Allegiant Do’s and Don’t’s!

So my good friend, visit this Paulina, buy over at I Am Divergent posted recently this awesome list of Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to the Allegiant release on Tuesday.

People have already received copies of Allegiant, price whether through accidental early shipping or the PDF released early online.

And I’m doing what I should be doing and I’m waiting until Tuesday, the release date, to pick up my copy.

But there are a TON of people posting spoilers, and let me say this:

People who post spoilers SUCK. They SUCK. I think that is SO incredibly wrong. I read faster than most people. I read The House of Hades in about four hours before most people were awake and able to go out and buy the book. I recognize that feeling of wanting to burst with spoilers and talk to people.

Be a big girl/boy. Hold it on. People can’t read as fast, and spoilers are MEAN!

So here’s that picture I was talking about!


I will be following these. I know that I will probably finish the book fairly quickly so I know I have to be careful, the same way I was careful with The House of Hades.

I will also be posting a review of Allegiant on Thursday, but as you guys know, it ALWAYS will be spoiler free. All of my reviews are spoiler free.

If you guys do want to talk Allegiant and spoilers, please visit my forums, and we can totally talk there.

But seriously, if I see any of my followers posting spoilers on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, on here, anywhere, I will throw down. Please don’t ruin that first read experience for everyone else.

Happy Reading!