Blog Tour: Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson {Review and Giveaway!}

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off meets Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist in this romp through the city that never sleeps from the New York Times bestselling author of Since You’ve Been Gone.

Two girls. One night. Zero phones.

Kat and Stevie—best friends, theater kids, polar opposites—have snuck away from the suburbs to spend a night in New York City. They have it all planned out. They’ll see a play, eat at the city’s hottest restaurant, and have the best. Night. Ever. What could go wrong?

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be a part of this blog tour today. I have known Morgan for YEARS and am always EAGER and maybe a little GREEDY when a new book comes out by her. In fact, this might be the first time that I’m not THERE when a new book comes out, to get my book signed. I am attending her virtual event via Chevalier’s Books and got my hands on a signed, personalized copy so there is that. AND I’m lucky enough to help spread the word this week about this wonderful book. Read on for details about the book and how to get your hands on your own copy!

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Summer is Coming…Here are Some PERFECT Summer Reads!

Guys, summer is here. Maybe not according to the calendar, since the first day of summer is technically June 20th but its been in the 70s, 80s and even the 90s here in Southern California and I am in serious bright sunny days and long warm summer nights. I’m already thinking about tanning at the beach and reading by the pool, with my WATERPROOF Kindle and county fairs and Thrifty ice cream cones from Rite Aid and the smell of sunscreen everywhere. I’m not a big fan of being hot and sweaty but I still love summer for all the possibilities. And one of the best parts of summer is being able to read a great summer book.

I don’t know what it is about summer but I want books that are bright and hopeful, full of love and hope and possibilities, ones where you can practically smell the sunscreen pouring off the page. I often avoid dark books in the fantasy and science fiction genres in the summer and burying myself in romances and stories that just feel like summer. Though I’m 33 and haven’t had a true summer vacation since I was about fifteen or sixteen years old, due to being in the workforce since I was about 17, I still remember the wonderful feeling of that last day of school and the expanse of freedom that seemed to stretch out in front of me and I love to read books nowadays that capture that.

Here are some books that I think are perfect summer reads –

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May the 4th Be With You – Favorite Star Wars Characters!

Happy May the 4th be With You Today! Today is the day we celebrate all things Star Wars, which is one of my favorite things to do. I love Star Wars – I have TWO tattoos – and I’ve wanted to be Princess Leia basically since I came out of the womb. Even though I do work today, I’ll be spending the day listening to the soundtracks and I’ll watch one or two of the movies once I’m at home.

In the meantime, I want to share some of my favorite Star Wars characters with you all!

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The Return to Disneyland – What It’s Like to Be Back in the Park After a Year!

After 430 days, I finally returned to Disneyland and it was just as magical as I had hoped it would be!

The last time I was inside Disneyland park was on February 24th of 2020, just a few days before my birthday. I always go to Disneyland on my birthday – its tradition – but last year, we went to Seattle to celebrate so we went a few days earlier. If I had known it was the last time…well, I’m not sure. Disneyland wouldn’t close until March 12th but when I came back from Seattle, I was SO sick for a week or so AND it was raining the last couple of days the park was open. I remember thinking, I don’t want to get sick AGAIN and, its fine, the park will be open again soon.

Little did I know…

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Happy National Superhero Day!

Today is National Superhero Day and I am SO here to celebrate that. I love anything superhero – mostly Marvel – but just superheroes in general. Superheroes bring out the best and worst in human nature and even though most of the time, superheroes have special powers or access to technology that makes them super, they are still human characters and I think that’s a huge reason that comic book superheroes have stood the test of time, over decades!

Now, let’s be real, I’m super partial to my female superheroes but I definitely have a lot of love to go around. I want to share some of MY favorite superheroes today and I’d love to hear what yours are so make sure to share in the comments!

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Cover Reveal: Waylaid (True North Series) by Sarina Bowen

I am SOOOO excited to be sharing the cover reveal for a book that I’m equally excited to read once it releases in June! I am a HUGE fan of Sarina Bowen and recently took a deep dive into her True North series back in December and was so sad when I caught up and finished book seven. I’ve been enjoying the spin-off books by Sarina and other awesome authors but I’ve been dying to get back with Shipley family and so I was so pleased to learn that there would be a book eight!

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