Throwback Thursday Review: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

The Throwback Thursday review is where I take a book I recently reread and review it with new eyes. It could be a book I’m reading for the second, third, fourth or millionth time. Some books haven’t been read in years so its fun to flashback and see if my opinion has changed!

This week’s book is This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen – this book has been a favorite of mine for years but its actually been quite awhile since I reread it so I decided to give it a go!


Please keep in mind that Throwback Thursday reviews are based on reread books. They most likely will contain spoilers as the books have already been released for some time. This is your only warning if you want to avoid spoilers for these books. 

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Movie Review: Brittany Runs A Marathon!

New Yorker Brittany Forgler is everybody’s best friend ― except maybe her own. At 27, her hard-partying ways, chronic underemployment and toxic relationships are catching up with her, but when she stops by a new doctor’s office to try to score some Adderall, she gets slapped with a prescription she never wanted: Get healthy. 

I can say with totally authority that first time running totally looks like this at first haha

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Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading!

The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly challenge post previously hosted by The Broke and Bookish and now hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. You can follow along for each weekly post here. This week’s post is all about the things I love to eat and drink when I’m reading. Its a fairly short list because honestly the best answer is…I read all the time so I kind of am always doing SOMETHING, eating something, drinking something when I’m reading! Here are my few favorites though –

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Fandom Foodie Friday {4} – Peeta’s Cheese Buns from The Hunger Games Trilogy

Hello! Welcome to the Fandom Foodie Friday! If there’s one thing that always grabs my attention when I’m reading a new book or watching a TV show or movie, its the FOOD. Whether fictional or real, I often am left wanting to try ALL the foods. The only problem – I’m a terrible cook and an okay baker. So I’m taking recipes created by wonderfully creative people from all over the internet and figuring out if a newbie like me can figure them out!

Today, I made cheese buns, just like Peeta would make for Katniss in Catching Fire, the second (and best) book of The Hunger Games Trilogy!

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