15 Day Book Blogger Challenge-Day 13


Day 13: Describe one underappreciated book EVERYONE should read.

Hello children, today I am going to talk to you about one little book known as The Demon King.

Okay, so I have totally talked about The Demon King, the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima into the ground on this blog but I refuse to let up because people seriously are NOT reading these books and there is seriously something wrong with people who do NOT read these books.

The Seven Realms series reminds me so much of Tamora Pierce, and the epic fantasies that she created in the Tortall universe. Cinda Williams creates something that feels so familiar to something like that but then  something so incredibly different and unique. She makes such a believable world and creates a beautiful story.

I think, and I’m trying not to hate on my fellow fangirls in the world, but I think that a lot of the new readers out there don’t tend to go for books that aren’t overly romantic or have a love triangle or are overly angsty. Chima’s books are DEFINITELY not like that. There’s love in there, and super sexy scenes but it focuses on the growth of the two main characters and its a huge coming of age story.

I’ve already written a lot about this series and I don’t want to write any more than I already have so if you really want to read about it, and how amazing it is, you can here.

But seriously, these books are amazing. Every person I DO get to read them, enjoys them, and the people I met that have already read them, seriously enjoys them so take our word for it: you’re missing out if you don’t read this book.

2 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge-Day 13

  1. Ellie says:

    Just read it. Stayed up all night to finish it, so yes, I enjoyed it! But now I need to read the second one…

  2. Michelle says:

    I am on a wait list for it right now through the library. There are 2 in front of my so I might have to renew my desire for it because they only let you reserve a book for 30 days. :( I’ll read it soonish I hope

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