Music Monday: “Can’t Save Myself” by As It Is

“Can’t Save Myself” by As It Is 

I can’t help the way my mind is hardwired to hate myself
‘Cause I swear that this is hell
The way I desperately try to save myself
‘Cause I can’t save myself
A single breath (in empty lungs)
That’s all I got left (gasping for air)
And a bad idea branded in my brain I can’t seem to shake
Another day (in tired skin)
I shed and fray (far from desire)
‘Til all I am is textbook misery and my own mistakes
And as I’ve aged the only thing I think has changed
Is that the demons have moved from under my bed
Into the inner depths of my head
I can’t escape the ugly things my mind creates
I speculate that they’ll stay with my ’til the grave
In broken bones (a half-hearted smile)
I feel at home (I’m proud of nothing)
I tend to get attached so quick to all I’ve ever known
But I don’t seem to know a single fucking thing that can save me
I’m my own worst enemy
Is there any hope for me?
I’m the boy who chose not to grow up and now I’m unprepared for anything
Now I’m scared and I’m cold and alone because the world grew up without me
(Is there any hope for me?)

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