Fall Book Challenge 2015!

Hello everyone! Welcome to a super fun, link super BOOKISH blog post today. I know that lately I have been spamming you like crazy with posts about MY book and I do apologize for that. I mean, I know you guys are JUST as excited as I am too, but let’s not forget about other peoples’ books, right?


So my dear best friend, Alex, from People Like Books, did a vlog recently where she came up with her OWN Fall Book Challenge, of questions. You can watch her video here. Of course, she tagged me. Now, I thought about doing a vlog buuuuuuut to be honest, I don’t have the time for it (editing sucks big time lol) and I’m a writer, so it’ll just work SO much better in an actual blog post.

So here we go! I’m going to answer the questions, and then tag a few people, and yeah, its going to be quite fun!

1) All time favorite book/series

Now, why don’t you start off with a harder question, Alex. Seriously? Really? This is SO hard.

Actually its not that hard. There are SEVERAL series of books that I like, and LOVE, but there is one series that sort of tops out all the rest of them and that is easily the Harry Potter series. I started reading those books when I was 10 years and I am now nearing on 28 years old so they’ve been a part of my life for a really long time. I could go on and on about what they did for me, but honestly, you guys know. They did what every good book does to me…but times a million.

2. Match Your Favorite Song with a Book

So my favorite song EVER is Konstantine by Something Corporate. And I tried really hard to think of a book that went with that but honestly it just didn’t. So I started to think of my other favorite songs…and basically it was just way too much thinking for me. An easy one is…one of my favorite songs by Fall Out Boy, Just One Yesterday. I absolutely love that song; it makes me SO happy and I belt it out like I can actually carry tune.

Fall Out Boy – Just One Yesterday 

Spoiler alert: I totally can’t.

But anyway, it reminds me of the first three books in the Mortal Instruments series, and especially City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. There is just something about that song that just reminds me of Jace and Clary and their love story and all the utter SHIT they go through together, but how they just keep ending back in the same spot. Its beautiful.

3. When You Buy Books, Do You Judge Them Based on Their Cover?

Question? Are there actually, legitimately, actually people who DON’T judge a book by their cover? I mean, are there really?

Maybe there are. But I do. I definitely do. Its kind of sucky too because in YA, there can be a LOT of crappy covers. Take for instance…the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout OR the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. HORRIBLE covers. Like…I cringe just thinking about how bad those covers are! But those series are actually seriously great, and it was because of the recommendations of trusted friends that I even read them (which cracks me up, now that I have a VA tattoo)

But honestly? Without a solid recommendation or whatever, if I see a cover that is just…I don’t know, sparkly, or cliche, or has two teens looking way too much in love or something, I don’t know, I’m going to have to pass. Covers are what draw my attention in, so of course they are going to be what completely repels me as well.

4. How Do You Treat Your Books


I SHOW THEM LOVE. lol. I am very hard on my books. I know a lot of people like to give me a hard time about that but I say PSH on you. But I like to get rough with them. It just happens. I like to be comfortable when I read, so I bend the spines and I take them outside and I read while I eat so I spill food on them, and things like that. You can see above…that’s my favorite book, Trickster’s Choice, and I have torn it to pieces. AND I actually handed that over to Tamora Pierce to have her sign it too. Blasphemy? I think not. I have shown how much I absolutely love that book.


5. All Time Favorite Author?


That’s a hard question. I decided to narrow it down to four because come on, ONE?! There’s just no way. My top four would be JK Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Andrew Smith, and Cassandra Clare. These ones are basically what I consider my “auto-buy” authors…whatever they release, I’m there, and I buy it.

6. Name Only ONE Book You Would Recommend to People Who Never Read Books

This one is hard…because I feel like everyone is so different. What I might recommend to one person…it may not work at all for another person at all. But I think my go-to book, the one that immediately comes to mind when people ask me for book recommendations (which happens QUITE often)…is Winger by Andrew Smith.

Its just SO good, and its a fairly easy read and it just has so much. Its hilarious and its emotional at the same time, and its just easily one of my favorite books. I love that way that its written, it kind of shows those who normally don’t read that books don’t have to be so…formal? Is that the word I’m looking for? I have no idea haha. But its written casually and its hilarious and its my go-to recommendation.

7. What is a Book That You Wish had a Better Ending? 

Its funny because I have two…and they are the exact same ones as Alex.

The first one is Origin by Jennifer L Armentrout. This is the very last book in the Lux series. It just…it didn’t end like I had hoped it would. Everything was wrapped in this pretty little bow and it made me want to punch a wall or something. And spoiler alert: the characters get married and it just irritates me to NO end. Teens don’t need to get married…and it really added nothing to the actual plot line. I just thought the whole last book was a mess

The second one is City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare…god. I don’t even know what to say or where to start. Basically…that book was just the messiest, incredibly disappointing book. I expected heartbreak and death and all this stuff and it just didn’t deliver to me. Just further proof that City of Glass should have been the end…

8. Biggest Book on Your Bookshelf.

I’m pretty sure its City of Heavenly Fire. Its like 800 pages? Or some of my Harry Potter books are damn huge. Gone with the Wind might be as well, but its paperback so it doesn’t look quite as big haha! Its over 1000 pages though so it has to be the biggest one…

9. What are the First Two Books on Your Wishlist? 

*goes to look*

Well…technically the first two on my book wish list are the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments box sets because they have new covers…but that doesn’t really count haha.

So the next two are Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

and Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray.

I gotta get those!

10. Do You Prefer e-Readers or real books? 

Look, I’m going to be that girl. I like both. I really do. Don’t get me wrong…I love books more, definitely. I love the smell, and the satisfaction of cracking the spine and I love seeing the beautiful beautiful covers and spines.

But I also read super stupid fast. So I love e-readers because I have all these CHOICES. I love that. I love that I can get early copies of books I love a little easier because I’ll accept a e-copy of it.

11. If you Could Live in Any Fictional World, Which Would You Choose?

I feel like this is cheating and its so obvious but its SO true. I would easily live in the world of Harry Potter. I’ve been reading that since I was 10 years old. I want to be a damn wizard already. I’m already convinced I am one ;)

12. Favorite October Read? 

I’m going to talk about two. One is A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. I love it because its very paranormal, very dark and romantic. It reminds me of the sort of autumn, creep, gothic, spooky feeling we get this time of year. The entire series is absolutely amazing and its one that’s fallen off a little over the past couple years but it should make a huge comeback because the covers are gorgeous and the series is just simple amazing.

The second one is one that I just read: Secrets in Phoenix by Gabriella Lepore. I swear to you, I’m not just mentioning it because she’s my author sis, and we’re published by the same company. Not at all lol. Her book is SO perfect for this month! Ben really picked the perfect title for his first release and in October. I LOVE it. Its spooky and dark and it has WITCHES in it, and you really can’t get better than that.

I lied. I have a third one. Jinx by Meg Cabot. I LOVE Meg’s books. Its a perfectly fun and witchy book and I absolutely ADORE it. I just remembered it right now. I love it, it has spells and a a jinx (hence the title) and a cute boy and all kinds of fun. UGH. Now I want to reread this book…

13. Favorite Snack to Have While You Read

Everything? Its hard to say because I literally eat and read at the same time ALL the time. Because if I’m wrapped up in the book, I don’t pause. Period. I just don’t. So everything? But some favorites are my iced green teas, hot cheetos and gobstoppers…not at all the same time though because that sounds seriously disgusting…

14. What book Feels Like a Knitted Sweater

I’m not sure if this is what Alex meant but the first book I thought of when I heard this question was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Everything about that book screams comfort and cozy sweater and familiarity. Plus there’s this fall feeling to it and I’m not really sure why haha but I always think fall when I think Fangirl. But anyway, I’ve said before and I”ll say it another million times…Fangirl is a book that is incredibly close to my heart and to my personality and to me, period, so it is something that I would wear if I could make it into an article of clothing


Thanks for reading guys and thanks Alex for tagging me. I’m tagging a few people below but feel free to do it whether or not I tagged you. Do it in a vlog like Alex or a blog like me, or whatever you so want. Just make sure to use the hashtag #FallBookChallenge15! And tag me and Alex (@peoplelikebooks) in it!

Happy Fall everyone!

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Bookish Survey: Cast a Harry Potter Spell

So one of my new blogger friends, pill Kayla from The Thousand Lives (who I met a couple weeks ago, visit this and who Im happy to report, help is SO awesome), just posted this on her blog, and she got it from Flip that Page. I read it and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I mean, mixing up Harry Potter spells with books? I call that an epic win.

So let’s dive in!

Cast a Spell! 


fixes damaged objects

A book that needs some serious fixing: Requiem by Lauren Oliver. The series started off pretty good; it had an interesting concept but it just fell so flat as it went along.


creates a narrow beam of light

A book that deserves more attention: The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. Now here is a lady that just SO rocks the YA fantasy genre and doesn’t get enough credit for it.


counters the effects of Lumos

An overhyped book: Catcher in the Rye. I do not understand the appeal of this book. I do not understand why its so highly acclaimed and why people just love it. I do not understand why people name their kid after Holden Caufield. He’s annoying as all heck, and he spends the entire novel whining up a storm.


summons an object from a significant distance

A book you’re anticipating: So many. But my answer at the moment would be Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith. The guy is a genius. I am so happy I discovered him and his amazing writing this year.


opens unlocked doors, unless bewitched

A book you want to be more open about: I don’t know. I’m a book blogger. I don’t really have a problem talking openly about books. I have no probably saying if i love or hate a book.

Expecto Patronum

conjures an incarnation of positive feelings

A book that made you cry, or at least want to: There are just too many for me to even begin to say. I’ve cried over a lot of books. I sobbed at Clockwork Princess, and Allegiant, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and way more than that.


conjures the Dark Mark

A book you wish to mark as one of your favorites: Either Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling or Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce

Petrificus Totalus

petrifies victim

A book you wish to keep forever: Harry Potter. What other books do I really need.


shield charm

An intimidating book you keep putting off: The entire Song of Ice and Fire series. I’ve read the first 1.5 books but I haven’t continued because of the sheer magnitude of them.


used against a boggart

A book with a deceiving synopsis: I can’t think of anything in particular BUT I hate when I pick up a book and it has SUCH a vague synopsis that you literally have NO Idea what its about. OH god, that’s so annoying. Like, you don’t create mystery and intrigue, you create annoyance.

Lacarnum Inflamarae

shoots fireballs

A book you wish to burn out of your mind completely: Fifty Shades of Grey. I only got 50 pages in, but that was enough. I just…no. I just can’t.

Wingardium Leviosa

levitates objects

A book you wish to reread: I’ve been wanting to re-read Harry Potter lately, and City of Ashes and City of Glass. I want to re-read The Hobbit again before the movie. I also really want to re-read Watchmen too.

Avada Kedavra

causes instant death

Worst book EVER: I hesitate to do this because I really hate to show disrespect to someone’s work, whether I liked it or not. But I do have a disrespect for some authors and books. I disrespect Fifty Shades of Grey. I also disrespect authors who use ghost writers. That’s a whole ‘nother story though.

Spells Cast on You!


puts victim in unconscious state

A book with a chapter you couldn’t seem to get over: Chapter 35: Veritaserum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I still believe its one of the best written chapters ever. The mystery that is unfolded, the smallest things that all build up together to reveal the true identity of Mad-Eye Moody. I remember being 13 and reading it, and having to read it again to understand the brilliance of it.


causes befuddlement or forgetfulness

A book that generally confused you: Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress. Its a sci-fi, sort of dystopian novel and I wanted to understand and like it so much but it just confused me more and more. It might be because I was reading it in my College Reading class, so I couldn’t understand the depths of it. Maybe I’ll go back and try again.


inflicts unbearable pain

A book that was a pain to read: The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. I had heard SO many good things about it from so many different readers and from all over the blogs, but when I read it, I was just immensely disappointed. It fell so flat to me. I didn’t even finish it. It just felt too close to the Hunger Games to me.


heals relatively minor injuries

A feel good book that you enjoyed: Hmmmmm, anything by Jessica Brody or Meg Cabot. These two authors can make me laugh, and make me feel so great


temporarily disarms an opponent

A book with a swoon-worthy character: Well….this could go on forever. Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments), Jared Lynburn (The Lyburn Legacy), Daniel ‘Day’ Wing (The Legend Trilogy), Sirius Black (HP), Aidan St. Delphi (Covenant series), Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games), Finnick Odair (Hunger Games), Will Herondale (Infernal Devices). I could go on for ages.


impedes target’s progress

A book that kept you up all night reading: Recently? Clockwork Princess, on release day. The House of Hades, on release day. Champion, on release day. All of these were bought at midnight, on my Kindle and I stayed up reading them. I also stayed up all night reading Unspoken.


immediate silencing

A book that left you speechless after you read it: Winger by Andrew Smith and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Both books that just literally blew my mind. I can’t stop recommending them to everyone.


allows you to delve into someone’s mind

A book with well-developed characters: Harry Potter, definitely. Each character is so well thought out, and has a back story and a fully fleshed personality, and they’re all so real. Every single one. Its beautiful.


a spell that turns you upside down

A book that changed your mind about a character from its prequel: Clockwork Prince, which is my favorite in the Infernal Devices. In Clockwork Angel, I was so aghast at the cruel nature of Will Herondale and I was rooting hard for Jem. But in CP, we learn so much more about Will, and it changed my mind COMPLETELY.


used to hide memories

A book with a story you can’t remember: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I just didn’t really like it all that much, and now I can’t even really remember the story of it.

Peskipiksi Pesternomi

useless spell

A boring book that had absolutely no effect on you: Paper Towns by John Green. I love him to death but this one just bored me the entire time. I couldn’t get into it at all.


breaks through solid objects

A book that convinced you to reconsider a certain genre: Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan…it gave me a ton of hope for the YA paranormal genre. I feel its gotten…well, pretty bad lately but I read this book and loved it so I’m hoping its gotten better.


tickling spell

A book that made you laugh: Winger by Andrew Smith. I haven’t laughed so hard in a book as much as this one.


offensive spell that violently wounds the target

A book that may have scarred you for life: In a good way, or bad way? Harry Potter scarred me for life, but in all the good ways.


makes you dance uncontrollably

A series finale that made you feel giddy: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Nothing can explain the feelings I had while reading that book.

Bombarda Maxima

causes an explosion that breaks through obstacles

A book that made you explode with the feels: I could go on for ages. The last HP book, City of Glass, Clockwork Princess, Champion, The Mark of Athena, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. So many.

Finite Incantatem

nullifies other spells

A book you thought you’d dislike, but ended up loving: Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. Her Demon’s Lexicon didn’t impress me much so I didn’t have hope for this one. It blew my expectations out of the water. I love it!

*      *        *       *      *

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Kayla for sharing this on her blog, so that I could steal it and share it here too!