Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading in 2022!

In just a few hours, it will be 2022 and that means a whole plethora of new books heading my way and a whole new reading goal to challenge myself with. Last year I challenged myself to read 80 books and only got to 67, which isn’t too bad but definitely isn’t my best. I’ll be reaching for 80 books again in 2022 and the books below? They are the ones I’m MOST excited to read in the new year!

The Roughest Draft by Austin Siegemund-Broka and Emily Wibberley

Sure, at this point, Austin and Emily have written such great novels that they’ve become an instant buy for me. But I’m beyond excited for their first adult romance novel, especially since it’s about co-writing authors, something they know a thing or two about. But I’m also excited because the synopsis reminds me so much of the movie, America’s Sweethearts, a movie that isn’t very good admittedly but is a movie that I absolutely ADORE and I can’t wait for a romance with that kind of dynamic!

Serendipity – Compiled by Marissa Meyer and featuring authors such as Sandhya Menon, Julie Murphy, Leah Johnson and so many more

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of short story collections. I’ve read a few of the ones that have come out in the past but have never felt overwhelmed by them or anything. I’m really excited for this one, though, for a few reasons. One, Marissa Meyer compiled it and I adore and have so much respect for her. Two, it has an incredible list of authors contributing to it. And three, it’s all about romance tropes! I love romance. I gobble up books and watch the cheesy movies – I write romance! I love good romance and bad romance and I’m here for all the tropes. I swoon at an elevator kiss and am tickled by only one bed! So I’m super super excited to read all of these stories

Dig Two Graves by Gretchen McNeil

As much true crime podcasts and documentaries and even fictional shows I devour, I’ve never been one for dark and murderous books…that is, until I became friends with Gretchen back in 2013. She writes some of the best dark, murder, horror stuff I’ve ever read and I’m sure this book will be no different. The instant I read the synopsis, I was horrified and tantalized and I cannot wait to read it.

Year on Fire by Julie Buxbaum

Julie is another good friend that is absolutely instant guy for me. Her books are just beyond what I’ve come to expect from young adult contemporary novels. Her books are like emotional mazes and you never quite know where you’re going to end up. I also love that she always writes in the city and backyard that I’m familiar with, it’s nice to feel at home. This book sounds like it will deliver the same hard punch her previous novels have and I cannot wait for it. I know I’m always going to go through an emotional roller coaster with Julie and I’m signed up for this one!

With and Without You by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

I know, I know – they’re on here twice! While I’m beyond excited for their adult debut, I can’t sleep on their next YA installment. I’ve loved all their previous novels so I’m sure I’ll love this one as well. As their number of works grows, I love them even more. They remind me so much of Morgan Matson and Sarah Dessen, two of my favorite authors, and so they’ve become favorites for sure. They write such swoon worthy romance but also such realistic young adult fiction too. They capture all the goods and bads, up’s and downs of being a teen. I’m so excited for this story – an already established couple falling back in love together…sign me up.

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy

I am a SUCKER for a good Elle romance novel – Allie and Dean from the Off Campus series are one of my favorite fictional couples ever. Don’t quote me on it because I’m not sure but I also think this is Elle’s first traditionally published novel and I’m so so excited for her – she beyond deserves it. I feel like she announced it so so long ago so it’s felt like FOREVER until it’s released! I’ll be so glad when it’s here. It has all the tropes I love – opposites attract, good girl and bad boy. I know I’m sure to swoon, swoon, swoon when I read it.

The Sunbearer Trials by Aiden Thomas

I’ll admit it as long as you don’t judge me – I still haven’t read Cemetery Boys yet. I KNOW! But I looooved Lost in the Never Woods so so much that I am now insanely excited for anything Aiden writes now. First off, that cover us to DIE for. I would buy the book on the cover alone, if I didn’t already know Aiden. This book sounds like such a GORGEOUS fantasy novel and I’m in love with the fact that it’s Mexican! As a Mexican girl myself, I’m just so here and ready for it. It’s not often I see myself on the page and to see my own heritage combined with my favorite genre is something teen Sara would have loved and something adult Sara will love just as much.

Chain of Thorns by Cassandra Clare

(no cover has been shared yet!)

Cassie left off in Chain of Iron with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of WHY?! There were things I was pleasantly frustrated about but there were things that made me very wary about what’s to come next. I have loved the first two books but I’m nervous for the third one – I don’t think Cassie has written a solid series from beginning to end since the Infernal Devices. I’m excited to see where this goes but I’m so wary too – I hope it’s good! So I’m counting down the days so I can just can get some answers!

A Year to the Day by Robin Benway

Now this one is a bit of a cheat for me because, technically, I already have this book on my Kindle since I have the ARC. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely have the highest anticipation for this novel to come out. Robins last novel was so fabulous and it won the National Book Award! I’m so excited to read this. Weird timelines are always intriguing to me, especially since I don’t think I could ever write that, so I’m interested in how Robin executes a story told entirely backward! Add in that she always makes me feel so emotional, and I know I’m in for a really great book!

By the Book by Jasmine Guillory

One of my favorite books of 2021 was Julie Murphy’s If the Shoe Fits, a modern day fairy tale retelling of Cinderella featuring a plus size princess. I loved it so so much and I was ready for a sequel or companion or something and it seems that’s exactly what’s happening. Jasmine’s book is part two of a planned series and her story is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with the lead character being black. Having loved Julie’s so much, I’m quaking with excitement for Jasmine’s turn – especially since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite!

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

While I’ve read Christina Lauren in the past, 2021 was definitely the year that I really fell in love with them, especially The Unhoneymooners, which was such a great and fun book. I’m really excited for this book since the duo is just so great at writing romance AND the book gives me such Indiana Jones/Lara Croft/Uncharted vibes and I am here for it. I love treasure hunting stories so much and if you throw in some romance, well I’m even more excited. What could be better than treasure hunting with rewritten history and lots of swoon? Not much.


what are some of your most anticipated reads of 2022? Make sure to share them in the comments – I can add them to my TBR!


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