Tuesday Top Ten-Scenes I Hope to See in Catching Fire!

So this week, visit I’m kind of on a one track mind. I’ve got Jennifer Lawrence, story Josh Hutcherson, approved Liam Hemsworth, some districts, and an epic rebellion on the brain.

Next week, the highly awaited sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire will be releasing in theaters. However, this coming weekend, I will be attending the red carpet premiere, and participating in my FIRST EVER fan camp. I am so excited about it, and I literally am having so much trouble thinking of anything else.

So this week’s Tuesday Top Ten is counting down the ten things I hope to see in the Catching Fire movie!

I warn you: if you haven’t read Catching Fire, I will ruin the book for you. So please do not read this if you don’t want it spoiled for you!

10. The Victory Tour

One of my favorite parts of Catching Fire is the Victory Tour, and I think that’s because it really opens up the world that Suzanne has created. In the first book, we get District 12, a small portion of the Capitol and then the Arena. In this, we are able to see the vastness of the country of Panem, and the problems that is going on. I like the Victory Tour because Katniss and Peeta start to see so much more than District 12, and the Games. Its where the idea for a rebellion begins. I really want to see this in the movie because I want to see all the districts! Especially District 4!

9. Katniss and Haymitch Drinking

The moment when Katniss and Haymitch realize that she and Peeta will be going back into the arena is such a pivotal moment for the two of them. Its when Katniss finally understands Haymitch, and why he’s so drawn to drinking, and its why she drinks herself in that moment. She had been given a little bit of hope, by surviving, before the hopelessness sets in again. The moment that Haymitch and Katniss decide to make sure Peeta lives…its a beautiful moment. Its when they, and the readers, really realize how much better Peeta is than most people.

8. Jabberjays and the Tick Tock Arena

The Arena of the Games in Hunger Games is insanely enough, with flying fireballs and tracker jackers, and mutts that are made to look like fallen tributes, and so much more. But this one…it blows me away at how intricate and how seriously messed up it is. Its a clock, and each hour of the clock is a totally new horror. There’s the poisonous fog, and the bloodthirsty monkeys, but the one thing that killed me during the Games is the jabberjays. The fact they can match the exact tone of voice of someone and can make the tributes think they’re hearing their loved ones be tortured? Its pure evil. It doesn’t literally kill them, but it kills them emotionally. I can’t wait to see the Games in this movie.

7. Gale Being Whipped

Okay, I know that sounds super messed up but hear me out. Suzanne has Gale whipped for a number of reasons. It shows Katniss the feelings that she has for Gale, feelings that she is going to need to work out. It shows the levels of cruelty that exist in Panem. It shows that standing up and fighting, not running away, is the answer. So I had hoped that they would not take this scene out because of the violence of it. There’s a reason this scene is there, and I think its pivotal to the story and extremely pivotal to the character development of Katniss. I’ve seen enough previews and TV spots to know that it’ll be in the movie, and I know that despite my desire to have it in the movie, I will definitely be upset when I see it.

6. Victors Holding Hands

I think this is just an unbelievably beautiful scene in the book. Twenty-four people from twelve different districts that are going to be pit against each other to the death come together and band together for one moment, and show the injustice of the government. They may not have remained that way in the Games, but for a brief moment, they were united. I can’t have been the only one that was moved by that scene.

5. Peeta Proposing to Katniss

I know its not real, because they have to do that in order to protect each other, and the people they love, but come on, I have shipped Katniss and Peeta since the beginning, and I’m sure that its going to be a squeal worthy scene anyway. We know Peeta. We know how caring and loving and sincere he is, and how much he truly does love Katniss. I can imagine, even in a fake proposal (real proposal?), he expresses all of that so eloquently and I can’t wait to see it.

4. Katniss Being “Pregnant”

I hope, I hope, I hope this doesn’t get kicked out of the movie. I hope it made it in. I think its so important. I think it has so many purposes. First off, it just shows how incredibly clever Peeta is. He knows exactly how to garner attention and cause mayhem. He’s brilliant. By telling everyone that Katniss is pregnant, right before the Games, he is stirring something in all the people around the country who love her. If they didn’t already feel the injustice of seeing the victors they love going in to the arena, they are feeling the injustice now. I also think it shows how much Peeta is willing to do for Katniss, to keep her safe, to save her life and protect her. And separately, by letting Katniss go in, while carrying a child (though we know she isn’t actually), the Capitol and President Snow show their cruelty but not even sparing an unborn child. This better be in the movie!

3. Katniss and Peeta on the beach

Okay, this is totally the sexy scene of the book, but its more than that too. Its the moment that Peeta tries to convince Katniss not to save him, to save herself, because she has Gale and her mother and Prim to go home to. He tells her that no one will miss him, the way people will miss her. Its the moment when Katniss really realizes how much Peeta means to her, and that she’s the only one who will be completely affected by Peeta’s death. She’s confused; she has feelings for both Peeta and Gale, but I think this is the first moment that she really realizes her feelings for Peeta. The intimacy they share in that moment is so real, and raw, and not just because of their feelings for each other, but because of the hopeless situation they are in. I know this scene will be in there, because we will riot as fans if they aren’t.

2. Wedding Dress Into a Mockingjay Outfit

I think this is really the first moment that the idea of rebellion is more than just a spark. There are uprisings in some of the districts, and there’s unrest now that the Capitol is forcing former victors to compete in the Hunger Games. But Katniss is a hero to the districts, a person who beat the Capitol at their own game. I think everyone just sort of waits to see what she’ll do, to follow her lead, and by transforming from a young girl, in her wedding dress, to a powerful and beautiful mockingjay, she creates a visceral reaction. Its a very powerful moment, and thats a pivotal point for President Snow. Katniss has to die in the Games. This is also a moment that leads to a very important, very heartbreaking death.

1. Finnick Odair 

Finnick Odair is my absolute favorite character in the entire series, and for so many reasons. Everyone has the image of him as the good-looking heartbreaker from District 4, because he’s a great fighter, a compassionate person and in love with the most unlikely of people, a girl gone crazy from her own trip into the games. He is incredibly charming and sexy, and he has the blond, surfer boy thing going on that I can’t help but love but he’s also an incredibly complex person too. I can’t wait to see him fight with his tridents, carry Mags on his back, save Peeta’s life, and just be the amazing Finnick that he is. I think Sam Claflin will do a great job!

*      *      *       *       *

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Top Ten. I can’t wait to see the movie, and I’m sure most of you can’t wait either!

What are some of the scenes from the book that you hope makes it into the movie? Share in the comments!