Tuesday Top Ten: Updated on 2014 Nerd and Bookish Resolutions!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Tuesday Top Ten!

Last year I made TEN resolutions that were nerdy/bookish related. Today I’m going to recount those for you, more about and whether or not I actually achieved them. In a couple weeks, buy information pills I’ll have NEW resolutions for you, cialis 40mg for the year of 2015!

Its all so exciting guys!

Let’s do this!

10. Get to BEA! – FAIL

I did not get anywhere near BEA! And it basically boils down to this: its expensive. I want to go. I really do. Its so much fun, from what I’ve heard and there are tons of authors there and free books and all of that. But I just could not afford it at all. Hopefully in the future sometime.

9. Read More Adult Novels – FAIL

As of this moment, I have read 122 books for the year (I know, I suck big time). 3 of those were adult novels and an addition 7 were new adult, which kind of counts. I basically wanted to explore more than just YA and let’s face, I failed miserably with that haha. 3 of 122 is 2% of the books that I’ve read so far this year.

8. Expand My Blog: More Nerd! – FAIL/SUCCESS

I’ve sort of failed and succeeded with this. I didn’t expand the nerd as much. I wanted to write more about movies and video games and all sorts of other things that weren’t books and I didn’t do such a great job at that. I think this one will end up on my list again for 2015 because I truly do want to make my blog all around nerdy, not just books, even though books is most successful part. But while I didn’t write about other things nerdy, I did expand a lot into writing. I wrote a TON about writing this year, and so I’m slowly expanding outward.

7. Hit 150K Views by The End of 2014 – SUCCESS

As of this moment (and there ARE still roughly 15 days left in the year), I am currently at 254,000 views. I completely blew away this number goal by over 100K. I am SO incredibly proud of this blog, all of its views and all of the awesomeness it has become. I know the past few months have been hard but I’m determined to get right back into it for 2015!

6. Only Ask for ARCs that I Know I Will Read – FAIL

Okay, I so failed this one. I have a stack of ARCs and a bunch on my Nook that I haven’t read. Now, part of this is that I didn’t stick to this resolution and asked for ones that I just knew I wasn’t going to read. The other part of it is…I”m stuck in the worst book slump that I’ve been in…ever. So yeah. For 2015, I’m gonna work on that some more. I also started receiving a ton of ARCs without request this year, so there’s that also. That was a VERY exciting part of my year :)

5. Cosplay More! – FAIL

HA! Nope. I didn’t even try. I really wanted to. I really wanted to dress up more and wear costumes and all of that and I didn’t even succeed slightly with this. I’m terrible. My first major event of 2015 is Gallifrey One in February and I’m determined I will cosplay in SOME way at that con.

4. Condense My Book Reviews/Posts – SUCCESS 

DEFINITELY. I definitely succeeded with this one. All book reviews have a format, and they’re done much more concise and to the point than my old ones. I’m actually proud of myself for making my book reviews SO much better than they were before.

3. Concentrate More On Reading for Fun and Less on Reading for Goal – SUCCESS

I think I definitely did this one. Mostly because I was in such a slump, I started to care less and less about the actual end goal, and more about just enjoying reading. I was not enjoying reading several times this year and that made me incredibly sad, as reading is my number one thing to do. I’m SO behind on my goal, but I’ve kind of given up on it. I’m happy that I’ve read a little more books this month than I did last month and I’m concentrating on getting back to loving reading.

2. Read 150 Books – FAIL

Okay, I mean, technically I haven’t failed yet. I still have about 15 more days to finish…28 books? I could technically do it. I’m a fast reader. But this year has been full of so many ups and downs so I’m just glad that I finished any books, period. I think I’ll reach about 125-130 and I think that’s a fair goal. Reading more for fun. Plus I spent a TON of my time this year, not focused on reading, but focused on writing. Which leads me to my number one resolution for 2014.

1. Finish my Novel – SUCCESS

I finished my novel. I wrote all of The Awakened. I changed character names a couple times, I changed the title, I wrote and rewrote and edited and had other people edit and had beta readers and am currently receiving tons of rejection emails from agents but you know what? I finished it. I finished The Awakened. Its done. It was my main goal of the year, and I finished it back in the summer, and I’ve spent so much of my time since then making it the best it can be in order to find an agent and get this thing published. I’m so proud that of all the goals I set for this year, this one, this number one goal, was definitely accomplished!

*      *      *      *      *     *

Stay tuned! In a couple weeks, it’ll be time to make new goals!

NaNoWriMo 2014: The Halfway Point!

Hello everyone! It is the halfway point of NaNoWriMo 2014!

Okay, visit this site technically that was a couple days ago. I apologize. I had SUCH a crazy weekend, web what with work and hanging out with friends and going to the Mockingjay Part 1 red carpet premiere (which you can read about here), that I just completely flaked on this post.

But I am here now!

So let’s jump in, eh? I’m gonna talk a little bit about how its going for me, and share a little excerpt from the very very rough draft and I hope you can share how well its going for YOU in the comments below!

What was your goal, and how are you doing in your reach for it?

My goal for this NaNoWriMo is 40K. I’m at 33350 as of this exact moment that I’m writing this, so I’m doing pretty good. I had a blast of writing when I first started and I wrote about 7K in one day. I was averaging about 3K a day which is more than you need to do to even reach the standard goal of 50K. But the past four days have been rough, and I haven’t written much at all. I managed to make myself write a little over 2K today to try and make up for that, but its been hard. I’m in chapter nine I think and I think the first 8 chapters were really fully fledged in my mind and now I’m kind of fumbling in the dark, like I usually do and its been kind of rough.

However, I’m hoping I’ll be back on track now and that I can really focus on this. I’m hoping I can get back to writing 3K a day, because that would just be great.

What have been some of your guys’ successes? 

I’ve outlined most of the book, which makes me incredibly happy because at least I have some sort of direction that I know I’m heading in. I’m kind of more of a “pantser” than a “plotter” BUT I do like to have some idea of where I’m going so I sometimes outline the next few chapters to give myself an idea and I definitely have that going on.

I’m really having a lot of success in developing my main character, Evie. I’ve made some changes to her and her surroundings, that have helped make her more real in my mind. She struggles with a lot in the book: shyness, an eating disorder, distrust in people, things like that and I want it all to seem real and genuine and not fake and I think that’s coming along nicely.

I also think that I had great success in the first week. I wrote a lot which hopefully will set me up for the rest of the month. I started off really really strong so I’m hoping that plays into the rest of the month, and honestly, the rest of the novel.

What have been some of the challenges? 

Well, first off, time. I have a job, and the regular blog stuff and friends and sleep and that sort of thing. A lot of why I didn’t get any writing done this weekend was simply because I haven’t had time. I was working and seeing my friends and doing the premiere and yeah, it got set aside. Hopefully I’ll be able to really make that time to finish this novel.

Another challenge is that I’m basically writing two stories in one. I’m writing the story of Evie and Jesse in the year 2011. I’m writing the story of the present (well the future, kind of) of Evie and Austin in the year 2015. Its hard because…well, its like two different stories. I thought I should write one and then write the other but I want them to sort of intertwine and I can’t do that if I write them separately so…difficulties have ensued. A challenge accepted that hopefully will be met.

*       *       *       *       *       *

Here is an excerpt from my Untitled novel, which might have a title now but I have to think about it. It might be too cheesy…

You may recognize this if you read my post about my writing journey. Sorry that its not brand new! A brand new excerpt will not appear until the end of the month!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 5.13.06 AM

*       *       *       *       *       *

How are you guys doing in NaNoWriMo so far? Share in the comments!

NaNoWriMo 2014: About My Novel and Where I Write!

Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2014!

I’m so happy its finally this month. While I’m a writer 365 days a year, treatment I like NaNo because it gives me the motivation to stop procrastinating on Tumblr or Netflix and sit down and write my novel. It gets my butt in gear basically.

So I’m really happy its here and I’m really excited to be participating today.

For those of you that don’t know much about NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month), doctor you can refer to my kickoff post for the month here :) I’ll be talking about my novel, my progress, writing in general and more all month long and I have a special post coming November 8th filled with writing advice from some seriously amazing YA authors.

So let’s jump in then, shall we?

About My Novel


Last year, my novel was The Awakened. At the time, the title was The Reawakened but I’ve since changed that. You guys know a lot about this novel because I’ve talked a lot about it in the past year. I’ve since last year finished it, edited it and am now shopping around for an agent.

The plan was to write the sequel to The Awakened (which has a title but cannot be shared because spoilers!) for NaNoWriMo but…I kind of need a break from the science fiction right now. Its a lot harder to write than I ever thought it was going to be and I am focused on finding an agent for the book at the moment so I wanted to work on something different.

And that is the novel I’m writing. Its untitled! If you follow all these NaNoWriMo posts, you’ll find out more about the novel, the characters and so on, and there will be a contest at the end for titles for this novel. So I hope some of you are paying attention!

But anyway…

This novel is centered around a girl named Evie Cordova and the town of Macon, where she has lived for most of her life. See, the town of Macon is a beautiful coastal California town, complete with good food, friendly neighbors, a boardwalk on the beach, and a booming tourist economy. But the one thing the town is obsessed with more than anything is baseball. And not just baseball but the Macon Rebels, the local college’s baseball team. The entire town is decked in orange and white and worships the players like superheroes.

Evie’s dad once played for the Rebels before playing in the Major Leagues so she’s grown up on baseball. Baseball is the beginning and end of every single day. She worships the Rebels, memorizes the stats of every player, watches every single game eagerly. She anxiously awaits each batch of new freshmen and talks of nothing but baseball. Then her dad becomes the coach and recruits young Jesse Valdez, a high school phenomenon, to come pitch for the Rebels. He’s incredible, on and off the field, and Evie is determined to make him her boyfriend.

Fast forward two years. Evie’s love for baseball? Gone. She’s now at the university and she’ll do anything she can to steer clear of the baseball team, especially now that Jesse is a star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, engaged to her twin sister Lucy and the father of her niece, Ava. Something happened two years ago, something that changed her love for baseball.

Then she mets Austin Young, a junior transfer from the University of Texas. He’s struggling to make something of himself in the baseball world but he’s determined, working every single day to make himself better and better. But he keeps failing, his batting average is terrible and he makes too many mistakes on the field. Evie knows that she can help him, she knows exactly what to do to make him better but she DOESN’T want to be involved with baseball anymore, especially when it involves a hot baseball player. Because we still don’t know what happened a few years ago…

*     *     *    *

I understand that this is the longest synopsis ever…because I’ve only written about 3000 words and I need to hone the plot and the characters and all of that. As it comes more and more together, so will the synopsis haha. But if you have any ideas of a title, email them to whatanerdgirlsays at gmail dot com!

Where I Write

2014-11-02 01.16.29

I write in my room. I’ve tried coffee shops and libraries and I just can’t do it. I don’t like quiet. I get distracted in quiet. I need background noise. So I write on my laptop because I type infinitely faster than I write long hand, even though I kind of prefer to write longhand. I usually have the fan going, though I don’t tonight because I’m so cold. I like writing comfy, seriously, I need pjs or sweats on.

I also always always always always have a water bottle next to me. Most authors tend to be of the “I need caffeine NOW” but I don’t really go that way. I’m not a coffee person. Seriously, I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack every time I drink coffee. I do have a slight addiction to iced teas BUT water is my thing. There’s a full ice cold water bottle right next to me as I write this.

Then there’s either Netflix on or music on. Right now, its Netflix but mostly because I’m blogging and blogging doesn’t require as much concentration as writing so Netflix works better. But once I start back on the novel, it’ll be music. I need noise. I can’t work in silence, it is SO loud. (Yes, I just quoted Sarah Dessen right there). I can’t handle that. So I listen to music. I’m not going to tell you what yet because that’s a whole ‘nother post!

*     *     *     *     *

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about my novel and the quirks I have when it comes to where I write and what I need to write.

If you have any suggestions about a title, remember to email them to whatanerdgirlsays at gmail dot com. If you don’t, no biggie, I will remind you throughout the month, and future posts will help even more to get a title in the works!

And share your NaNo stories! Good luck to all those participating!