Blogtober Challenge 2019!

Hey guys! I’m really stoked to share that I’m going to be working my BUTT off this month to take on the Blogtober challenge! I was browsing Twitter and I kept stumbling upon Blogtober so of course I had to figure it out. I failed at finding the origins or any of that but basically Blogtober is a challenge to bloggers – any type of blogger – to post content on their blog every single day of the month. When I first started What A Nerd Girl Says, I had NO problems doing that and I’ve definitely struggled with that over the past few years BUT I’m super happy that I’ve been able to get back to blogging consistently and I’m excited to take on this challenge! Keep an eye out every day this month for content! I’ll be doing normal posts, of course, but I’m going to do my best to have some special ones scattered throughout the month!

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