New WonderCon Pictures-Meeting Cassandra Clare and Jamie Campbell Bower!

So I know that WonderCon was a few weeks ago, and I’ve already written all about it but I recently became nerd girl friends with Pamela, who is the founder and writer over at The Mortal Minute blog, all about, you guessed it, The Mortal Instruments (and probably the Infernal Devices as well).

We just recently figured out that we had both been one of the lucky five that got to go to the VIP meet and greet with Cassandra Clare, Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins and Kevin Zegers at WonderCon. Such a crazy coincidence and we didn’t even realize it. Which makes me a little sad because I didn’t really take the time to meet her! She lives in Mexico so its not like I can see her all the time, now can I?

Anyway, since we had both been in there, Pamela had gotten some pictures of me meeting the cast. She sent them today and oh my goodness, there are some GOOD ones. Check them out below!

tmi 133

Meeting Cassie for the THIRD time. She’s just so NICE.

tmi 134

Me meeting Cassandra Clare. She asked me what my Twitter name was, and I told her and she’s like “Oh yeah, I remember. Great name.” (My Twitter handle is @anerdgirlsays)

tmi 137

Jamie straight up making eye contact with me. Sigh <3 <3 A fan girl’s dream!

tmi 140

Showing Cassie my Fearless rune tattoo!

tmi 143

Me and my friend Erin meeting Cassie and Jamie. Not sure what Erin had said, but Cassie has a funny look on her face haha.

tmi 145

I love Kevin and Lily all smiling in the background. Also: my hair looked really good that day. Its nice to know that I had a GREAT hair day on the day I met Kevin Zegers and Jamie Bower.

tmi 147

Not sure what kind of face Jamie is making at me but he’s looking at me so that’s all that matters haha.

tmi 148

My favorite picture of them all, showing Jamie my Fearless rune tattoo. He said (in his irresistible and charming British accent) that he really wants to get a rune tattoo as well. I told him that then he would be as cool as me and he laughed. He was absolutely adorable, and I can’t WAIT to see him as Jace.

So thanks to Miss Pamela over at The Mortal Minute for these AWESOME pictures! You rock, my fellow fan girl!

And definitely check out her blog, guys :) You can find it right HERE.

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