The Darling Buds at Gibson 90210-Recap and LIVE Video!

So, website like this you know, viagra order seeing Jamie Campbell Bower, Tristan Marmont, Dan Smith and Roland Johnson aka The Darling Buds just once in a week was just…just not enough for me. I was lucky enough to see the band play a 21+ sold out show at The Hotel Cafe on Monday, which was SUPER awesome. It was seriously…it was so awesome. You can read all about that concert and check out the video I took here at this link.

Because the show on Monday was at a 21+ venue, there was another show on Thursday night, all ages, free, first come, first serve for the first 100 people. At first, I wasn’t going to go because, well, fangirls get kind of poor and I had already seen Jamie play at the Venice Boardwalk and I had just seen the full band play at the Hotel Cafe on Monday.

But then my awesome friend Stephanie convinced me to go, and offered to come pick me up (which is just…beyond awesome, since it was out of her way), and you know what? I am SO glad I did it! Because I needed to be a spoiled girl and see them again. Of course.



So me, Stephanie, my friend Cassandra and Sylvia (from Fangirl Feeels) all piled in a car together and made our way to Beverly Hills to the Gibson Showroom to try and get into this free show. We arrived at about one pm and were pretty stoked to see that there were only about 10 people in line. We immediately got in line and spent the next six hours, hanging out, drinking a bit, and playing games…oh and eating Chipotle. You know, the usual fangirl life.

When we got into the venue, we immediately snagged a good spot, and once the band started playing, we really realized how GREAT of a spot we got! Check out the video I took. I got two full songs, “Freak Like Me” and “Waiting”. I took a few 15-second videos of other songs like “Better Man” and “Dragons are Real, You Have to Believe Me”, and you can see those all on my instagram page.

The BEST part was that I was recording “Freak Like Me” because I LOVE that song, and I didn’t get it on Monday, and Jamie came up to me, Sylvia, Stephanie, Cassandra and our friend, Jackie, and started singing with us. That made my whole night. I literally keep watching that part of the video, over and over and over again. SUCH a great experience.

The Darling Buds rocked it, hard, and it was just as awesome of a performance as Monday, maybe even better. You could tell they were a bit nervous on Monday, maybe because it was a sold out show and there was pressure or whatnot. Tonight, they looked so laid back and they were having fun and it was SO great.

After the show was over, we started making our way out, when I spotted Roland. I took pictures with all the guys on Monday night but I didn’t think for a moment to get autographs because, well, I just didn’t think of it. So I flagged Roland down, got his signature and got another beautiful selfie with him!

2014-06-12 20.50.53

So beautiful.

We made our way outside and just sort of hung out. We were kind of “kicked out” nicely out of the venue so we didn’t think that they would come out, but I’m not one to give up so easily so I convinced my friends to stay a little bit longer.

Luckily, the band DID come out, though they weren’t able to stay for long. They took one massive group picture with those who stayed. It was taken with an awesome girl named Abby’s camera and it’ll hopefully go up on Twitter tomorrow and I can share it because I’m legit right in the front, right behind Jamie and I’m like YAY!

As soon as they took the group picture, they lingered for a few minutes and I was able to get Jamie, Dan and Tristan’s signatures too, which made me SO happy, and was basically the perfect ending to a perfect Darling Buds week.

2014-06-12 21.38.12

Jamie is the one in the top left, in black ink, Roland is at the top next to him, Dan’s signature is the bottom left and Tristan’s is the bottom right :)

I’m hopefully going to try and print out the pictures I took with the boys and put them on this poster, because that would be AWESOME.

All in all, what a GREAT week and I absolutely loved seeing The Darling Buds twice. I hope they put out an album soon because I love their songs and I hope they come back to California soon.

Check out the rest of my pictures from the concert (there are a LOT) in this album on the official What A Nerd Girl Says Facebook page!

And thanks, as always, for watching and reading!