Harry Potter Day at Disneyland Was a Blast!

Sunday was a seriously awesome day at the unofficial official Harry Potter Day at Disneyland!


This was the third time that I have done this, viagra 100mg because even though I’m a ginormous Harry Potter fan, I was unaware of this day existing until a few years ago. And my first year, I thought it was just a cool dress-up day. Last year, I finally discovered that its an awesome game!

See, here’s the thing about this day: all these Harry Potter fans dress up and descend upon the park, and they can participate in an epic scavenger hunt. There’s always a mystery afoot in the park, and its up to you to discover who is responsible for whatever is going on. It changes every year.

You create a team, of various Harry Potter friends and register your team under a name. Any name works. Last year I was with the Order of Awesome. This year I was with Team Hermione.


The teams are divided into four houses. Now they aren’t the normal houses that we are accustomed. The brains and creators behind this awesome day created their own school, called Yesnid’s (which is Disney backwards), and they created their four houses: Dashwood, Willowdell, Rickett and Grizcom. Your team is sorted into a house, and the houses battle it out in an epic scavenger hunt.

Several people cosplay as various Harry Potter characters and wander the park. When you find them, you’ll be asked TWO trivia questions. The semi-hard question is to earn a clue that will help you in the quest to solve the mystery. The harder question is to earn a coin.

The clues lead to the solving of the mystery. The house that collectively and correctly identifies the culprit wins the House Cup for the year. Then there is a team for each house that wins the prefect award for accumulating the most coins!

Confusing? It shouldn’t be! Its seriously a ton of fun. You spend the entire day, running around, and trying to find these Harry Potter characters, and its a ton of fun. I’m still sore as heck from it but its a lot of fun. You have to find all the characters in order to get all the clues and the coins. There’s also Snatchers, or Truancy officers, that run around and if they catch you, they can take points away from you.

SO I had an amazing time. I had a fairly good size team, and due to life and responsibilities, my team shrunk to me and my friends, Ana and Lori.


But you know what? We had an amazing time. We raced around the park, finding all the characters and answering 21 out of the 24 trivia questions right. We were three grown women, running through Disneyland when we spotted the truancy officers. Its a ton of fun.

I’m not going to lie either, I love doing it and showing that my Harry Potter trivia knowledge is pretty awesome. I’m pretty good at that trivia. If you ever have a Harry Potter trivia night or something, let me know. I SO have your back on that!

My team and I had an amazing time, and at the end of the night, we all gathered near Its a Small World, and they announced who committed the crime (It was Seamus Finnegan who was masquerading as Viktor Krum using Polyjuice Potion!), and they announced the house that won the House Cup for 2013. Rickett didn’t win, but that’s okay.

BUT! They always pick a team that wins for each house, by getting the most coins, and my team, Team Hermione, won! They announced us and all three of were like, “Wait, what?” None of us had expected to win AT all. We were pretty excited, and got our certificates and even took a picture with Hermione (and that sneaky Umbridge) to celebrate!

photo 1

I had an amazing time like always. I’m sore all over and my voice was pretty much gone by the end of the night and I’m pretty sure that I twisted my foot fairly badly because that was two days ago and it still hurts so badly. But a super fun time.

photo 2

If you live in the Southern California area, or will be in the area next year in November, you should DEFINITELY join in. Keep up with event by following their official Facebook page, and hopefully I’ll see you all next year!

Happy Harry Potter!