The 12th Doctor Is Announced!

So, after much drama with my computer today and trying to find a live stream of the BBC announcement of the newest Doctor, I realized that my uncle wasn’t home and he has Dish cable in his room and that means that he has BBC in his room. So I literally sprinted to his room to put it on.

Just announced, and amid mostly positive reactions, the 12th Doctor made his first debut.

The 12th Doctor is….Peter Capaldi!

For those of you who may recognized him, he played Caecilius on the “Fires of Pompeii” episode of Doctor Who, season four. He also played John Frobisher, on the Doctor Who spin off show, Torchwood, in the episode Children of Earth.

He is a celebrated actor, and has been in many more productions, both TV, film and stage. He has won an Academy Award for short film, and has won British TV Comedy Actor twice, in 2010 and 2012, at the British Comedy Awards.

I am actually pretty happy with the casting. I kind do wish they would have gone with someone who was maybe black, or ginger, or with a different look but other than that, I think Peter is going to do a fantastic job. He’s no stranger to this world, having worked on DW and Torchwood and he’s done a great job on other things as well, and has an impressive track record. I also like that maybe because he’ll be a little older, we’ll get a more serious timeline for The Doctor in Series 8, which seems to make sense, as the Doctor is getting older and older. I also hope that his age will discourage anymore romances between him and companions because, honestly, that really gets old to me. I want to see more Doctor Who action and adventure and less romance so I’m hoping we’ll really get to see that with Peter.

Matt Smith ends his run as The Doctor in this year’s Christmas Special, where he will presumably regenerate into Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor.

What do you all think of the new casting? Share in the comments below! For now, check out some of these fan reactions!

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“I think he’ll be a good doctor. I’m not going to judge him until I see him in action. I was kinda shocked that they went with an older Doctor… but I think he’ll be good. I love DW and I LOVE Matt! I wish him & 12 all the best.” Hayley

 “I like that its gone back to an older doctor. But I’m quite excited how Peter will portray him. I’m hoping a little darker.” Frank 

“I think my brain is frozen. I honestly can not decide how I feel about Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. I have grown to love each incarnation of the Doctor so much that it physically pained me when I found out a change was coming. I am worried that I will not be able to make the disconnect between Peter Capaldi as John Frobrisher (from Torchwood: Children of Earth) and The Doctor. I have high hopes because he is such a good actor. Plus, I am thrilled to have an older Doctor. So at this moment, I am happy by the announcement.”-Michelle

“I have to make sure I get this up on my blog ASAP!!!!! I made a comment about how he reminded me of Jeremy Irons, and that made me happy. Plus, he’s SCOTTISH and I love that!”Jackie

“Im pretty ok with Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. I know Peter Capaldi isn’t everyone’s first choice for the 12th Doctor but come on people, there hasn’t once been an actor to play The Doctor that has ruined the role so don’t start hatting on him. Don’t do what everyone did to Matt Smith. Just accept that Peter is the new doctor. Reserve your judgments until you see him act as the doctor! There may have been versions of the Doctor that we don’t like as much, but he has never been poorly or weakly portrayed. Trust the people who chose Peter Capaldi.”-Samantha

“I’m happy that they went with someone a bit older. After MAtt Smith, how young can you get? lol I think it willbe interesting to see how he intereacts with his companions. Also, at least we know he can act! And he’s familiar w/ Doctor Who since he’s been on it before. And Torchwood. Overall, I’m excited to see what he does with the character.”Erin

“I thought it was all right, kind of a safe casting, appearance wise. I mean, I don’t think I wanted them to go all out different but its pretty much the same look we’ve gotten. As far as acting talent or personality he’ll bring, I can’t comment because I’ve never seen him in anything and I don’t remember the Pompeii episode well enough.”-Jon 

“Still not ginger.”-Ana

“Every complaint I have will make me sound ageist and that’s not nice. He could be great, I will give him a chance … But my heart, to be honest, is a little broken. He is a huge fan of the show, so that could translate into a really good Doctor.”-Lauren 

“I can honestly say I’m not sure how I feel about it yet – part of me thinks that he is different, and this is good, because the difference could bring totally amazing things to Doctor Who. Another part of me is adamantly screaming, “REJECTION. THIS IS NOT MATT SMITH!!!” And, finally, I cannot help but wonder how good of an idea it will be to have an actor who’s previously played a character in Doctor Who. It just seems… odd. I know it’s happened in the past, but I’ve never been fond of it. Mostly, I just want to see what he’s like as the twelfth Doctor.”-Kasey

I think he’s a little too old for my taste; but not too old if that makes sense? I’m waiting to reserve judgement on his capability to portray the doctor however. Also- saw this comment mentioned; ‘I don’t think Clara will be around much longer in the new series; I mean, Clara and Capaldi?’ And I happen to agree wholeheartedly. I just can’t picture them acting together; and its WEIRD.-Kaitlin 

I love Matt Smith and ever since the announcement that he’s leaving I’ve been dreading who the new Doctor will be. I’m not sure how I feel about Peter. I was fangirling with someone on the phone and because I was kicking my feet my dog decided to attack my pant leg so everything was insanity, I still haven’t calmed down all the way. I was kinda hoping he would be someone more unknown but it’s not that big of a deal. I just hope he can pull off the young at heart thing, I would hate to see that leave the Doctor. But I’m not going to judge him until I see him as the Doctor. So far there’s always been a moment when it hits you and you say “Oh, he’s the Doctor” and I trust them enough to pick someone who will make that moment happen. Now I just really want to see his outfit.-Courtney


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Don’t forget to share YOUR reaction in the comments! I definitely want to hear the good and the bad, but please, no insults, or bullying or any of that sort of thing, or you will be deleted and blocked. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “The 12th Doctor Is Announced!

  1. Chloe says:

    It was nice to see an older actor get it, I agree. Ever since Chris they’ve been getting younger and younger which was weird for me, being used to the old series. I don’t know him as an actor but the Doctor Who team has always made awesome casting choices in the past, so I trust them in this decision :) That’s the beauty of the Doctor, his story is literally told through so many filters. UGH and I hope there will be no more romances: every time they get rid of Rose and I think I’ve seen the last of her, they manage to bring her back AGAIN! So sick of her!

  2. Crystal says:

    I love it! I was hoping for an older Doctor. I wanted William Hartnell back (which is odd, I know), but Peter Capaldi can bring back the fatherly relationships of the Classic series. I get tired of everyone trying to ship the Doctor with companions (and the actual relationships between companions and the Doctor, which seem so wrong).

    I don’t think Matt Smith was ready to go. I think having him another season would have been fine, and I’m not sure why he’s leaving now. I think something happened, which is not unheard of considering how Christopher Eccleston left.

    • whatanerdgirlsays says:

      I agree, I think something happened as well. His departure seems quite out of no where, and unexpected. That really saddens me.

      However indefinitely agree about the fatherly figure of The Doctor. The whole doctor and companion ship gets old. I was okay with it at first but now it’s just old. I’m loving Peter’s casting

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