New International Trailer for the City of Bones!

Here it is guys! The third official trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones!

It is the international trailer,  and includes a TON of new scenes that we had not seen in the previous trailer, the one that made its debut at WonderCon.


What did you guys think of it?

I seriously loved it. Honestly it was my favorite, more than the teaser (duh) and more than the full length trailer they showed at WonderCon. I’ve already watched this trailer four times…and the only reason its not more is because my computer died, refused to turn back on, then refused to connect to wifi, then crashed and my Angels are playing into the 18th inning at one a.m….

But anyway, I loved it. I love that we see a different side of Simon. In the first trailer, we see the sarcastic and funny side of Simon, but this time we get to see the loyal and fierce friend that he is. We also get to see more of Jace and his passionate side, and how he struggles with caring for people. We see WAY more of Valentine and the more I see Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the more I am SO excited to see him as Valentine. We also get to see more of Clary being a badass which is super awesome. My favorite was seeing more of the runes too. The runes are some of my absolute favorite parts of these books and so that was super cool to see.

What did you guys think? As always, let me know in the comments!


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