Tuesday Top Ten – My Favorite TV Shows

10. Gossip Girl

I don’t care how insanely cheesy or ridiculous or completely unrealistic this show is. I love every single moment of it. A bunch of bratty rich kids and their drama going down in the glitz and glam of the Upper East Side of New York…I was sold so fast. And I swear it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Leighton Meester is absolutely adorable.

9. Supernatural

Two guys traveling around the country, information pills chasing down demons and all sorts of fun stuff? Sign me up. And while it did take me a bit to get into the show, sickness it didn’t take me long to get hooked on it. Especially once angels entered the scene. I loved a good angels and demons story, and Misha Collins is fabulous. I do think they’ve overstayed their welcome but I don’t totally complain when I see these three beautiful faces on my television screen ;)

8. Shadowhunters 

Okay, this is totally cheating because its not even a show yet. They’re still filming and it has a very tentative release date for 2016. But you guys know this is one of my favorite book series PERIOD so I’m really excited that it got a second chance in TV form. I really have high hopes for it, I love the cast so far and and I’m super looking forward to its release next year. I am hoping so so much that it’ll quickly become my favorite.

7. Firefly 

I LOVE THIS SHOW. Is anyone else as depressed as me that it only got one season and a movie? Wait, I know the answer to the question…if you aren’t depressed, you’re absolutely insane. This show is so good, a great mix of science fiction and romance and western and its just perfect. I love everything about this show. Sigh. I would do anything to bring this back.

6. Agent Carter

I was so excited to hear that this was going to be a TV show. Marvel isn’t totally the best when it comes to keeping up with the ladies. So to hear that there was going to be a show focusing on a badass lady, back when ladies weren’t supposed to be badass…I was so excited. And I loved every single moment of this show. I literally squealed with excitement when I heard there was going to be a season two. Everyone just rocks in this show and I can’t wait to see more, especially of Hayley Atwell!

5. The Flash

Its funny because I don’t watch Arrow, and The Flash is the spinoff of that show. But for some reason, there was something incredibly fun and exciting about this show. Plus I had heard Robbie Amell was going to be in the show and after the disappointment of The Tomorrow People being canceled after one season, I needed more of him lol. I’m glad that I decided to watch it though because its absolutely fabulous and I’m counting down the days until season 2.

4. Sherlock

I mean…Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, updated versions of the old Arthur Conan Doyle stories? WIN. Just…win. Everything about this show is just fabulous. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, its just so good. Its written well, and they do such a great job with updating Sherlock Holmes while also keeping a good honor in the old stories. I love it. I don’t love that we only get a few episodes every three years or so…

3. Arrested Development 

I have to give credit where credit is due. My ex boyfriend made me watch this show. I remember at the time I was so head over heels that I was pretty much willing to do anything for him so I was like, whatever, fine, we can watch it. Now I’m like, well we broke up but thank you for introducing me to one of the FUNNIEST shows I’ve ever watched. This show is amazing and I can watch it over and over again, and it still is funny. In fact, I really would like to watch it again…

2. Game of Thrones

I tried to read the books. I did. I read the first two and don’t get me wrong, I definitely liked them. But they aren’t my style. They’re heavy and just not my type of thing. But I fell in love with the TV show right away. Its hard not to love. Its dramatic and bloody and addicting. And you kind of want to keep watching because you never know who is going to die next and that’s pretty exciting.

1. Doctor Who

Of course. Its the only TV show that I have a tattoo from. Well, Shadowhunters but I don’t think that counts haha. I fell in love with this show and I’ve gobbled down each and every episode I could get my hands on. I love that each Doctor and each companion brings something different and unique to the show. I love that because of that, the show gets to continue. Its the longest running science fiction show. Its science-y and dramatic and emotional and romantic and hilarious and I love every minute of it, even the minutes that aren’t as good as the others ;)


Weekly Fangirl Round-Up

Nerd Girl News

Suddenly, this I feel like a kid again: the Captain Underpants movie is heading to theaters this January!

For a limited time, ed the pilot episode of Delirium, the TV show based on Lauren Oliver’s novel, will be available for viewing on Hulu.

Oh yes, more The Maze Runner stills have been released. You can NEVER go wrong with that.

Rumors are abound that Jason Momoa is slated to appear as Aquaman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.

A release date for the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG has been announced! My childhood heart is so happy!


The Teen Choice Awards nominees are out, and YA movie adaptations seem to be ruling! Get your vote on!

Check out the first official promo poster for Insurgent!

New UK trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy has been released.

Get your first look of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in this newly released still!

New poster featuring Chloe Moretz in If I Stay has surfaced!

Lionsgate releases new district propaganda posters in anticipation for Mockingjay!

Black Widow Film Possibly in the Works?

The Amazing Spider Man 2 DVD/Blu-Ray gets a release date!

Lunar Chronicles fans! Marissa Meyer has written a prequel of sorts, all about the deliciously evil Queen Levana!

Check out the full winner’s list from the Critic’s Choice Awards!

Here you are, YA fans, the official synopsis for the movie adaptation of The DUFF.

Check out some first looks at the new Disney series, The Descendants!

The Powerpuff Girls are returning in a whole new series, coming in 2016!

Han Solo down! Han Solo down! Harrison Ford suffers an injury on set that sidelines him for TWO whole months :(

Rupert Grint, known for playing Ron Weasley, will be making the jump to Broadway! Yay!

The new additions to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are opening July 7th, check out some pictures from the grand opening preview!

Star Wars: Episode 8 has a director; find out who it is!

Get ready, Legend of Korra fans! Season 3 is coming and sooner than you thought!

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Five Reasons FOX’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is a Keeper

So if you aren’t aware of hit show Sleepy Hollow, approved then I just have ONE question for you — what rock are you sleeping under?! Not only is it an AMAZING show, cialis 40mg it’s the biggest show on FOX since 24, which is another show I’m still obsessed with today!

Let me explain something to you, if you haven’t read my bio — I don’t really watch television. I think television has lost its touch since the late 90s/early 00s and it bums me out. Too many reality TV shows, not enough quality. It’s annoying. So when I discovered Sleepy Hollow, not only was I happy to see something non-reality show, but I was happy to see something GOOD. And boy, oh boy, is this show good.

It’s thrilling — tons of drama, a bit of scary movie, a bit of humor, and some fantasy. It’s the perfect package. If that’s not enough to convince you to give this show a chance, then allow me to give you — “Five Reasons FOX’s Sleepy Hollow is a Keeper” (and why you should watch):

1. Ichabod Crane

Sleepy Hollow TV series Ichabod Crane

Crane was put under a spell, by his wife (who we discover is a witch), for his protection. He awakens from the spell, centuries later, to new world that makes no sense to him. He soon discovers that he wasn’t the only thing that woke up from a spell.

2. Sleepy Hollow Legend



The story of the Headless Horseman is an American folk tale made famous by author, Washington Irving. It tells of a German mercenary (or Hessian) that was decapitated during the war of the American Revolution. He was buried in a graveyard near a church. He is said to have risen as a ghost and haunts the town. He decapitates his victims, just as he was decapitated during the war.

This is the primary story of the Sleepy Hollow, but there are other overlapping stories. Such as the Four Horsemen, which stems from the story in the Book of Revelations, which is the last book of the Bible.

These tales are woven together in a way that I almost forget which story is which. But I love how creative the writers of this show are! To think of tying the Headless Horseman with the Four Horsemen? Cool!

3. Nicole Beharie is FANTASTIC



She’s a beautiful girl. But what’s more, she’s an amazing actress. In the four episodes that I have seen, she has brought SO much emotion to screen. From her tension-filled relationship with her sister to her struggle to recall her painful childhood, I feel every tear she sheds, every angry word she speaks, every pain filled gasp she takes. Nicole is taking the character of Abbie Mills and bringing her to life. Big time.

4. Fantastical characters & historical flashbacks




Sleepy Hollow Cranky Witch

From witches to headless horsemen to The Sandman to Ichabod Crane in uniform. There is a bit of everything in this show. Fantasy meets reality. Myth meets truth. Science and logic meet the unexplained and unexplainable.

The police force, which is founded on finding factual and tangible evidence, has to rely on the strength and capabilities of a man, who was buried for centuries and doesn’t know how to use a remote control! Or a car radio. And has outrage over “donut tax!”

But it is brilliant to watch!

5. Tom Mison is HOT


Tom Mison - by Charlie Carter.preview

I purposely made these photos bigger. I mean, just look at him. Wouldn’t you want to be saved by him? Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet. You ready for it?


He’s British!

Yep, the European imports are taking over… and I do NOT mind.

There is so much that has yet to happen in this show, but it’s already been renewed for a second season, which is fabulous. The show’s been getting fabulous ratings, and the storyline is great. I’m just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Well, there you have it. My Top 5 Reasons to watch Sleepy Hollow. If you have any more, I would love to know what they are!

Geeking out,

Christina Marie