the air this week, at least for me, I decided to make this week’s Tuesday Top Ten with a little bit of romance. That and my dad said he’s tired of all the book top tens haha!

So here it is: my ten personal favorite movies with the best romances in them!

10. Dirty Dancing


Come on! “Nobody puts Baby in the Corner”! One of my absolute favorite lines EVER. Francis, also known as “Baby”, goes to a swanky little country club type resort, where she runs into the bad boy with a heart of gold, Johnny. When Johnny’s dancing partner is under the weather (an illegal abortion), Baby steps in to take her place and summer love ensues, despite the differences in social classes. Its so cheesy, and ridiculous and one of those movies that gets over played over the years but I can’t…I love the dancing and the silliness of Jennifer Grey and the sexiness of Patrick Swayze, and the whole story of it. I am addicted to those kind of movies with music and dancing, and this has both of them. You really don’t get better than that.

9. Pride and Prejudice


Pride and Prejudice is one of the BEST romantic books ever to exist in the history of literature so it would only make sense that it would be one of my favorite movies. I know most people would mention the Colin Firth adaptation of the movie, and while I definitely enjoy that one, I was thoroughly impressed by the Keira Knightley one. I have watched that one so much, I could probably quote it, and I really enjoyed that they quote the book quite often at times. I think Keira makes a really good Elizabeth Bennet and the guy who plays Mr. Darcy whose name escapes me at this time is so hot and believable as Mr. Darcy. The story of two people who absolutely loathe each other falling in love is just so addicting and you’re cheering and blushing and jumping up and down when they both finally realize and they have that moment where you just know they are going to live happily ever after. The character of Mr. Darcy is especially my favorite too because he accepts his attractive WAY before Lizzie and you just watch him struggle with it, and agh, its just so GOOD.

8. Titanic


I don’t care what anyone says, I know this movie is cheesy and dramatic but it has been one of my favorite movies since I first saw it when I was 9 years old. One, I’ve always been ridiculously obsessed with the Titanic. I know, that’s kind of a morbid obsession to have but its true. I read every book, every article, watched movies and documentaries and all of that. I was obsessed with it. I wanted to write a novel set on the Titanic for a long time but I felt like I was just writing a rewrite of this movie. Granted I was thirteen when I was attempting this. I really wanted to try again but we’ll see. I do love the love story of the movie, rich and unattainable Rose, wanting to break out of her restrictive world, falling in love with the exciting but poor, Jack. You don’t get any cheesier than that. But I love the background of the Titanic and the history that they weaved into it. Of course, a lot of the history is exaggerated and embellished but still. I love this movie. I will watch it every time it comes on TV, even if it takes me five hours.

7. Sixteen Candles


You know what I remember every time I think of this movie? I think of me and my parents getting in trouble because we watched this movie at my very first sleepover, when I was ten years old, and apparently it was rated R and yeah, my friends’ parents were all so pissed off. I don’t even know; apparently its Rated R because whats-her-face is naked in the beginning of the movie, in the locker room. Whatever. Anyway, this is the best teen movie ever made, and I loved that Jake Ryan (oh Jake Ryan) is totally smitten with dorky but super pretty Samantha Baker. The hilarity that ensues and the amount of actors in that movie that go on to do bigger things like Joan and John Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall, its just all great. I love that they are so many one-liners in that movie. I quoted this movie on a daily basis when I was about sixteen years old and it still remains one of my favorites :)

6. The Princess Bride


The funniest, romantic movie that I have ever watched in my life. I watched this movie when I was a kid and it still remains a favorite. I finally got it on Blu-Ray this past Christmas (thanks dad!) and I’ve watched it so many times. This is actually, also, one of those few instances where I’ll say that the movie was better than book. I know, I know. The book WAS great, I’m not going to lie but this movie is just such a classic. I love the ridiculous fantasy element of it, and the hilarity of it, and all the actors that are in it. I like it because its a beautiful romance story but with the added awesome of humor, and action and all of that. Its a great movie for kids. Its got that fairy tale, the one we are all so familiar with because of Cinderella and Snow White or whatever, but with a twist. This is also a movie I tend to quote a ridiculous amount of times.

5. The Apartment


I LOVE this movie. I watched this movie for the first time with Jon and it took us MONTHS to do it. We would always start watching it really late at night, and its a fairly long movie, and we’d always fall asleep. Not to say that its a boring movie, because it DEFINITELY is not. Its sweet, funny, and one of those romances that’s all about the build up. You don’t need overly sweet lines and over-the-top make out scenes to create a romance. The simple exchanges between John Lemmon as Baxter and Shirley MacClaine as Fran creates the brilliant romance between them, especially when Fran is staying in Baxter’s infamous apartment. The ridiculousness of all the managers taking their mistresses to Baxter’s apartment, and the way he really wins in the end, its so beautiful. Its such a classic and awesome movie. It won five Oscars for a reason, for many reasons. And Shirley MacClaine was such a beautiful woman, and a talented actress and John Lemmon was a comedic genius. Sigh.

4. Wall.E


This is one of the most beautiful love stories that I have ever seen in a movie and its between two robots that barely say anything else besides their own names. Wall.E and EVE are ROBOTS for goodness sake, and yeah the movie is ultimately about the earth, and not abandoning it and taking care of it, and it does get a little preachy but I love that. But in between all that, is the beautiful love story of two robots, two very different robots who band together on a single mission and as this goes on, they fall in love. Its just such a beautiful thing. I think the simplicity of it is what makes me love it so much. And sure, the fact that its a movie my boyfriend and I both enjoy thoroughly does have something to do with it. We had been together…five months and he had come home from a tour with his band, and he was so incredibly tired, but he really wanted to see this movie with me. And we’ve seen every Pixar movie (excluding Cars 2) on the day its come out, as a tradition. So it sort of has an outside romantic connection as well.

3. Howl’s Moving Castle


Before Howl’s Moving Castle, my experience with anime was very limited to basically Pokemon. My sister loved it, and I kind of scoffed at it. But for my sister’s 8th grade graduation, I believe, in 2005, I went with her and my mom to go see this movie in the theaters and I was blown away by this truly amazing movie. I basically went home and ate up all of the Studio Ghibli movies, which are all so fantastic. And my quiet love for anime grew from there. But Howl’s Moving Castle…its not just one of my favorite romance movies, or my favorite animated movies, its one of my favorite MOVIES, period, of all time. I love the fantasy aspect of it, with the moving castle and the wizards and different airships and all that. I love the simple romance of it, between Howl and Sophie, the build up of it, to the moment when they finally can admit it to each other and to themselves. Its such a beautiful story, and such a beautiful movie. Hayao Miyazaki makes amazing movies. When I first showed this to my boyfriend, I was so afraid of him not liking it but he loves it and it is another movie that I am so happy we get to enjoy together. Also Christian Bale as Howl? Josh Hutcherson as Markl? My nerd heart loves it.

2. Up


I know, technically this is NOT a romance movie, since most of the movie is about the adventure that Carl and Russell have together to get the house to Paradise Falls. But I consider it in my top ten because this movie told one of the most beautiful, most heartwarming and heartbreaking love stories in a matter of minutes. The “Married Life” scene in the beginning of the movie, where you see Carl and Ellie meet for the first time, and become friends, and then marry and live their life together? I’m getting teary eyed just THINKING about it. Its exactly what a love story SHOULD be. Its exactly how a life with someone you love should be. It should be about this lasting love, a friendship that is strong, where you’re able to go on adventures, but also do simple things like clean the house and read together and still be so incredibly happy. Carl spends so much time in regret for not giving Ellie the adventures that she’s always wanted but in the end, her life with him was the best adventure she could have. How does that not make you tear up? That is just too beautiful for words and its the reason its one of my favorite movies, the reason that Jon and I have seen it so many times that we could quote it on a daily basis (and do!) and why its so high on this list.

1. Gone with the Wind


I can’t even remember how old I was when I first watched this movie but it is such an important part of my childhood. My mom is a huge fan of the book and the movie, as well as her two sisters, and it was a huge part of my life. I first read the book when I was thirteen years old, all 1000+ pages, which was a hefty read for a girl that young. But I remember this movie, and continue to as one of the best love stories ever told because it is a love story that goes so terribly wrong, and gets so insanely messed up and isn’t that the truth? Scarlett O’Hara knows what she wants but what she wants is what is so precisely wrong for her. The man that was made for her, that will love her for her strengths and her flaws, for her attitude and her selfishness and her ambition and determination is Rhett Butler and she screws it up so badly. She makes all the wrong decisions and all the wrong moves and in the end, she is left alone, without the man she loves, because she has realized it way too late. She is heartbroken and you are heartbroken and you’re grabbing a pint of Cherry Garcia and you want to hand it through the television to Scarlett with a box of tissues while you yell at her, through your sobbing, for being so incredibly stupid and blind. It is also one of the most amazing movies ever made and remains the highest grossing movie of all time, when adjusted for inflation.

*     *     *

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of the Tuesday Top Ten and don’t forget to check out previous lists!

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I’d also like to say a HUGE congratulations to my best friend, Allison Holley, and her husband (on Friday!) Aaron Lane. I am so incredibly happy for you guys. Its been an up and down journey, a long journey but you guys have made it this far and you will continue to make it because you guys love each other, and you are best friends, and you have a wonderful relationship. I can’t wait to stand next to you two on Friday when you say your vows :) I love you guys!

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Exclusive Interview with Eoin Colfer at the Mission Viejo Library!

This past weekend, sick after spending all day Saturday at the super epic Ontario Teen Book Fest, prescription I got another super great opportunity through the Mission Viejo Library (You rock, Allison!) and was able to score an interview with best-selling author, Eoin Colfer, author of books like The Supernaturalist, The Wish List, and most notably, the Artemis Fowl series.

His most recent release, The Reluctant Assassin, is the first of a planned trilogy called Warp. According to Eoin, the books involve time travel (where he got inspiration from Back to the Future and Doctor Who!) and is supposed to scare the pants off of you!

Eoin was a super fun and HILARIOUS guy! I enjoyed interviewing him and I enjoyed his presentation. He was SO funny. I had no idea I would attending a comedy show. He told stories about his friends and family, his sons, and his writing processes and its just absolutely hilarious. I have met a ton of authors, especially in the last few months, but he was so incredibly funny and he won’t be one that I’ll forget.

He also wrote on my “writing advice” poster. Check it out! SO funny.


It says “Get rid of boring friends!” for those who may not be able to read his awesome handwriting haha.

He was an absolutely delight to interview :) Check out the interview below!


Me: Okay so you first published Artemis Fowl in 2001. How does it feel that these novels are still successful and that you keep gaining new fans?

Eoin: I think its great. I never wrote it with that in mind. When I started to write Artemis, it was kind of aimed at reluctant boys who wouldn’t read, boys in my class, what I thought they would like. (Eoin Colfer used to be a teacher). So I wasn’t expecting it to go global. It’s a great feeling. Its very hard to connect with it when you’re living in a small town in Ireland, when millions of kids read your books.

Me: I first read your books when I was about 13 and I’m 25 now.

Eoin: That’s awesome.

Me: They definitely keep going, with the fans.

Eoin: I met a kid last year that was like ‘You’re a classic!’ I was like, no, classics are old and possibly dead. I’m alive…and its a really nice feeling.

Me: That’s awesome. This is a fan question, I’ve actually had a couple people ask me to ask you this. They said, The Supernaturalist came out quite a few years ago. Is there going to be a sequel?

Eoin: Um, maybe, I haven’t decided yet. I haven’t decided if to do a sequel but I haven’t started planning one. I do have a little one paragraph of where its going to go if I do go back to that. That’s the book I do get asked about the most, is there going to be a sequel to this? So I think maybe I will.

Me: I hope so

Eoin: But maybe I won’t (laughs).

Me: (laughs) All right. What made you want to write science fiction and fantasy books? 

Eoin: They were the books that I really loved when I was a teenager and even younger, this was in the 1970s. Back in the 1970s, it was a big boom in science fiction and fantasy. Star Wars was made and it was great. And the first Star Trek movie was made and it was great and even a cartoon of the Lord of the Rings was made and it wasn’t so great. And then there was the Planet of the Apes movies and I loved those. So when I was a kid, that was the youth culture. And its faded out a bit but not for me. Its come back into fashion just at the right time and all these great movies are being made and great books are being written. So its a great time to be a reader.

Sara: Yeah, it really is. What are some of your favorite authors to read, and who inspires you?

Eoin: The guy who inspires me the most I think is a guy called William Goldman and he has written movies and screenplays all his life. He wrote movies like the Sting and All the President’s Men and he wrote books like Marathon Man, which is one of my favorites, and The Princess Bride, which is my favorite kid’s book. 

Me: Right, I’ve totally read that! Its a great book!

Eoin: So, he would be the guy…What I like about him is that he doesn’t just stick in one genre, he does everything. You know,  I’d like to eventually do that as well. I know I’ve just done eight books in one genre which is sort of, which is a bit boring. Not boring for me or the readers but you want to move onto something else. You have to do other books, like crime or whatever.

Me: That’s awesome. My last question is, what advice do you have to aspiring young writers?

Eoin: If you are an aspiring writer, it starts off fantastically because you’re full of hope, you’re writing new stories, everyone in your family is telling you that they’re the best stories ever and you think ‘Wow, I’m on my way’. And then sometimes, when it doesn’t happen for four or five years, you can go through a bad time thinking, ‘maybe I’m not a writer’. But almost every writer  who has been published has had those bad years, where they doubted themselves. 

And the ones that do get published, are the ones that don’t go by the wayside, during that period. You gotta know that its going to be a few years here  and I’m not going to get published and I’m going to have to push through those few years. And of course, there are some writers who are so brilliant they get published immediately, but that is rare, rare, rare. So any writer will say they were reject. J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, everybody. 

So the writers who persist are the ones that get published.

*      *      *      *      *

After I had the interview with him, was his actual presentation. He was super super super funny, and my brother and sister, who are both SUPER big fans, really had a great time. He had a magician named Travis before and after the presentation and because I was the blogger, I got to be the lucky one who participated in the magic show. Where, you know, I nearly got my hand chopped off!

Picture 1

But it was a good time. I had a great time. And I was incredibly honored to be able to interview him. He is a best-selling author and kids love him. I remember kids loving his books when I was a kid and being in that room at Mission Viejo Library, where he was surrounded by kids again, that’s powerful, that’s magic. Because he continues to gain new fans, new readers and it takes a talented writer to do that. Artemis Fowl came out in 2001 and he continues to enjoy success and I think that’s a wonderful thing.


My sister, Jessica, and brother, Stevey, waiting for Eoin.

I’ve also seen two of my siblings become readers from his books, and so it was really awesome being able to see how excited they were to meet him and see him. I’m sure they felt the way I felt while meeting Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, Cassandra Clare and the others. And I am so behind any author that is encouraging people to read and introducing kids to the love of reading. This is added to the fact that he seems SO good to his fans. He has a family, a wife, some kids, but he keeps on writing and touring. Coming to California from Ireland? Not exactly a short trip but he’s personable and he talks straight to the kids and makes them laugh and he’s the type of author that you meet and you know there’s no way you’ll ever forget meeting him, no way.

photo 1

Eoin Colfer and I at the Library. I don’t know if he’ll ever see this but thank you Eoin for the interview, for making me laugh like crazy, for taking place in an iFandoms Collide vlog and for just being all out awesome! I appreciate and love authors who reach out to their fans, and are accessible to their fans and you were awesome. I’m definitely going to give Warp a chance!


And I’m glad you thought the interview was cool :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my interview with Eoin Colfer. Definitely read his books, if you haven’t had the chance to read them before. They are children’s books but they are much like Percy Jackson, and enjoyable for all ages. And the Reluctant Assassin sounds super cool. I’m definitely going to be reading it.

Also big big big thanks to Allison Tran at the Mission Viejo Library. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, you rock! You are a dedicated librarian with such passion for what you do and it comes across. You and Alex (from A Whale of a Tale Bookstore) always put on such wonderful events, events where a reader can enjoy themselves because we know that you are enjoying it as well. Thanks for giving me this AWESOME opportunity to interview this epic, epic author!

photo 2

*      *      *      *       *

Check back soon for a personal interview from Unremembered author, Jessica Brody!

And don’t forget to check out previous interviews!

The Best 100 Teen Books

NPR (also known as National Public Radio) released an article today that highlights the best 100 teen novels of all time.

The Best Teen Novels of all Time

The list is based on the votes of over 70, cheapest 000 people, medicine most likely not all teens. Over the years, medical teen literature has become a title only. You find nowadays that more and more adults are enjoying teen literature.

Now, I love to read. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that quite a few times. So imagine my shock when I realized I’ve only 45 out of the 100 books or series listed! I was actually pretty disappointed! How could I, whatanerdgirlsays, not have read so many of these novels!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this list. It was voted on my readers so I feel like that is a good thing and a bad thing. The good is that they’re getting the results from the people who are actually reading these books. The bad news is that they’re getting it from the people who are reading these books and so a lot of the books on this list are very very recent and therefore may not actually deserve to be up there. I mean, I love Hunger Games, I do. They are fantastic books, but #2 on the best teen books EVER? That, I wouldn’t agree with.

However, there are a ton of my favorite books on there. The Harry Potter series takes the cake at #1, as it should. Tamora Pierce has three of her series on there: Song of the Lioness at 50, Trickster series at 83, The Immortals at 83 and Circle of Magic at 86. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings took 5 and 7, respectively.   Some of my favorite old school fantasies (and movie adaptations!), The Princess Bride (17) and Howl’s Moving Castle (36) made the list. Cassandra Clare’s series made it to 21 and 29, Divergent (19) and Delirium (52) were on the list. My girl Meg Cabot’s most famous series, The Princess Diaries, was in at 49 and my other queen of teen lit, Sarah Dessen, had four of her books in the top 100. And of course, many many more.

But the books that really caught my eye were the 55 books that I haven’t read. Now some of them, I’ve started and never finished (Leviathan, etc.) and some of them I just have no desire to read (cough, Anne of Green Gables, cough) but there are a TON of books on there that look really good that I haven’t even HEARD of before! So I love when lists like this come out because I can see how my favorites did and I can learn about new books that later become part of my favorites. One author that I’m seriously gravitating to John Green, who had a total of FIVE books on the list.

What do you all think of this list? Any books that you super love and that I should check out right away!? As always, let me know in the comments!

*      *       *      *      *      *

P.S. Meg Cabot, yes, THE Meg Cabot, shared my previous blog post: How Meg Cabot Changed my Life on her official Heather Wells facebook page! Agh, so happy!

Nerd Ink

When I was twenty-one years old, viagra 60mg many moons ago in the year two thousand and nine, I decided to get my first tattoo. It probably came as no surprise to anyone who knew me that I decided to get the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter on the inside of my wrist.


Getting that tattoo realy showed me how wide the variety of fandom tattoos really is. If I ever thought I was unique in getting a Harry Potter tattoo, I was so completely wrong. Through my nerdom adventures and my discovery of the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army, I’ve really experienced some of the awesomeness in nerd ink.

Now, three years later, I’ve gotten a Star Wars tattoo and three more Harry Potter tattoos, the most recent just last week.


It has really made me think why one gets a “nerd” tattoo. Most people tend to think we’re nuts. The usual response that I get is, “You know that’s permanent, right?” (No, really?! Thank Merlin I have you here to tell me tattoos are permanent). I have found that the responses all vary, from deep and meaningful to silly to because they just wanted to show some love for the fandom. I talked a few of my friends into sharing their tattoos and why they got them.

Victoria-Harry Potter


“Siempre=Always. Meant more to me in regards to that I started reading Harry Potter to my dad when he was in the hospital with cancer.”

Jessica-Harry Potter


“The quote around the Deathly Hallows symbol [It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, for those who can’t read it] is sort of a mantra for my life and words to live by! The thing about the page stars that I like is that only Harry Potter fans will know what they are!”

Allison-Venture Bros. 


“I have Hank Venture from the cartoon Venture Brothers tattooed on my upper left arm and its great! 90% of the people who see it don’t know what it is. On top of that, its a matching tattoo with my brother (He has Dean). He and I are incredibly close, and I love having a bond and connection with him over something nerdy like this.”



“It’s the Cullen family crest. I got it shortly after the movie and I just wanted a symbol of the series to mark how it changed my life.”

Aaron-Harry Potter


“I liked the design and Death Eaters are cool.”

Monster-Star Wars/Princess Bride


“I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. These two represent my good and bad sides, you can’t have one without the other. Mind you, I do lean towards the dark side. My Dread Pirates Roberts is for my romantical side. I will do what has to be done for a loved one. I am an old fashioned gentle dyke and often reply “as you wish”. I’ll do just about anything for my true love.”

Tanya-Harry Potter/Record Collecting

“The Ravenclaw tattoo was inspired by my love of pinup art. I wanted a HP tattoo but I wanted something that would still reflect my personality so I got a traditional Ravenclaw pinup witch.
The little girl tattoo is a tribute to my love of collecting vinyl especially 50s R&B. My husband is a DJ and I like to dig for records for him.”

Sara (me)-Harry Potter


This is on my left side shoulder blade. The quote is from Harry Potter, from James and Lily Potter’s gravestone, the stars are the page stars from the books. It reminds me, along with my Deathly Hallows, to not fear the unknown and to not fear death when it comes. It also just represents my completely obsession with Harry Potter.”

And these are only a sampling of the cool and awesome tattoos that I’ve come across. I’ve seen Star Wars and Harry Potter, anime and Star Trek, Twilight and Doctor Who, Disney, video games, music, I could go on. Whatever the reason or meaning, its pretty damn cool that there are people like me, willing and proud to show off their love for their fandom.

Now I am proud of my five fandom tattoos and I know my friends are too. Do you have any nerd tattoos or have any plans to get some any time in the future? Share in the comments!

*      *      *      *      *