Tuesday Top Ten-Favorite Divergent Moments

Today is the day, information pills my friends. It is 9:45 here, viagra dosage in California but most other places, its midnight and Allegiant has released. Which means, its released for me too! Which means its already downloaded to my Kindle RIGHT NOW.

Do you know how hard it is to write this post when all I want to do is dive into this book?

But alas, I will finish this post in a timely manner and then you guys will basically lose me until I finish this book :)

So in order to celebrate the release of the final book in the Divergent trilogy, I have decided to count down my top Ten moments in the Divergent trilogy…so far. I hope you enjoy them!

P.S. There will DEFINITELY be spoilers for Divergent and Insurgent in this post. You have been warned.

10. The Raven Tattoos

I love when Tris gets her tattoos, the three ravens on her collarbone. I think its a real turning point for her. She still has loyalties to her family and to the faction of Abnegation but she realizes she has to sway her loyalties toward the Dauntless in order to become one, and not a factionless. I think this moment shows her accepting that she can have both, in different ways. The Dauntless mostly all have tattoos and by getting this tattoo, she is stepping into their world. But because she gets three tattoos for her mother, father and brother, it shows she will always love them, no matter what factions they are in. I think its incredibly sweet and amazing. I plan on getting the exact same tattoo soon, so I can’t wait to be part of that with her.

9. Tris’ First Simulation

When Tris goes under the simulation, in order to determine which faction that she fits the best with, I don’t know what any of us expected. This is so soon in the book, it happens so fast before we even really know Tris or the society that she lives in. But this right here shows so much about her. It shows her strength, her intelligence, her courage and bravery and her ability to think quickly and her ability to lie as well. Its amazing how quickly you can become acquainted with, and fall in love with, Tris, in this one scene. Its also when we find out that she’s Divergent, which is SO pivotal to the entirety of the series.

8. Amity and Tris

When Tris goes to Amity, after the disaster events that happen in Divergent, and she is injected with the peace serum, and she just acts ridiculous? I just love it. Because I feel like we’ve gotten two different versions of her. We get the silent, selfless, “stiff” Beatrice of Abnegation and then we get the strong, brave Tris of Dauntless, and seeing this silly and carefree Tris, where she’s acting free and open. She’s saying all these things that she’s never said before and its just fantastic. Amidst all the chaos that is going on in their society, the fact that we are able to laugh for this scene is fantastic. I’m sure not sure how many humorous moments that we are going to have in Allegiant so this was a nice moment.

7. Peter Saving Tris

I didn’t expect this in the slightest. You think Tris is going to die, or be tortured, and you feel absolutely completely hopeless. I mean, I can’t even imagine how much hopeless I could have felt in that moment with Jeanine. So when Peter saves Tris, SAVES her, I was in shock, but I don’t know. I kind of felt for Peter in that moment. You hate him so much, he’s just an enemy but you can’t help but like him at least a little bit in that moment. He risks his life, does everything he can, and saves Tris. I kind of have hope for Peter now. I don’t know whats going to happen to him in the future, but you just never know.

6. The End of Insurgent

Come on! That cliffhanger, where they watch the video, and you see Edith Prior and then things go to chaos and then the book just ends! I remember thinking, this can’t be happening. I read Insurgent when it came out nearly a year and a half ago, and I thought, there is no way that I have to wait that long to figure out what happens next. I seriously think its one of Veronica Roth’s best moments because she knows exactly how to create a huge drama, and then just leave you hanging, panting, dying for the next thing to happen. Its intense and insane.

5. Knife Throwing Scene

Okay, so Four decides, hmmm, I’m gonna throw knives at Tris to teach her a lesson or something and he nicks her ear on purpose and makes her bleed. He’s a total jerk in that scene. But for some reason, every single girl who has read that book loves that scene and we totally fall even more in love with Four than we already were. We’re all mentally thinking, I wish a boy would throw knives at my head in a desperate attempt to tell me how much he is in love with me. It literally makes no sense whatsoever, but it just is one of those scenes that sticks with you. That’s why it was the VERY first still that was released from the filming. And even though its kind of crazy, I think it also shows the strength and fear in both of them, testing each other strengths and fears in that moment. Its a bonding moment for them, though they don’t even know it.

4. Four’s Fear Landscape

I like this scene because this is the moment that you realize there’s so much more to Four than just that tough guy, stoic attitude. He has fears, not a lot of them, but they’re all so real and full. I think showing Tris really is his way of telling her how much she means to someone. The fear landscapes open us up to a person, our souls, and you sort of lay yourself bare to a person when you show them  that. By taking Tris into his landscape, and even letting her discover his true identity, he is opening himself up to Tris, completely. Its a beautiful scene. For the first time, you sort of believe that Tris is just as strong, if not stronger, than Four

3. The Ferris Wheel

There are two ways in which I love this scene. First off, you get the fact that Tris is incredibly intelligent in the scene and that she shouldn’t be underestimated. Ever. While everyone is bickering on how to handle the Capture the Flag situation, she decides, I’m going to climb this ridiculously huge Ferris Wheel in order to see what the other team is up to. And she does it, she shows the bravery to do it as well. But I like it as well, because I think that this is the turning point for Four when it comes to Tris. I think he had always noticed her, she was another Abnegation transfer, but this moment where she just shows her ultimate bravery and she’s so calm, it stands out to him. It also helps that climbing this far up, being high up, is a fear for him, and to see her tackle it is huge. Its a scene that I’m dying to see in the movie. I can’t wait for this.

2. Four’s First “I Love You”

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.23.20 PM

This really speaks it all. Its the most absolute perfect way for it to happen. It reminds me so much of my own first “I love you” with my boyfriend. It was absolutely perfect. Its not the way you picture it or imagine it. Its not beautiful or over-the-top, but its amazing. Its amazing just exactly the way it is. So I can’t say much more than that. Its beautiful. It shows the perfection of them as a couple.

1. Tris’ First Jump

I think I knew I loved Tris as a character when you see the way she is in her simulation but when she decides to switch to Dauntless and she is the first one to jump into that chasm, where she just has to have faith that there will be something down there to catch her…its the moment that Tris becomes one of my absolute favorite characters. Tris is the only transfer from Abnegation and everyone is making fun of her, and they’re already underestimating her before she can even do anything and the fact that she undresses herself a bit and throws it at Peter, and then takes that first jump. Its beautiful and I love that scene. Its also the scene where she and Four meet for the first time, and where she changes her name from Beatrice to Tris, so I just love it. Its the one scene where I’ll probably tear up and jump up and down in my seat for in the movie. Of course.

*      *      *      *      *

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Tuesday Top Ten. Now I must go to my bed, curl up with my Kindle and dive into this book.

If you don’t see me for a few hours, that’s where I am!

Share your own Divergent and Insurgent moments in the comments below! NO spoilers for Allegiant!