Music Monday {9}

Music Monday is a weekly post where you can share a song, a music video or anything musical related that you’re feeling awesome about that week. Here on What A Nerd Girl Says, I will almost always share a song that I’m super into that week and the music video, if any, that goes with it!

Tomorrow is my two year anniversary with my boyfriend. Technically we started dating in December of 2016 so its been more like 2.5 years BUT April 9th is our official anniversary, the day we decided to take the plunge, make it official and laughed when all of our friends were like, “duh!” when we told them lol.

But to celebrate, I wanted to share a song that makes me think of him whenever I hear it. We have VERY different music tastes but I’ve been super lucky that he has been open to listening to what I listen to and has even started to listen to my music. That’s even extended somewhat into my love of musical theater – he’s seen West Side Story, Newsies, An American in Paris and Hamilton with me. So this week’s Music Monday is for him. Let’s see if he notices, hmmm?


Song – Helpless

Artist – Sung by Philippa Soo and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Album – Hamilton Original Cast Recording


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