Vampire Academy Week: The Los Angeles World Premiere!

Hello all! So you have noticed on the Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, decease or on the blog, recipe that its officially Vampire Academy week! Tomorrow is the official release of the movie, visit this site and I’ve been recapping the awesomeness that I experienced this weekend. Earlier today, I recapped the mall tour and afterparty, which you can read about if you click here.

Stay tuned later today for a spoiler free review of the movie!

For now, let’s talk about the premiere!

Me, Sylvia, Alex and Sylvia’s friend Alex met up with the rest of the gang from the day before and secured our spots on the barricade. We got some GOOD spots too. The security told us we couldn’t be on the barricade and get tickets to see the movie, but we’re fangirls and we so made it happen.

Picture One

While we waited, we could see them setting up the red carpet. Its not that exciting haha. They all seem to look the same. Okay, I just realized how that made me sound and I immediately apologize haha. They just aren’t too exciting to look at until the stars show up haha. But it can be kind of pretty!

Picture Two

The movie theater looking all ready to go!

Picture Three

I was getting so excited for this :) We all started standing up, getting ready for the cast to arrive on the carpet!

Picture Four

Me, Alex, Mina, Sylvia, and Alex waiting for the stars! We had such prime spots!

Picture Five

Snagged another slightly blurry, but epic selfie with the gorgeous Dominic Sherwood!

Picture Six

I was SO excited when Danila came over to greet the fans. I had taken a picture with him at the afterparty the night before but I needed a signature on my poster! And okay, I was a brat and totally scored another picture. Who wouldnt!

Picture Seven

I took about a hundred pictures of Danila signing. How often am I going to see this Russian god ;) He was SO sweet and tried to sign for everyone. I don’t know that he GOT everyone, but he definitely tried.

Picture Eight

This is the only picture I managed to get of Sarah Hyland! She came over to the fan barricade later but I missed her when I went inside for the movie! I kept trying to track her down but it just didn’t happen :( That’s okay though. She looked gorgeous and ROCKED as Natalie.

Picture Nine

Danila’s interview. He was SO sweet and genuine. When she asked him who his Valentine was, he asked all the fans to be his Valentine. And he talked so respectfully of Zoey. Its obviously that they’ve created such a great friendship together. If they weren’t taken, I’d want them together so bad haha.

Picture Ten

Zoey and Danila. She was talking about him in her interview and was like “where he is” and he came running up to give her a hug, which was so freakin adorable and before he left again, he gave her a kiss on the hand, like a prince in a Disney movie or something. Everyone in the fan section sighed with happiness haha.

After we got some signatures and pictures on the red carpet, we went into the movie theater, and ran into some other stars…like a TON of Disney Channel stars.

Picture Eleven

First, Bella Thorne from Shake It Up!

Picture Twelve

Peyton List from Jessie!

Picture Thirteen

Oh and then Cassandra and I ran into Cameron again!

Picture Fourteen

So I just learned last night that Lea Thompson, the EPIC Lea Thompson is Zoey’s mom! So she was at the premiere. I LOVE the Back to the Future movies and died when I got to take this picture with her! DIED. So awesome. She’s super cute in Switched at Birth too.

Picture Fifteen

Randomly ran into Holland Roden, who plays Lydia in Teen Wolf. My sister is a HUGE fan so I had to stop and take a picture with her.

Picture Sixteen

Me and Zoey’s boyfriend, Avan Jogia, who has been on shows like Victorious and Twisted.

Picture Seventeen

Me and Cassandra managed to catch Lucy Fry before the movie started!

After we tackled some of the stars in the actual movie theater, we grabbed our free drinks and popcorn and went to our seats to watch the movie.

There is a review coming soon, but I’ll tell you this: the movie was amazing. The romance and the action balanced each other perfectly, the actors and actresses really embodied their characters, and understood them and the humor was to DIE for. I could NOT stop laughing. I barely ate any popcorn because I was too busy laughing. Definitely check out my review later!

After the movie, we went back to the lobby and tried to find some more stars, and we did find a few!

Picture Eighteen

First I found Ashley Charles, who plays Jesse in the film. He signed my poster too, so that was pretty cool!

Picture Nineteen

I also got a picture and autograph from Dominique Tipper, who played Guardian Gabriella in the film. She was SO excited to meet fans, and she kept asking us how we liked the movie. She was seriously SO adorable.

Picture Twenty

I got three more autographs on my poster: Dominique, Danila and Ashley. I am SO happy that I was able to get Danila’s. That was my goal for the night, definitely!

So that was the red carpet premiere :) It was SUCH a blast, and definitely was up there with the City of Bones premiere back in August. It was amazing!

Don’t forget to check out the review of the movie coming later today and look out this weekend for a giveaway!

Catching Fire Fan Camp and Red Carpet Premiere-Day 3!

Finally! The day I’ve been waiting for!

It was an absolutely EPIC day and I am so excited to share it with you guys.

Day #3: 

5 am: My friend Jade wakes me up. Its time to put all the stuff away, link and get packed up to leave. 5 am is incredibly too early to think about this sort of thing, but somehow I manage to get it done!

6 am: The security guys come around to give us our numbers for the red carpet. I was number 104, which wasn’t too bad actually! We were instructed to come back at 3:30, which was great, because we were all so tired!


I love that you can see my ticket (the yellow one) from the City of Bones red carpet. I was #2 for that one and was proud of that, and I like keeping it in my phone!

7 am to 2 pm: Sleeping. Eating. Showering. The basic needs of a human being that were ignored in the last two days.

2:40 pm: Arrive in line for the red carpet. Getting really excited because its finally almost time!


3 pm: Get a call about a job interview for Barnes and Noble. This is completely unrelated to anything to do with Catching Fire, but I was insanely excited, and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

3:30 pm: Head into the fan section. Second row behind the barricade which honestly isn’t that bad. Sure, I would have liked to have been right up against it, but beggars can’t be choosers. And usually the people in the front row are nice. Its a little bit of a give and take. Fandom love


4 pm: Realize the people in front of us are NOT fandom love people, and are kind of rude. Whatever. Time to do some awesome work, and get my poster signed.

5:30 pm to 8 pm: RED CARPET!!!!!

I saw SO many people.

It was nearly impossible to get pictures with anyone, mostly because the people in front of me, were not really nice. BUT I got my poster signed by SO many people on the carpet, including: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Donald Sutherland, Bruce Bundy, Stanley Tucci, Stef Dawson, Bruno Gunn, Maria Howell, Amanda Plummer, Megan Hayes and Trish Summerville.


Don’t ask me which signature belongs to who. I know some of them but most of them, I have NO idea. It was chaos on the red carpet, haha, but the good kind of chaos!

I also, sadly, didn’t take a lot of pictures either because it was SO hard to! But I was glad to get my poster signed. I did get a few pictures! I think I was too busy trying to get autographs and ogling celebrities to actually take pictures with them!


The back of Liam Hemsworth’s head. I couldn’t get one of him turned around!

Bruno Gunn who plays tribute/victor Brutus

Bruno Gunn who plays tribute/victor Brutus


I also saw other celebrities like Sarah Hyland, Joe Jonas, and even some Laker players, like Xavier Henry and Steve Blake!


Laker player Xavier Henry!

There were also some past tributes from the first movie that hit the red carpet too, like Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh), Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove), and Jacqueline Emerson (Foxface). Even though they all die in the first movie, they’re part of the family, and they’re part of the beginning of this beautiful movie experience.

Oh and I got an extra poster signed by Francis Lawrence, the director, and Jena Malone, Sam Claflin and Stephanie Leigh Schlund. I think a giveaway may be in order *wink wink*


8:30 pm: MOVIE TIME!!!!!!!!!! We get free popcorn and drinks and head into the most ginormous theater in the history of all theaters. Seriously. Its huge. Not really in a good way. I like small theaters, for sure. This place was…uncomfortably big haha. BUT I was lucky to see the movie early so its all good.


11 pm: Get out of the movie. I have literally cried from happiness, from heartbreak, from laughter. This movie is absolutely brilliant. I won’t say more than that because I’m doing a review but ohmygod, the movie was SO good. So happy and satisfied, I can barely handle it.

12:30 am: Finally make it home. Am so happy to see my house, to see my own bed, and especially to see my boyfriend. I am so excited for all of this, I literally fall asleep without even trying.

*      *      *      *      *      *

Thank you for following me all weekend, in the journey of the Catching Fire Fan Camp and Red Carpet Premiere.

If you’d like to see ALLLLLLL the pictures from this weekend (all 114 of them), please check them out on the official blog Facebook here.

Watch out for my spoiler free review soon!

Happy Hunger Games!