Interview and Giveaway: Adalyn Grace and All the Stars and Teeth (OTBF Edition!)

I am SOOOO insanely excited to be sharing this interview and giveaway today. As you may know, a lot of events have been canceled or postponed and the Ontario Teen Book Fest was definitely not exempt from that. I’m truly really sad about it but I still wanted to spread the word about these amazing authors. Events truly help authors to spread the word about their books and to make sales so a lot of these authors are definitely feeling the pain of these events being canceled. Indie authors and debut authors are also hit harder on this as well – so I’m excited to share a 2020 debut, Adalyn Grace!

We were already in the process of working on our interview for the Ontario Teen Book Fest blog tour when the event was called and canceled so we decided to keep moving forward, share some love for her debut novel, All the Stars and Teeth and do a little giveaway!

Let’s jump in – learn a little about Adalyn, her brand new book that hit the NYT bestsellers list AND, the best part, how you can win a copy!

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Waiting on Wednesday {46}

Today’s Waiting on Wednesday comes from one of my favorite people literally on the planet – she’s kind and funny and hello, I’m SO ready for her second novel to finally be in my hands! Some people might be avoiding apocalypse themed fiction right now but I’m the opposite – I need to read the fiction to give me a break from the reality. Today’s Waiting on Wednesday is the sophomore novel of Demetra Brodsky, Last Girls!

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For those of you who may not know, I recently came up with a list of 40 things I want to do before I’m 40 years old, which you can read here. I just turned 32 so that’s 8 years to accomplish these things and I think I can do it. One of those things is watching the entire Disney animated catalog from beginning to end, which is a serious undertaking. It has been made SOOOO much easier since the beginning of Disney+ – at least I have access to them now! I’m planning on writing little short reviews in chunks, five to six movies at a time, so hold on tight, let’s do this!

If you’d like to read the reviews for the first six movies, you can do so here.

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Top Ten Tuesday – Novels About Badass Princesses

The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly challenge post previously hosted by The Broke and Bookish and now hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. You can follow along for each weekly post here. This week’s post is a genre freebie. Because of everything going on right on, I really wanted to try to do something positive and uplifting so I decided to share my favorite novels about modern day royals. Let’s do this!


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February Recommended Reads Review: Every Other Weekend by Abigail Johnson

At the beginning of the year, I reached out to a bunch of my bookish friends and asked them to give a book a month to read. I’ve been so bad at finding books to read lately and I figured, well, I can’t go wrong with recommendations from my book friends. You can see each monthly recommendation here.

For the month of February, I was recommended this book by Christy at BookCrushin’. Thank you for the recommendation. Let’s get to that review.

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