YALL Fest Interview: Veronica Rossi

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Today’s interview is with author, about it Veronica Rossi!


Veronica Rossi is a young adult author, best known for her Under the Never Sky trilogy, which so far includes Under the Never Sky, Through the Ever Night and the prequel novella, Roar and Liv. The final chapter of this trilogy, Into the Still Blue, will be hitting bookstores in January of 2014. The books follow the story of Aria, who has always lived in the dome, until her mother goes missing, and she’s outside of the dome. She meets an outsider, a savage by the name of Perry, and together they will help each other out, to survive and to each find the person they are looking for.

Check out the interview below!

Q: What is the hardest line to write-the first or the last?

A: yeah, those. And all the ones in between!

Q: Best writing tip you ever received?

A: $5. Just kidding. Um…tip…I think it’s probably to allow yourself to suck when writing early drafts. It takes away a lot of fear of generating good material. It’s not easy to be creative when you’re judging your work.

Q: Tell us five random facts about yourself

A: 1. In the past year, I discovered a deep love of Brussel sprouts
2. I talk to myself. Heck. Sometimes I argue with myself.
3. I’m arguing with myself about including that last point at this very moment.
4. My favorite animals are elephants
5. Dresses with pockets make me happy

Q: Where’s your favorite place to write?

A: I usually work in my home office, but I love working in hotel rooms. No distractions!

Q: What are you working on now?

A: Something I’m very excited about! Can’t divulge yet, but its an idea I’ve been mulling over for years!

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I hope you enjoyed today’s interview with Veronica Rossi! Come back soon for more interviews, and don’t miss out on this awesome event!