World Art Drop Day! – September 1st, 2015

So a few days ago, what is ed I was hanging out with my friend Sean, who is an artist. A really good artist. Like, seriously good. You should check him out on Instagram and follow him because seriously, the guy blows my mind.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 4.36.17 PM

Seriously? Doesn’t that just make your jaw drop? Its adorable and it immediately captivates me and makes me want to know more about this little kid. I actually know more because Sean told me but…anyway…

Moving on!

Sean told me about this really cool thing called World Art Drop Day. Apparently it was started last year by a guy named Jake Parker, who does some pretty cool artwork. You can check out his website here.

Basically what happens is this: Jake went on a trip with his wife and decided to do this really cool thing. He would create original works of art, small things, drawings, stuff like that, and he would hide it somewhere, in wherever he was at the moment. Then he would post a hint about where he hid it on his social media pages, twitter, instagram, that sort of thing. Then people could go and find it. He had a lot of fun doing it, and decided to make it a world wide thing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 4.40.47 PM

And it sounds seriously awesome. Sean is participating so seriously, follow him on instagram to see where he’ll be dropping things this Tuesday.

I wasn’t going to participate because, well, I’m not an artist. I can’t draw in the slightest, can’t paint, can’t do any of that sort of thing. Sean encouraged me to participate as a writer but I thought that was just silly. Until I watched this YouTube video of Jake talking all about World Art Drop Day and he mentioned that writers should do it too, and I thought, okay well…maybe.

I thought about it A LOT and I decided that…yes, yes I am going to participate. I will be hiding FIVE things on World Art Drop Day. I will be hiding 2 snippets from The Awakened, 2 snippets from Benched (which have NEVER been seen before) and hopefully one original work. If I can get it done before then. Hopefully. EEK!

I hope that you’ll be able to follow along on my instagram and find these super cool things. I’m really excited to be participating and I’m hoping that you guys get encouraged to participate too, no matter what sort of art you do! If its drawing, painting, digital art, jewelry making, poetry, writing, photography, I think there’s a spot for everyone to participate!

If you’d like to know more about World Art Drop Day and what to do, how to do it, that sort of thing, check out the post on Jake Parker’s website here.

You can also check out this video as well. It IS a little long but it has all the information you could possibly need and its really what encouraged me to participate in this!