Music Monday

Welcome to my new weekly segment.

This is basically a fluff piece to remind everyone that I’m here and to keep reading this blog…basically.

I just want to have an excuse to keep writing, and sharing things with you guys.

So every Monday, I’m gonna share a song with you guys; whatever song is in my head, whatever song I just discovered, a song I liked from a TV show or a movie, whatever.

And I do love music. I mean, I’m not a music snob like my boyfriend (I so hope he’s rolling his eyes as he reads this; love you baby!) but not everyone is super musical and can play guitar and bass guitar, and drums, and organ, and piano, and some trumpet and just bought a mandolin, and harmonica, and god knows what else.

But I do love music, and there’s some seriously awesome things happening in MY music world this year.

One, Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin fame is striking out on his own, releasing an EP and is currently on tour with Fun. (not a fan but still exciting) and doing solo shows, one of which I am attending in March.

Then…oh then, my second favorite band (after Something Corporate) announces that they are finally back together! After nearly four years of taking a break and working on other projects, Fall Out Boy is releasing a new album called “Save Rock and Roll” (insert another eye roll from said boyfriend; love you again baby!)

Picture 3

I am SOOOOOO excited. They’re going on a worldwide tour as well, and unfortunately the one Southern California stop is the same day as my brother’s high school graduation, but I am so very excited that these guys are back together and making music. I literally SQUEALED; I was so happy.

So today’s song is the newly released single from their upcoming album, Save Rock and Roll, called My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up).

Enjoy :D

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