The Tuesday Three

You know there is something that I noticed today. And it’s that Tuesdays are worse than Mondays. I mean, prescription sure, hospital Mondays feel terrible after the weekend, especially when your weekend has been awesome. But Tuesdays, Tuesdays are way worse. Tuesdays are like, oh you got through Monday? Well you still have four more days til the weekend! You’re still not even close! Ugh.

Not to mention the fact that it is still in the 80s here in Southern California even though it’s nearly November and meanwhile it’s raging storms on the east coast. Signs of global warming and climate change? I’d say yes.

Lucky for you, my readers, I have the Tuesday Three here for ya to pull you out of those Tuesday blues.
1. Once Upon a Time. Episode 5
So I wasn’t the biggest fan of last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time. I liked Captain Hook, though that was mostly because he was hot. I think adding more characters that fast is a little silly. We kind of have to revisit the ones we already know to see how they are all coping with the curse being broken and the fact that they are still in Storybrooke. And it’s like, okay, another person who is pissed off at rumplestiltskin? Surprise, surprise! He tends to piss a lot of people off…
But this episode was a lot better than the previous week. Mostly because its the second time I’ve felt true pity for Regina, the evil queen. The first time is the episode where you find out what her mother did to her fiancé, Daniel. (Though honestly, her reaction and anger to Snow is so ridiculous and unnecessary). But you feel bad for her. And I felt bad for her again. Because can you imagine losing someone that you loved very much, and you’ve spent years getting revenge for his death and he comes back to life…but it’s not him? It looks like him and feels like him but it’s not. How truly terrible for Regina honestly. And Dr. Whale as Dr. Frankenstein? Not at all what I expected but okay. I’ll roll with it…
2. Walking Dead, Episode 3
Oh wow, yay, I finally actually care about this show! If there was ever a way to discourage people from watching your show, it was having slow and boring opening episodes. Lori still annoys me and Carl with a gun and taking charge doesn’t make me like him anymore than I did before. Which, admittedly, was not a lot. I feel like it’s a repeat of last season but instead of settling on the farm and making the farm a livable, safe haven, they are settling in the prison. They even have that same original dwellers don’t want to share thing going on, Hershel and his family on the farm and the remaining convicts in the prison. It’s just been incredibly boring.
However, this most recent episode leaves the group behind and catches up with andrea and her companion. They’re taken to a settlement where a man known only as the Governor runs the place and with a firm hand and some strict rules. Finally, something interesting! Something with mystery. We don’t know anything about this settlement or the people in it, or this man who runs it. Especially since he claims he is going to save a man’s company of soldiers and instead shoots them all dead. Why is that? I finally feel this spark of curiosity and when I’m curious, I care. Revolution didn’t spark any curiosity at all and so I stopped watching that ages ago.
3. The Mortal Instruments
This isn’t exactly new or anything. I’ve been obsessed with Cassandra Clare and her two book series for quite some time. But every once in awhile I go through this spurts where I’m even more obsessed. I think I’m going through one now because I just reread City of Lost Souls, there is so much talk about the movie (which has been filming and is slated to be finished with filming on November 7th) and the fact that I am dying for a Mortal Instruments tattoo. Big time.
Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that these books are fantastically written and are going to change the world and the way we read books but they’re entertaining and funny and I have a blast every time I read them. And hey, I get a little bit fangirl crazy for Jace Lightwood. He’s sexy, funny, sarcastic and a seriously badass Shadowhunter. And I love Clary Fray, the main character because she hates sitting around and waiting for stuff to go down; she dives right in even though she is an inexperienced Shadowhunter and doesn’t know what danger lies ahead more than half the time. And there’s the fact that she is a redhead. I have a weird obsession with redhead girls :)
But yeah, I’m working on saving some money up for a mortal instruments tattoo and I just bought a shirt I designed that says “Shadowhunters” on the front and “Looking Better in Black since 1294” which Jace jokingl tells Clary that the motto for Shadowhunters is “Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1294”. So good. This sarcastic and dry humor is what makes me love this character.
So that’s my nerd week in the Tuesday Three. I do hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed our first ever anime post yesterday. We have a new blogger amongst us who is a big anime fan and will be bringing us anime posts every other Mondays. Keep it nerdy everyone!
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Book to Movie Transitions

Today, sildenafil my friends, I’m going to complain a little bit. I saw this picture online and it made me laugh.

And the fact is, They are not wrong. I would seriously sit through a six hour Harry Potter movie if they put more details. I definitely would. And yeah, I probably would still complain about what they left out. It just got me to thinking. How many times do we go to movies to see the adaptation of our favorite books and come out feeling disappointed? How often do we come out actually feeling satisfied?

Now, I’m not going to be the first one to say that there are no arguments…the book is always, always, always, better than the movie. Always. (Except Chronicles of Narnia but that’s a whole ‘nother story).

Example number one, Harry Potter. Now, if I sit and watch the movies, I have an enjoyable time. I like the movies. I like actually seeing Hogwarts and seeing magic and the uniforms and the classes and Quidditch and its awesome. Seeing Hogwarts gets me teary-eyed every single time. Hogwarts is my home.

But there are sooooo many things that drives me insane. I could go on for pages and pages and pages about the things that are missing. They completely left out the Marauders and the importance of them in Prisoner of Azkaban. They butcher the crap out of Goblet of Fire (don’t get me started on GoF) and they don’t even get into the story of Barty Crouch Jr. (More David Tennant on screen time? I’m down). In Half Blood Prince, where the heck are all the memories, explaining all of Voldemort’s past! Where are the explanations of what the actual Horcruxes are? And in Deathly Hallows, how bout we actually talk about the DEATHLY HALLOWS! We have that awesome animated scene of the Tale of Three Brothers, and there is no ending for the Hallows at all.

But the movies aren’t all bad. Definitely not. I love them, I waited in line for the midnight showings, cried when everyone died (except Dobby…I just don’t like Dobby) and cried my bloody eyes out when Harry uses the Resurrection stone to see James, Lily, Sirius and Lupin. WATERWORKS. The Feels!!!!

And how bout Percy Jackson? Now, I enjoy the movie; its entertaining. But damn, did they butcher The Lightning Thief. For one thing, Logan Lerman plays Percy at, what, 16? Percy should be 12. And even though Logan Lerman is a very very good looking boy, that part kind of bothered me. The girl who played Annabeth was a brunette. Poseidon didn’t claim Percy during the Capture the Flag game. There’s a lot in that movie that drives me absolutely insane. I’m not a big fan of the guy who plays Grover and Pierce Brosnan as Chiron? Ugh ugh.

Both adaptations of Meg Cabot books are HORRIBLE. Princess Diaries and Avalon High, ugh, ugh, ugh. Princess Diaries just doesn’t capture Meg’s voice. Those books are written in diary form and its all about Mia’s voice and how she sees the world around her. Its so funny and sarcastic and amazing and the movie just doesn’t capture that at all. And they marry her off to some random dude, when all us Cabot fans know that she is meant to be with Michael Moscovitz. Ugh. And Avalon High. There was so much wrong with that movie. The very fact that they made Allie (who’s name is supposed to be Ellie!) to be the King Arthur incarnate was just dumb as hell. She’s the Lady of the Lake, and Will is King Arthur. Read a book! Those movies I can’t even watch because of how much they were butchered.

There are movies that are okay adaptations. I liked Hunger Games, I think they followed the story pretty well and I liked most of the actors. I wasn’t really feeling Lenny Kravitz as Cinna but he was great as Cinna. Woody Haralson nailed it on the head with Haymitch. I even liked the three leads for Katniss, Gale and Peeta. Elizabeth Banks for Effie. Not stoked on Donald Sutherland for President Snow but it worked. But I think they failed to capture the characters themselves. We didn’t get to see Katniss and the kind of stubbornness she had and the love she felt for Prim, the frustration with her mother, her debts to Peeta and Gale. The importance of the Mockingjay was forgotten. But the movie was good. I think they got enough of it to make it very enjoyable.

But then there’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Howl’s is soooo much different from the book, oh my goodness. But the movie captures the essence of the book and its an amazing movie. It captures that connection between Howl and Sophie and it captures the magical essence to it. This is a great example of an adaptation.

I also find the more classic movies to be really good adaptations. To Kill a Mockingbird is an AMAZING transition and definitely one of my favorites. Every time I watch that movie…ohmyRowling. Its so fantastic. I mean, my dog’s name is Scout for a reason. Gregory Peck captures the very essence of that novel. He IS that movie.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Gone with the Wind, which is a great movie. Gone with the Wind is an extremely long book and it would be so insanely hard to get everything that’s in that book in the movie. It would be impossible. But they got all the important things and they captured the essence of the film. That was the most important. Vivian Leigh made a great Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable is one fine looking Rhett Butler.

I’m nervous about the upcoming movie adaptations. I’m a little nervous about The Hobbit (though, come on, Peter Jackson killed it with Lord of the Rings…GREAT movies), The Great Gatsby, Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters, and the Mortal Instruments’ City of Bones. I’m sure some of them will be good and some of them will be bad. But I’ll go out and see every single one of them.

I guess my point is, the more movies that are made, the more we’re going to get angry and frustrated and have complaints. We’re always going to find something wrong with it. We’re never going to be happy with a movie adaptation of a book, never. But here’s the thing, that’s almost a good thing. Sure, we can go to the movies and enjoy it. But we’re always going to want to come home and reread that book that made us happy beyond belief. We’re going to want to experience things they way the author meant them too.

So I like movies, and I like movie adaptions and I’ll continue to go see them. And trust me, I’ll continue to find things wrong with them. But I guess that’s what makes books so awesome. There’s just nothing better than escaping into a book.

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Book of the Week: The Diviners

Oh hello my friends. How are we all doing this week? Great? I hope so. If not, buy information pills make it good! You can always turn a frown upside down. I recommend Harry Potter.

Well, sildenafil its that time of week again, remedy its time for Book of the Week. If you missed last week’s Book of the Week, Bazingirl did a haunting and horrifying review of The Exorcist.

If you haven’t read this week’s book, I encourage you to read anyway. I keep it very spoiler free because I believe this book should be enjoyed without knowing anything. It ruins the story! And you’ll see why.

This week’s book is:

The Diviners by Libba Bray

For those of you who have never picked up a Libba Bray book before, you’re definitely missing out. The first book I ever picked up by her was Rebel Angels. That was really stupid because that was actually the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, the first of the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy takes place at the end of the 19th century, in the Victorian Age, when all girls could hope for was making a perfect debut and securing a good marriage. Gemma, however, has spent most of her life in India with her parents until her mother’s death. Then she is sent to Spence Academy in England and meets her new friends Felicity, Pippa and Ann.  She soon discovers that she has a power and is the last remaining link to the Order, a group of women who the power of magic, of illusion and the ability to enter the realms, a beautiful and powerful place. These books are fantastic. I definitely recommend them.

Libba Bray also has the book Going Bovine, which is award winning and I haven’t read yet. Then there is Beauty Queens, a book where a plane of teen beauty pageant contestants crashes on an deserted island and the sort of hilarity and also sadness that ensues. Libba Bray is a self-proclaimed feminist and is a member of NOW and this shows in her satirical portrayal of the beauty queens. Another book worth the buy.

Libba Bray’s newest book, The Diviners, just recently came out. I was a little hesitant to buy it. One, it was 20 dollars. I mean, seriously? What is with book prices lately? That’s insane. Ugh. And also, because it was of a paranormal/fantasy nature and I just love the Gemma Doyle trilogy so much, that I was kind of scared at how good this one was going to be.

The story centers around Evangline O’Neill, or Evie, in the Roaring Twenties. Evie is your regular ol flapper girl who is out partying and drinking in speakeasies. She is all about the parties and the fun, but she’s hiding something. She has a gift. When she holds an item belonging to someone else, she can delve into their personal information and learn more about them. When her little party trick gets her into trouble, she’s sent to New York to live with her uncle, who runs a museum all about the supernatural. She’s in heaven, meeting new friends, buying clothes at the hippest stores and going to the most awesome clubs.

That is, until there’s a mysterious murder and her uncle is called in to help with the investigation. When Evie holds the victim’s shoe buckle and sees more than she should, she realizes its about time to reveal her secret and that maybe it could actually do some good…especially when the killer doesn’t stop.

The Good or the Bad:

I’m glad I bought this book. Libba Bray is an amazing author. She definitely should not stop writing.

In the Gemma Doyle trilogy, she was so great at making you believe in that era, the Victorian era, as if she’d live there herself. She does that again in The Diviners. I really believe that I’m in New York City, in the ’20s, going to speakeasies and bobbing my hair. She’s so good at getting into those time periods. She must do some serious research to do it because it’s just amazing. I’ve never even wanted to attempt a historical fiction because its so hard but she rocks it.

Evie is a great character. Gemma is very unsure of herself, which is relatable because I think a lot of times we are so unsure of ourselves. However, Evie is so confident and she walks around knowing what she wants and when she wants it. She has some serious sass. I love it! I also love that her confidence often times gets her into trouble. You want to smack her in the fact as she makes a mistake but you want to love her too because she’s so fun!

The story! It’s so winding and weaving. I had no idea what was going on. Its very supernatural and at the same, Biblical, and at the same time, not. I like that she bounced back and forth between Evie and the other supporting characters, like Memphis and Theta and even the killer. It gave you a nice twisting view of everything that was going on. I mean, you knew who the killer was, for the most part, and you knew where he was going and who he was going to kill, and Evie and her uncle and his assistant Jericho have no idea whats going on and its suspenseful.

Yeah! Its suspenseful! Thats one of the best parts of it. It has a suspense where you keep wondering who is going to be next and what is going to happen to each character, especially since they all seem to have these powers. Evie has her power, Sam Lloyd can convince people they can’t see them, Memphis once could heal, Isaiah can predict things, etc. Everything is so intertwined and sneaky. It reads very much like a murder mystery mixed in with that paranormal and supernatural.

I’m not going to give too much away. I feel like I give too much away, you’re not going to be able to experience that same suspense and edge-of-your-seat-ness that I experienced. And yeah, I just made up that hyphenated word. I definitely recommend reading this book. Its fantastic and Libba Bray nails it again. As always click the link above and it’ll take you straight to the Amazon page for the book, which is actually a lot cheaper than buying it at your local Barnes and Noble. :) Happy Reading everyone!

See you next week, for Book of the Week!

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The Life of an Extra: My Interview with Shannon Berry

Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie and wondered where all those extras come from? Like, healing where on earth do the other students in a classroom come from? Or the diners in a restaurant, cure the soldiers on a battlefield?

I don’t know how many of you ever think of these but I do all the time. Hey, I’m a Ravenclaw.

Luckily enough, I know someone who could give me the answers to my curiosity.

Her name is Shannon Berry and she does work as an extra. I met her through a friend of mine and she’s really awesome. I got to talking to her and I knew that I had to write about her. She’s worked on shows like Awkward, NCIS, CSI NY, 2 Broke Girls, The New Girl, Dexter, Weeds, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development…just to name a few.

I mean, how cool and badass is that? I’m sure plenty of you, like me, have watched some of these shows and are impressed as I was.

So I hit her up and she agreed to answer some questions for me. And the answers were pretty awesome.

Have you always acted?

I always knew I wanted to be in entertainment, I wanted to be a backup dancer when I was a kid but I cant dance so that ruled that out. I always did plays in school but didnt start taking it seriously as a career until I was in my early 20’s, especially when nothing else I tried career wise made me happy.

What made you get into the business?

I always knew I wanted to entertain somehow and I love movies and TV and just thought it would be awesome to be one of those people in there.

What is it like to be an extra?

Its great! I get to be on great shows and learn the in’s and out’s of the world from others who have more experience. They also feed you great food and sometime [you get to} wear fun clothes lol

What is your favorite part?

Free food lol

What does it really take to be an extra?

If its your only job (like me) a lot of paitence and determination, also a good understanding of yourself and how others see you is really helpful.

What does it take to be an actress?

A thick skin, you get told no a lot, and sometimes its hard when you positively think you fit but they tell you no because you are not what they think you should be. There is more rejection then most people would ever think.

How do you find jobs?

Central Casting for the most part right now, calling in daily, seeing what they have and submitting. I also use craigslist sometimes and do searches on the internet for open calls and email submissions.

Do you have an agent?

Not currently, I have in the past but it was before I moved to LA, Im working on it though!!

What are some of your favorite jobs?

Awkward was really fun because everyone is so nice. I also loved working on 2 broke girls.

What are your ambitions in acting?

I just want to make a career out of it, Im not in it to be famous though sometimes it just happens. I would be perfectly happy with a recurring role on a successful TV show.

What’s the downside of acting? What don’t we see from behind the flashing lights and glamour?

The rejection, the unknown of when you will get work and sometimes you get treated bad on set like not fed when you’re supposed to, not having cold water when its hot, instead only room temp, no shade, sunburns. Dressing like its freezing when its over a hundred and vice versa.

What would be your dream job?

I would love to land a lead role in a series of some sort whether movie or tv, and be able to do justice to it.

Have you met anyone famous?

Oh yea, pretty much everyone on all the shows I have worked on, they dont keep us segregated from the main talent so every once and a while you bump into them in the lunch line or snack line but theres quite a bit of interacting on camera to.

What’s your coolest on set story?

When Fred Savage came up and shook my hand after he asked me to do something in a scene in 2 broke girls

So there you have it, my friends. Honestly, after getting to know Shannon a bit more and finding out about her cool job. Sure, we always have downsides in the job. I think the only job in the world that would be perfect is getting paid to sleep for eight hours a day. And my second novel, the one I’m currently editing is all about the celebrity life and Shannon gave me a real nice insight to what its like to be behind the scenes. I’m jealous of some of the cool people she got to meet and for a job I’m sure lots of people would like to do! I urge you all to click on her name above and become fans of hers on Facebook. She’s nice as hell and I wish her the best of luck in everything that she does in the future :D

Have any questions for me or Shannon? Hit me up in the comments below or check out her facebook, linked above. Check out some of the pictures below of Shannon’s work!

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As a bridesmaid (yes, with unibrows) on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for an episode airing this Thursday, 10/25.

As a high school student on Awkward.

On the set of Arrested Development for the new seasons coming in summer of 2013, again, as a bridesmaid.

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National Edge Day

Don’t worry. I’m not here to lecture you. I just wanted to share this little known holiday, information pills if you will, that celebrates what is known as the straightedge lifestyle.

To put it quickly, it stems from the hardcore movement (though it is definitely expanded since then), and it basically is the culture of abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs. At times it has expanded to abstaining from promiscuous sex, caffeine and prescription drugs and becoming vegetarian/vegan.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am straightedge. I have I abstained from drugs and cigarettes my entire life and have abstained from alcohol for the past five years.

I am not one of those pushy people who get in people’s faces about drinking or drugs. I believe it is your life and your body and it is your choice on how to act. I don’t judge anyone.

I will say, though, on this day, that straightedge is such a viable and amazing option. In high school, and right after high school, I was into partying and drinking and I thought that was the pinnacle of fun. Since becoming straightedge and dating t boyfriend, I’ve had more fun that I could have imagined.

My point is, it’s your body and your life and the beauty of life is having the choices we have, to abstain or not abstain. It’s your choice. But I will say one thing: never ever feel that you need to drink or do drugs or any of that because you feel the need to fit in. Do it because its your actual choice to do, or don’t do it because you don’t want. Know that there are plenty of people out there who will accept you no matter what choice you make.

You don’t need these substances to have fun. They can compliment your fun but never substitute them for fun. You are awesome people and I’m sure you’re fun no matter what you do :)