Blogversary Announcement – BENCHED, A New Adult Sports Romance, Coming September 2020!

Its What A Nerd Girl Says 8th Blogversary today!!

I can’t believe that this little ol’ blog has been around for eight years. I started this blog on a whim – I hardly thought it through. I think the only thing I truly thought through was the name, something that I’m SO glad I thought about because its been my moniker, my identity, for 8 years. This has been so insanely important to me. I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and was taking a look at my memories and I posted something that really resonated with me today. I didn’t celebrate much last year, mostly because I had started a new position at my work and had just moved into an apartment. But I really expressed myself well. Here’s what I wrote:

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32nd Birthday Post: 32 Books That Impacted Me in 32 Years of Life

Happy Birthday to Me! Today I am 32 years old, which sounds kind of crazy in my mind but I don’t feel 32 so there’s that. I feel like I can partly attribute that to the fact that most of my interests are the interests of teenagers – like YA books and movies and scene kid music – so it keeps me young and partly attributed to the fact that I am in better shape than I’ve probably ever been in my entire life.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some books that changed my life. There are SO many books that shaped my life. I’ve been reading my entire life, since I was roughly around 2 years old. Because of that, books are been a huge, huge, huge influence in my life. So to celebrate my 32nd rotation around the sun, I’m talking about 32 books that have made me the person I am today.

These are no particular order but there are definitely ones toward the top that mean more to me, of course, but all of these had an impact on me in some way, shape or form.


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My Goals for 2020 – Reading, Writing, Fitness, Health, LIFE!

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve made it to 2020, for better or for worse. We have an entire year ahead of us, and let’s make it a good one, right?

The beginning of 2019 was very brand new to me and not just because it was a new year. Every year, people all over the world set resolutions and goals and, let’s be real, a lot of us fail. It’s really easy to see the new year as a blank slate, as a full 365 (366 this year) day chance to be a better person and it’s also really easy to fall back on old habits. It takes a lot to change things that you want to change. And I’ve never really been able to accomplish it because I don’t think I ever wanted it that badly.

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What A Nerd Girl Says Was Broken…and Now Its Not!




It is SOOOOO good to finally be back.

For some reason, I still don’t know because technology confuses the heck out of me – What A Nerd Girl Says has been down since the beginning of the month. My amazing, wonderful, beautiful, one of a kind superhero of a web master has been working her ass off in her free time to get it back up and running and its been an ordeal for sure. Luckily this happened during the month of November when most of my concentration is on NaNoWriMo (38,518 words and counting…) but its still been incredibly frustrating. When I get stuck on writing my novel, I come here and work on a post or two, just to get some words out and then return back to writing.

Not having that escape has been so hard. Plus, after being SO good at posting nearly every single day for Blogtober, it felt so weird to not be able to post at all. I have reviews for The Mandalorian and posts on Disney animated films and I need to do an event recap of Marissa Meyer’s Supernova event in San Diego…its just been so hard to not be able to post.

The blog is finally back up and running and I had to completely redo the rebrand that I had done right before the crash. Luckily, since I spent so much time on it before, I knew what I had to do to get it back to the way it was before.

I appreciate all of your patience as this was fixed and redone and promise lots and lots of new posts coming really soon!

Introducing A Nerd Girl Gets Fit Blog!

About a year ago, I posted a recap of an event – the Wonder Woman 5K in Los Angeles at LA Live. It was the first 5K I had ever run in my life and it was a crowning moment of my life and it sort of set the tone for the way my life would change and the way it would shape my every day routine. It would create new goals for me, new ambitions and new obsession. Because its become such an important part of my life, I want to talk about it. I thought about talking about it on this blog but it just never felt right – it felt too personal and while I’m personal on this blog, I’m not THAT personal. So I’m introducing my new endeavor. 

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