15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 11

Day 11: Show Off! 5 of Your Best Blog Posts!

Okay, can I just say that I’ve been blogging for over a year now, and this is really hard because I don’t even remember half the stuff that I’ve blogged.

I think I’ll share my favorite Tuesday Top Ten, my favorite Book of the Week, my favorite Fandom Friday (that I’ve written), my best event recap, best interview and my favorite random one.

My Tuesday Top Ten Show-Off Post

Top Ten Favorite YA Female Characters

Who doesn’t like to read a post about a bunch of kickass ladies? its one of my favorite posts because even though I (and you guys too) get obsessed all the time with the hot fictional male characters, we have to remember to give credit to the badass heroines here, because they are what really matters. So I’m proud of this one.

My Book of the Week Show-Off Post

Book of the Week-Winger by Andrew Smith

Look, this totally could be a show-off post because I am pushing this book on anyone within a million mile distance from me, but it truly is a wonderful book AND it was a book review that I am proud of. I feel like I’m getting better at book reviews, and Andrew Smith himself read my review and emailed me to tell me that he liked it. He told me “You totally rock!” No big deal.

My Fandom Friday Show-Off Post

Fandom Friday-Tamora Pierce and Tortall

I think this is one that I am most proud of because I really want more people to read this books. In this golden age of YA literature, I think a lot of girls (and boys) are reading the wrong YA, which is where the negative connotation comes from. Tamora Pierce has been writing YA fantasy since the 1980s and its brilliant. Everyone should read it, and I shared that in the Fandom Friday. Then Tammy commented on this post, AND shared it on her website. Bliss.

My Event Recap Show-Off Post

Wonder Con-Day Two-City of Bones Day!

Okay, not only was that just a badass day anyway, but it was SUPER fun, and I think it was my best recap of the whole weekend. It also remains the post that has gotten the MOST views ever on my blog. So there you go.

Best Interview Show-Off Post

My Exclusive Interview with Cassandra Clare at the Mission Viejo Library

Okay, I didn’t do that much hard work on this one because its a video, rather than something written, but I’m showing off because it is something I’m completely proud of. I hide behind my words, so it was hard to get on camera with one of my absolute favorite authors of all time, and interview her. But I love it and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

Best Random Show-Off Post

Unfavorable Characters and Why I Like Them

I just felt like, someone had to stand up for the characters that get the most hate all the time, and I feel like I did a good job explaining why I like them and why I’m glad they exist in books, mostly being that they tend to be the most realistic characters in the books. But I’m proud of it because most people wouldn’t write about something like this so, there you go!

*     *     *

What have been some of your favorite posts that I’ve written? I’d like to know so I can see what you guys like! Share in the comments!

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