I’ve Been MIA…Because I Moved!

Its been over two weeks since my last blog post and I swear, I promise, that I had a very good reason for it! And that reason is…


Yup, this girl moved with her boyfriend away from their shared house in one city to an apartment about 25 miles away with said boyfriend’s best friend. The boyfriend and I have lived together for nearly two years in the master bedroom of a shared house with four other roommates. Its been great but we honestly just felt that it was time to move on and his best friend was also looking to move out and it all just seemed to work out nicely.

Of course, my life has been on hold while this has been happening. Packing, getting ready for a move, moving, unpacking, all of that takes up SOOOOO much time! I haven’t been reading or blogging or instagramming or working out or any of that. Its been hard to make time for any of that. I’ve still been binging on Netflix but…well, I can watch The Bold Type and still pack ;)

We’ve been in the apartment for…two days now? Three?…and so far, so good. I’m really excited to have more of my own space and the master bedroom in the apartment is HUGE compared to the master bedroom we shared in our old house. Our bathroom area is huge and we have a walk-in closet, our own balcony off our bedroom (and a huge porch off of the living room) and just a ton of space. There is a fitness center, three pools, a hiking trail right across the street…I’m happy. The work commute is a little longer than it was before BUT the boyfriend and I commute to work together so its helpful!

I claimed a corner of the room and already have three, oh yes, three bookshelves packed to the brim. I’ve gotten rid of a ton of books over the past two years – I love owning books but having hundreds is just not responsible, not when you have to share space with other people. I’ve taken to borrowing more books from the library or purchasing ebooks and only buying hard copies of books I’ve been waiting for. I still have a giant pile of TBR books in the walk-in closet but I’m happy with the books I’ve chosen to keep and I’m happy with how my little book corner has turned out so far.

There is definitely more that I want to do there – I have all of my Harry Potter books and memorabilia that I’m going to find a way to include in this corner (I have ideas…) and I’d love to put some fan art up. In the meantime though, I really really love how it looks and it makes me happy to have my own little book corner and still have a TON of space in the room. I tend to have so much STUFF, that I go a little overboard.

I also have started to make a Harry Potter themed bathroom. I have SO much Harry Potter stuff so I figured it would be cute to have a themed bathroom. I am seriously having WAY too much fun decorating and stuff. Its barely started but I definitely am happy with how its turning out SO far.

Things are really great right now – I’m enjoying the apartment and I was just offered a promotion at my job and I accepted! Its an increase in responsibility and pay but I’m really excited for it. I’ve been at my job for a little more than 8 months now and I love my job and I love the growth I’m already making within the company.

I promise though that I will be getting back on track! We have wi-fi set up in the apartment finally and I have my new laptop that I bought back in February for my birthday so I’m ready to get back on track. I’m always grateful for all of you – all 3 of you – who stick with me through the ups and downs of this blog. I’m always happy sharing my nerd with you!



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