What A Nerd Girl Says Monthly Writing Challenges!

I have SUCH an awesome thing to share with you guys,especially those of you who are aspiring writers.

I am happy to announce that What A Nerd Girl Says officially has FORUMS!

Yes, you heard me right: Forums!

There are topics for books, movies, TV shows, comic books, video games, and more. Come to the forums, and chat with fans like you about books, and all sorts of things. I even have a section for events, so you can share events you’re going to and meet up with fans like you!

Its going to be really awesome, and I’m extremely excited about launching this. I have to give some major props to my friend, Erin Westlund, who handled that, and handled the redesigning of the blog itself. She is a serious rock star.

But I have even more awesome news, and this is especially for writers, aspiring, published, whatever. Calling all writers!

Each month I will have something called a Writing Challenge.

What is a Writing Challenge?

Well, the inspiration came from something that myself and a few other writers were doing a few months ago. I would send out a general prompt, something like “you’re a sixteen year old who has just woken up on an island after a plane crash”, and everyone would send in a story, just a short story.

By doing this, we were accomplishing so many things. We were learning how different people write and how they respond to the same prompt. We were able to help each other with our writing, and get inspiration from others. Honestly, it was SUPER fun, and I know that everyone involved really enjoyed it.

The only problem is…it didn’t work so well with the blog outline that I had, and through email. I was incredibly frustrated by this but now I have a solution: through the forums!

So THIS is a Writing Challenge:

Each month I will have a new prompt, that will be posted within a week of the first day of the month. The prompt will really short, either a quick story idea or a starting sentence.

Anyone who wants to participate can!

I really hope we can get lots of people doing this, because I know SO many of you are aspiring writers, and it would be SUPER fun.

The October prompt is already up, so head on over to the forum to learn more and possibly participate today :)

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