Giving Books Love

My sister and I are both book lovers. I have been a book lover my entire life, from the time I saw a small child. I think that I have mentioned before that my parents were kind of crazy and taught me to read at a pretty young age. So I was always a good reader. I always loved books.

And while the books that I loved when I was younger weren’t the most ground breaking of books (Sweet Valley High, Babysitter’s Club),I still have always have a deep love for books.

My sister fell into the book love a little later in life. She has very very very mild dyslexia, probably not even enough to be diagnosed but enough that reading was always really difficult for her, and obviously not something she wanted to jump into.

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Convention Navigation!

Okay, so this started off as a blog post…and it remains a blog post but I also think I’m going to make it a new section on the actual blog. It got way longer than I meant it to but that’s okay.

Because a nerd’s heaven is the convention…its a place where you can go to finally be YOU, and nerd out and see all those fabulous celebrities that you worship from home. Its the place where people won’t roll their eyes at your geek tattoos or your cosplay outfit. Its home.

But it takes some navigation to make it through a con successfully and that’s where this blog came in. With the help of some of my nerdy friends, I came up with this list of do’s and don’t’s for conventions and with it, you can have the confidence to go to ANY con and rock it :D

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A Very Potter Senior Year Finally Comes Out!

I will warn you before you read: this review is VERY VERY VERY Spoiler-Free :D Enjoy!


After what seems like a million years, Team Starkid finally released their newest musical, and the end of the Potter musical franchise. I discovered Starkid about three years ago, in about May of 2010, right after A Very Potter Sequel came out. I had just been dumped, BIG time, and I needed a distraction. I had seen this “A Very Potter Musical” thing all over the place; MuggleNet talked about it all the time and people who knew I was (am) a HUGE Potter fan kept suggesting it to me.

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Book of the Week: Alanna, The First Adventure

I was thinking of what book to write this week’s Book of the Week post about and couldn’t really think of which to write about. I’ve read a couple new books in the last few weeks but I haven’t really cared enough to write about them. I started making new sections on my blogs. I put up a new “Writing Advice” section, where you can go to get writing advice from authors that you enjoy. I’ve personally emailed, tumblr-ed, tweeted, Facebook messaged, etc. these authors and I’ve gotten a nice response from some really awesome authors, so you should definitely check it out.

Then I added two more sections, Recommended Books : Young Adult and Recommended Books: Adult, and I realized how many of the books that I have recommended to people just haven’t been reviewed on this blog. And I’m kind of aiming to fix that. So I decided to start with one of my absolute favorie authors, Tamora Pierce, and her very first Tortall books.

So for your enjoyment, here is this week’s Book of the Week:


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The Tuesday Top Ten-Favorite Children’s Books

Now, I don’t know about you guys but my love for reading began as a child. My parents taught me to read at a very young age. I don’t know whether this was brilliance on my part or persistance on their part, but I was reading, and fairly well, pretty young. And this was not something that was forced on me, in a completely unenjoyable manner. I LOVED to read. I soaked up books like a sponge.

 I remember getting in trouble in first grade because I had more than five books written on my weekly reading list, and that’s because I had genuinely read them all. I was always a victim of skepticism from my teachers until they realized, “Oh, she really does read that much!”

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